Check Out My Website!

Hello friends, Recently I came across Basically it is a website where anyone can create their own web domain. It’s pretty quick and simple to create. I’m excited to have my own platform to blog from. Don’t worry guys. I won’t be leaving WordPress, yet expanding my platform on the web. Check out my new site and share with your friends! Take care ūüôā Continue reading Check Out My Website!

Authortube Newbie Tag!

Sup guys! I decided to join Authortube, so here is my newbie tag! Since I’m crafting a few novels and short stories at the moment, I’m unsure when I’ll be able to upload, yet I’m eager to share my writing tips and other witty, interesting writing ideas or topics through my channel. Lets go!     If you’re on Authortube, plan to join or are a writer leave a comment below, so we can stay in touch!   Tweets by GarnetNGold22 Continue reading Authortube Newbie Tag!

Writing a Book Requires Patience.

Congratulations. You have a killer idea for a novel. Incredible scene’s ¬†appear in your mind like flashbacks from a sweet dream. Maybe you also hear or speak to characters within your head. It’s normal, yet I’d recommend not telling people that especially none writers, because they won’t understand. ¬†Basically you have an idea. You have some purpose, yet you’re still missing important details which will get your book on the shelf’s and hopefully on a best sellers list.   I think about writing a book like going on American Idol. You get excited to show the judges your God given … Continue reading Writing a Book Requires Patience.

Character Development: Writing

Creating a character is probably the most energy draining, ¬†yet ¬†entertaining part of writing. In a sense it’s sort of like raising a child. Today I will share with all ¬†of you my tips on creating a character as well as the main character for my novel. When I first ¬†start to create a character I start with my protagonist. ¬†I figure out if they will be a male or female character based off the story. Sometimes I think of what this person will look like first and get into the meat of the character. Usually I surf the web … Continue reading Character Development: Writing