Super Bowl Sunday


The biggest game of the NFL season is here again. The popularity of the sport basically has made The Super Bowl weekend into an  American holiday. The game  itself is not always the most important part. None football fans may even watch  just for the commercials or to watch the halftime performance.  Families and friends travel far to watch the game together. Many play football in the backyard  before the game starts or start a bet on who is going to win. At the Super Bowl parties there is a enormous  amount of food.  In my opinion,  Super Bowl food is miles ahead of Thanksgiving meals.  Football fans love this game.  Super Bowl Sunday is a big deal to my family. This year we’re going to my grandparents to watch the game. They have a 50 inch HD TV. Pure awesomeness. Best of all, is the time we spend enjoying the game together.  My grandparents invite some friends over as well. One of their friends brings over crispy, crunchy chicken wings. We also order pizza while, eating  other party foods or snacks  We sit back and enjoy the game, joking along the way. These are memories I will hold dear for my whole life. Years from now on Super Bowl Sunday I can look back on the fun times at my grandparents on Super Bowl Sunday.


Seahawks  vs Patriots should be a close game. Seahawks are looking to become the first team since New England to win back to back Super Bowls. To complete this historical goal, they must defeat New England.  Patriots have not won a super bowl since 2004, falling short twice to the New York Giants. Super Bowl 49 is going to be  good. Katy Perry’s halftime show is definitely going to be interesting 🙂



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