Awesome Blogger Award

Hey guys.  My good friend Nenad over at  Dronstadblog recently got chosen for the Awesome Blogger Award. Congrats to him! After he completed his post he chose my blog and several others for the award. Thanks a lot man. Without further ado here is my ABA post!   1. What is the latest book you’re reading and are you enjoying it? At the moment I’m actually reading five books LOL. The book I’m paying most attention to is Hunting Prince Dracula by Kerri Maniscalco( James Patterson also played a part in this bad boy). It is the sequel to Stalking … Continue reading Awesome Blogger Award

Resolution Within the Nativity Story

The origin of the messiah is fascinating. His life, death and resurrection from the cross has perplexed humanity for centuries. I’ve read through the gospels a few times, yet this year I figured something out which I hadn’t realized before. The first person to hear about Jesus was his earthly mother Mary. Mary was no Taylor Swift. She was merely a child whose life was meant to be average. Mary grew up in a small town called Nazareth within Galilee. Like many  young women in her day, Mary’s future was pretty much chosen for her. Her parents decided she’d merry … Continue reading Resolution Within the Nativity Story

Have Faith Like a Child

I’ve always found it interesting how adults read young adult books. It’s seen as normal for a child to seek advice from an adult like their parent, guardian, grandparent or sibling, yet within stories many times the main character is actually a child. A child will make the big decision. The child had this huge flaw they overcame or at least tried too.  A child is stuck in a difficult situation and usually without any adult supervision they make the grand choices.  Whether it’s Harry Potter, Huckleberry Finn, or Nancy Drew a normal, functioned adult could learn a thing or … Continue reading Have Faith Like a Child

Want VS Need-Writing Tips

Recently I’ve been researching writing tips from multiple outlets on the world wide web. I’ve also been reading from different how to books. Some of my favorite writing tip books are written by K.M Weiland. K.  M Weiland is a genius! She also might be a powerful witch. Either way her how to writing books are simply amazing! She uses excellent example’s from well known films or books to express her thoughts. Basically she lays out delicious crumbs to  boast our writing skills. At the moment I’m reading from her Creating Character Arc book. I picked this novel up a … Continue reading Want VS Need-Writing Tips

Check Out My Website!

Hello friends, Recently I came across Basically it is a website where anyone can create their own web domain. It’s pretty quick and simple to create. I’m excited to have my own platform to blog from. Don’t worry guys. I won’t be leaving WordPress, yet expanding my platform on the web. Check out my new site and share with your friends! Take care 🙂 Continue reading Check Out My Website!