The Book Thief


The Book Thief has become one of my favorite novels. I read it last year before, seeing the movie. The story is both dark and amusing. The message centers around trust, hypocrisy, and justice. The Book Thief is about Liesel Meminger aka the book thief.She grows up in 1930/40’s NAZI Germany.  Liesel, loses her father, mother and, brother at the beginning of the story. She is taken to the Hubermanns, an elderly couple who raise her.  In the beginning, Liesel is a shy character who is always on the defense. The death of her family removes her ability to trust others. Why care when everyone who loved you has died? None the less, she gains trust and confidence towards her new family as well the neighbor boy named  Rudy.  Her   knowledge on grammar and words increases while being taught how to read and write by her foster father. Things get rather interesting when one night a Jewish man named Max visits them. Max is on the run from the NAZI’s. Hans Huberman swore to protect members of Max’s family, so he hides out in the Hubermanns home. Max and Liesel grow fond of each other. As their friendship grows, Liesel becomes more aware of the world around her. She grows to hate Hitler and his communist leadership. She figures out who is trustworthy.


One of my favorite parts of the Book Thief is how Death is the narrator of the story. It follows Leisel around, waiting on the day they meet.  Unlike in most stories, death has feelings. He feels the pain of those he takes. Death is not so scary. Death is less scary compared to the NAZI’s.


The author of The Book Thief is Markus Zusak. Zusak grew up, listening to his parents stories of  1930-1940’s Europe. Both of his parents grew up in Austria and Germany. The Book Thief is historical  fiction. Many of the stories his parents told  him are inside of  the chapters in his novel. Zusak wants to let the world know that not every German was for the Nazi. Out of fear, they remained silent. Evil thrives in fear. Fear keeps us,


Today when we look back on WW2 we ask why. Why did no one speak out against  Hitlers quest of a Aryan utopia? Millions lost their lives over the madness of communism. These racist, bigoted, people believe only some are worthy to live.  Back in middle school, i read Miep Gies book. The Frank’s family survived for some time, because of this courageous woman. Imagine what would of happen if she was caught, helping them. Should she of been afraid? Yes. Should she have turn them in? No! No matter how dark and twisted the world may be, humans compassion for others remains. We know right from wrong.  It’s important for us to remember what happen to the Jews and others like them. Lets be their voice today. To defeat evil we must face it. Death is not the enemy. Evil uses death as a scare tactic. Liesel did not fear death.



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