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Life is Strange Game Review


Hello friends! Check out my review of the Life is Strange from my website( that is so fun to say!). I can’t wait to begin to play the latest game. Have a wonderful Sunday!


Little Nightmares(PS4) Theory on Game’s Message

First off, Happy Mother’s Day! Go tell your mom you love her and give her a  hug for me. Ok, skip the hug for me part, because that sounded weird. Recently I’ve played and completed a creepy, little game  called Little Nightmares. The game was amazing. Very short, yet a ton of fun. The  ending sort of left me with the shock faced emoji. It left me desiring more, so I wanted to share some of my thoughts on what this game’s purpose is and all of that jazz. This is only my theory 🙂

Ok, so in Little Nightmare’s you play as a nine year old child named Six.   Six wanders around a mysterious ship full of quirky characters. Basically you start out on the bottom of the ship and make your way to the top to escape. She gets chased by a kidnapper with freakishly long arms, two speedy chief’s and finally a mysterious woman with some type of energy reducing magic. The game ends with Six escaping the ship, yet danger could be lurking close by.

Like TheRadBrad said on his channel” This is a vegetarian’s nightmare,” Constantly we see chunky sized sailors on board this cruise ship. They eat raw meat like it’s their final meal. The mysterious woman seems to have some type of control over them. I think of her like the evil witch from Snow White and the Seven Dwarf’s. She finds herself ugly. By using her  dark magic, she’s making everyone else around her uglier then she believe’s she is.  Many agree that Six and this woman are perhaps related. Some argue the mother found Six’s beauty as a threat, so she tried removing she and her husband. I think this game was representing a broken family.  This game hardly touches on other notable figures such as the gnomes, the children, and other things lurking about the ship. There were so many questions left unanswered, so I’m positive they will create a sequel  to this creepy, yet  beautiful game.


So those are some of my thoughts about this game. If you want to play something entertaining, check out Little Nightmares! Take care guys.

Life Is Strange PS4 Game Review

Life is Strange is a colorful graphic adventure. Originally Life is Strange was on the PC, yet has ventured into other gaming consoles this year. When I saw that Life is Strange was, coming out for PS4 I got pumped. This is definitely one of my favorite games all time now. Yes, I liked it that much!

Life is Strange has five episodes or levels you could say to complete. Like many TellTale games you are given choices on what to do. The coolest part about Life is Strange is that you can rewind time if you do not like the choice you made. Of course, I forgot about this power once and a while.  The main character is Max Caulfield.

Max is a photography student at Blackwell Academy[ lot of drama at this school]. Max is good natured and a bit geeky. She had recently returned home after, living in Seattle.  A lot had changed since she left. While, sitting down in Mr. Jefferson’s class, waiting for the bell to ring, Max begins to rewind time which freaks her out.  As she freaks out about this gigantic ability in the girls restroom Nathan Prescott[ Bad boy] gets into a scuffle over drugs with a girl who has  bewildering blue hair. Nathan pulls out his gun, demanding this girl to respect him. After he shoots her Max rewinds time, figuring out how to save this girls life. A little bit later. Max figures out that the blue haired girl is actually her old friend Chloe.

In Life is Strange, Max and her sidekick Chloe become a crime, fighting duo with Max’s new super power. Being able to rewind time is not always fun tho, because it leads to a consequential event in the end, but I will not spoil it[ Time travel also gives Max plenty of nose bleeds].

Besides the  mega load of dirty words[ it’s rated M for a reason.] this game was epic. As a bookworm and writer, I really enjoy all of these story based episode games[ the episodes start and end just like Pretty Little Liars!]. The gamer gets to decide what happens or at least how the story will go somewhat like, reading a story.  The plot of this story was also a great message with unexpected twists.

Even after, playing the game I’m second guessing which choices I would make if it was up to me. Thank goodness we do not have the ability to rewind time, yet that would be cool. The setting and graphics behind Life is Strange is also beautiful [ I need to visit the state of Oregon someday]. This game felt like I was, stepping into an art piece. There was also some great commentary. Most of the characters were amusing  to me.  I’m, hearing there will be a second season to Life is Strange next spring which is, getting me excited!

Have You ever played Life is Strange? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments!