April Book Haul!

Hey guys. I hope everyone has an amazing weekend. Recently I went to Barnes and Noble. I had a gift card and  went to town in there, purchasing a good number of books. Of course I also bought a few books on Amazon, so this seem like the perfect time to create a book haul video!  Let me know what books you recently purchased and enjoy the video 🙂   Continue reading April Book Haul!

Netflix Book Tag!

John 3:16 ” For God so Loved the world He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, yet have eternal life.”     Good morning. Happy Easter Sunday! I hope everyone has a wonderful day, celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Also take some time to check out my latest tag video. Shoutout to BookishDiana for sharing this epic tag on WordPress the other day.  I’m enjoying the tag videos, so expect more in the weeks to come. Enjoy  and Go Bulls!   Continue reading Netflix Book Tag!

Lets go Down to the River to Pray

“For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground; I will pour my Spirit upon your offspring, and my blessing on your descendants.” Isaiah44:3 As I went down in the river to pray Studying about that good ol’ way And who shall wear the starry crown? Good Lord show me the way! O sisters let’s go down Let’s go down, come on down O sisters let’s go down Down in the river to pray As I went down in the river to pray Studying about that good ol’ way And who shall wear the … Continue reading Lets go Down to the River to Pray

Newbie Booktube Tag!Plus Introduction

Well guys, I finally did it! I finally uploaded a video to Youtube. I’m officially a member of the Youtube community. I’m so putting that on my resume. I’m so thankful for this opportunity and eager to start this journey. Check out my first video from the link below. Let me know what you thought of it. Also let me know what books you’re reading.   Continue reading Newbie Booktube Tag!Plus Introduction

Character Development: Writing

Creating a character is probably the most energy draining,  yet  entertaining part of writing. In a sense it’s sort of like raising a child. Today I will share with all  of you my tips on creating a character as well as the main character for my novel. When I first  start to create a character I start with my protagonist.  I figure out if they will be a male or female character based off the story. Sometimes I think of what this person will look like first and get into the meat of the character. Usually I surf the web … Continue reading Character Development: Writing

Merci to Grimm

Two weeks from today NBC’s supernatural fantasy  will come to an end after six amazing seasons. As this show is set to go off air I’m just overwhelmed with nostalgia.   Grimm began in the fall of 2011. The series follows Portland detective  Nick Burkhart’s journey as he became a grim. As a grimm, he can see what regular people cannot see. Wessen which are basically half human half monster. Grimm has had some hilariously quirky, yet spooky episodes. Each episode was filmed in the beautiful  city of Portland, Oregon. The series finale will be jaw dropping as Nick and … Continue reading Merci to Grimm

St. Patrick’s Day

Today  being St. Patrick Day  is a bit ironic, because today will be the final day I visit my late grandparents home. I hardly remember the last time I was at their home when they were both still alive. I have not been over to their home since my grandmother past in mid October.  My grandfather had  a wee bit of Irish blood, so it’s a bit comforting that this holiday would occur on this solemn  day. They’d argue a lot, so perhaps I’ll get lucky and remember one of their tussles while exploring their estate for a final time. … Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day

March TBR Plus Barnes and Noble Book Haul

Who else thinks going to Barnes and Noble is like traveling to Narnia or Neverland? The joy this store brings me is massive. I’m a little late to reveal my March TBR, but here is. I also have some photos from my trip to Hollywood Studios or shall I call it Star Wars Studios? On Tuesday I went to Hollywood Studios. It felt so much smaller with a lot of the park under construction for the upcoming Star Wars additions. I had not been to Hollywood Studios in a while. I really like the set up for this park. They … Continue reading March TBR Plus Barnes and Noble Book Haul