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Finish the Sentence #5- Writing Prompts Week One

{ Sup guys? I’ve been looking over writing Prompts online. These ideas got me thinking about something cool we all could do together on WordPress. Basically I create or share  a writing prompt for each week. Writers who read and of course share this post, can post their own version of the prompts. Sounds fun, right? If you also have any writing prompt ideas, don’t be afraid to share your thoughts with the group. Today’s prompt is Finish the Sentence. This prompt come’s from one of my favorite sites called Creative Digest.  The title of this prompt is” You Never Expected a Call From Me.” to Quote Alfredo Linguni from Ratatouille” Lets do this thing!”( the goal is 500 words or more 🙂

( this is the prompt for this week) “Hello,” said the voice on the phone. “My name is __________. I know you never expected a call from me, as famous as I am, but I’ve been given your name as someone who can help me _______.” (Write a story that follows this line.)  500 words or fewer. Lets do this thing!)

” Hello,” said a voice on the phone.” My name is JK Rowling. I know you never expected a call from me, as famous as I am, but I’ve been given your name as someone who can help me with my latest plot for an upcoming story,”


” Hello?” I ask unsure if this is some type of prank. If they ask for my debit card I’ll know for sure it is fake. Last week someone called about a fancy boat reward. Do they think I was born yesterday? Is JK Rowling really going to call me, although whoever it is does sound like her” Who is calling again?”


“ My name is JK Rowling. I’m an author who wrote a famous novel about a boy wizard. I heard you enjoy that story very much.  I know this seems like some prank, but it’s really me,”


“ Wow really. No offense, but why are you calling me?”


“ I understand. I’m working on a new novel which takes place in central Florida. An anonymous source told me to contact you. I will be flying into Orlando in a few days. I would like you to give me some information about the state you reside in.”


I nearly fall over. How is this happening? If this is a dream, I hope to never wake up” Ok, sounds like a plan. Is there anything I need to get you before you arrive?”


“Only a proper good night sleep will do. I’ve also heard you’re writing a story. From what I’ve been told,  it’s a promising start. Congratulations.”


“ Thsnk you so much. I actually became a writer, because of you,” I probably sound  like a huge nerd, but I’m too overwhelmed to care.


“ I’m grateful to know I gave you inspiration. Writing is a difficult, yet also a very rewarding skill. I would like to give you some advice for your journey in writing. Writing is a journey and with proper direction you will go further then you ever imagined,”


“ Are you serious? This has to be a dream,” I slid to the floor mesmerized.


“ I assure you Mr. Wells this is not a dream. First off, what do you think of your writing?”


“ I don’t really know. Most of my critic partners tell me it looks good,”


“ No, I didn’t ask you what they think. What do you think?” The story is up to you, not them. These characters breathe, because you gave them life like God did with Adam and Eve in the beginning. It’s now up to you to lead them along this path,”


“ Ok, I think my story is good. It has a long way to go before publication, yet it gives me chills just thinking about it,”


“ Yes, I had the same feeling with most of my stories. It’s good to feel proud of your success. Don’t let anyone ever tell you you’re not good enough. Some will love what you write. Others might hate it. That is life. Do you hear voices in your head?”


“ I’m sorry, but what do you mean?” what could she possibly mean?


“ Do your characters speak to you? Do you feel their presence? Do they come to you when they’re in pain?”


“ I think so. Did Harry Potter do that with you?” I hear her laugh on the other end. JK Rowling actually laughed at one of my corny jokes.


“ Oh yes. Harry came to me, many times. That is good to hear that you care about your characters. Characters can’t get anything done without us,”


“ Miss. Rowling may I ask you a question?”


“ Matthew, please just call me Joe,”


“ Does it hurt when you write? Like sometimes I feel kind of drained from writing, but I don’t stop,”


“ Everytime. Do you remember when Dolores Umbridge had Harry write I must not tell lies, with the quill in her office?”


“ Of course. I hate that woman. She’s terrible. Personally I find Voldemort more appealing,”


“ At least you didn’t have to write her. Her voice annoys me the most.  Anyways,  that is exactly how writing is.  The soul is damaged by what we write or reveal to ourselves through writing.  It can change a person. The more we write,  the more it hurts us. Each of the words leave  a mark like an invisible tattoo. Does the pain bother you?”


“ Not really. I’m kind of immune to pain, by now. It’s a long story,”


“ And a story worth telling I bet. Well Matt, I think you’re on the right track. Never give up on your dreams. Not only will your books help you financially, yet they will cure so many people’s hearts”


“ Yeah. That is exactly what I want my stories to do. Help people Thank you Joe. I’ll always appreciate what you did for me and the rest of us Potterheads.”


“ It was my pleasure. Best of luck to you in your writing adventures.”

( So that was my story for this prompt. Please show me yours. I can’t wait to read what everyone else posts and continue this for the weeks ahead.)