Have Faith Like a Child

I’ve always found it interesting how adults read young adult books. It’s seen as normal for a child to seek advice from an adult like their parent, guardian, grandparent or sibling, yet within stories many times the main character is actually a child. A child will make the big decision. The child had this huge flaw they overcame or at least tried too.  A child is stuck in a difficult situation and usually without any adult supervision they make the grand choices.  Whether it’s Harry Potter, Huckleberry Finn, or Nancy Drew a normal, functioned adult could learn a thing or … Continue reading Have Faith Like a Child

Want VS Need-Writing Tips

Recently I’ve been researching writing tips from multiple outlets on the world wide web. I’ve also been reading from different how to books. Some of my favorite writing tip books are written by K.M Weiland. K.  M Weiland is a genius! She also might be a powerful witch. Either way her how to writing books are simply amazing! She uses excellent example’s from well known films or books to express her thoughts. Basically she lays out delicious crumbs to  boast our writing skills. At the moment I’m reading from her Creating Character Arc book. I picked this novel up a … Continue reading Want VS Need-Writing Tips

The Boy Who Cried Goblin- Short Story

Nothing brought Liam more joy than, scaring his big sister, Kelly. He played cruel pranks on her, like sliding a whoopie cushion underneath her seat or pranking her phone with spooky texts. He also had a passion for monsters. Liam told her about creatures who drank blood or ripped bits of hair away from pretty girls heads. The monster stories startled her so much Liam’s parents banned him from reading such books at home. No matter how many times his parents scolded him, Liam’s pleasure from his tall tales never let up. One morning Liam and Kelly took their dog, … Continue reading The Boy Who Cried Goblin- Short Story

The 3 Lies Our Media Tells About Evil

Originally posted on Brandon J. Adams:
I’m almost sick to my stomach right now. Not from an illness, unless you count human depravity an illness. No, I’m sick from seeing evil. For some reason, the evil in this world has really decided to wave itself in my face the last couple days. I just got done telling our students in youth group how their generation was having a harder time escaping anxiety and finding peace than any in human history, and that part of the reason was how easily their Facebook news feeds bring evil right to their eyes. It… Continue reading The 3 Lies Our Media Tells About Evil

The Boy Who Lived Has Grown Up

https://www.yahoo.com/gma/daniel-radcliffe-continues-post-harry-potter-transformation-role-180503253–abc-news-movies.html A few years ago I read from an article on Yahoo about Deathly Hollows part two. The  fantastic finale of the Harry Potter film franchise had arrived. As usual there were  a few negative comments on the article. Some boldly claimed that Daniel Radcliffe’s career in acting would be over when his days as Harry Potter ended. The case is simply not true. I admire the journey in acting Daniel Radcliffe has been on.  From Harry Potter to The Woman in Black and so forth his career has improved greatly.  He’s gone from a well known child star into … Continue reading The Boy Who Lived Has Grown Up


 Hello friends, Since Halloween is only a couple weeks away I thought it would be fun to review a few horror films, so last night I downloaded Vacancy from the PlayStation store and watched it for the first time. Vacancy was a low budget horror/thriller similar to the premise of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.  I had been interested to watch this movie and finally did last night. Let me first summarize the plot and then I’ll share my two cents below.     A depressed couple set for divorce are driving home after attending a party at  Amy’s( played by  Kate … Continue reading Vacancy