Little Nightmares(PS4) Theory on Game’s Message

First off, Happy Mother’s Day! Go tell your mom you love her and give her a  hug for me. Ok, skip the hug for me part, because that sounded weird. Recently I’ve played and completed a creepy, little game  called Little Nightmares. The game was amazing. Very short, yet a ton of fun. The  ending sort of left me with the shock faced emoji. It left me desiring more, so I wanted to share some of my thoughts on what this game’s purpose is and all of that jazz. This is only my theory 🙂 Ok, so in Little Nightmare’s … Continue reading Little Nightmares(PS4) Theory on Game’s Message

Life Is Strange PS4 Game Review

Life is Strange is a colorful graphic adventure. Originally Life is Strange was on the PC, yet has ventured into other gaming consoles this year. When I saw that Life is Strange was, coming out for PS4 I got pumped. This is definitely one of my favorite games all time now. Yes, I liked it that much! Life is Strange has five episodes or levels you could say to complete. Like many TellTale games you are given choices on what to do. The coolest part about Life is Strange is that you can rewind time if you do not like the … Continue reading Life Is Strange PS4 Game Review