Pretty Little Liars: End Game Series Finale

  So the series finale of Pretty Little Liars aired this week and pretty much blew up my Twitter feed. As it usually goes with this series, some fans were left greatly disappointed, ¬†while others like yours truly thought the end was presented well. Lets get into the review{ Yes, there are spoilers. No reason to keep it a secret now ūüôā     The final twist our lairs figured out was A.D turned out to be Spencer’s ¬†evil twin. I found this final twist appealing, yet ¬†do agree there were far better directions for the end game. ¬†I’ve always … Continue reading Pretty Little Liars: End Game Series Finale

Reign Season Four: Rest in Peace Thy Queen

Last night, Mary Queen of Scots reign on local television came to its close. After four amazing seasons we say au revior to the historical retelling of one of Europe’s most controversial ¬†queens. This story gets me every time.   Reign was a powerful show of passionate love and dedication to the historical events of her time. Young Scottish Mary (brilliantly portrayed ¬†by Australian actress ¬† Adelaide ¬†Kane) was tossed into the ruthless, political monarchy of her day, becoming a queen at the very beginning of her life. She became a ¬†consort to the French Queen and had claim to … Continue reading Reign Season Four: Rest in Peace Thy Queen

Merci to Grimm

Two weeks from today NBC’s supernatural fantasy ¬†will come to an end after six amazing seasons. As this show is set to go off air I’m just overwhelmed with nostalgia.   Grimm began in the fall of 2011. The series follows Portland detective ¬†Nick Burkhart’s journey as he became a grim. As a grimm, he can see what regular people cannot see. Wessen which are basically half human half monster. Grimm has had some hilariously quirky, yet spooky episodes. Each episode was filmed in the beautiful ¬†city of Portland, Oregon. The series finale will be jaw dropping as Nick and … Continue reading Merci to Grimm

Top Ten Favorite Shows

Since it’s going to raining all day, because of Tropical Storm Colin I decided I’d do some, blogging.¬† My topic for¬†this blog post¬†will be on my top ten favorite TV shows. Some are on air today while some of these are passed favorites. My favorite type of shows¬† usually involve fantasy, comic books,¬†and¬† a splash of comedy, so here we go!   Smallville Smallville is my all time favorite show. 2. Gotham Gotham has become that show I can’t stop watching or talking about. It does not really make sense comparing to Batman’s origin, yet it is a fun twist. … Continue reading Top Ten Favorite Shows

Gotham Season 2 Recap

Holy coconuts Batman! Another terrific season of Gotham has come to a close. Season two of Gotham brought us into the rise of so many villains. Young Bruce Wayne has his work cut out for him.   Season 2 had a very irry and disturbing¬†feel to it.¬†Gotham is full of strange and frightening things which is why I love this show so much. We enter Indian Hill which is a creepy research facility set up underneath Arkham Asylum.¬†There is a secret doorway which leads to an elevator that¬†leads to the entrance of Indian Hill.¬†It did not seem to take Nygma … Continue reading Gotham Season 2 Recap

The 100 Season Three Finale Review

The third season of CW’s The 100 was outstanding. The show really took two steps forward. The finale episode left me anxious to see what happens next.¬† I got so many feels right now that I could use a juice box to settle down.¬† Might be a long post just saying.   So Clark and the gang are at the point of no return against ALIE. After a touching scene between Clark and her mother Abby, Clark is left with the only decision that may save them all. Clark must enter the City of Light and shut down ALIE from … Continue reading The 100 Season Three Finale Review

Reign Season One Review

Mary Queen of Scots was a predominant figure in her time. She was born in Linlithgow, Scotland a town close by the Scottish capital of Edinburgh in 1542.¬† In her time she was meant to rule Europe’s most¬† important nations[ England, France, and Scotland], yet politics and disease diminished these hopes. She was one of my favorite historical figures too study back when I was home schooled. Now, having Netflix I have been, watching the CW series Reign. I’m all about the monarchy. Half my blood line is English.¬† Here is my review for season one. After the sudden death … Continue reading Reign Season One Review

Drake and Josh

For this weeks #ThrowbackThursday I thought i’d go nostalgic and write a¬† blog about Drake and Josh. Drake and Josh was a hit TV show on Nickelodeon. It ran from 2004 to 2007. Drake and Josh starred musician and actor Drake Bell with comedian/actor Josh Peck as step brothers who are total opposite.¬† This show was created by the brilliant Dan Schneider whom has created many of Nickelodeon’s top shows, such as All That,¬† ICarly,¬† The Amanda Show, and Zoey 101. He also had a part in ten episodes of Kenan and Kel and Good Burger. This show was a … Continue reading Drake and Josh

The 100 Season Three:Episode One[Wanheda:Part One] Review

CW { Channel 18 in my neck of the woods}¬†had a pretty big Thursday night with the premiere of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and the arrival of season three of the 100. Last month while, eating a roast beef sandwich from Arby’s I was thinking” Geez there is, nothing to watch on Thursday nights except for the Pawn Stars.” Who says things can’t get better over night? Here is my review of season 3’s opening episode.¬† This episode begins a few months ahead of where season 2 left off. Murphy is still trapped in the bunker, yet gets released by … Continue reading The 100 Season Three:Episode One[Wanheda:Part One] Review

The 100- Review of Season’s 1/2 plus the Book[Spoilers]

Last summer, I finally got Netflix [Thank U to one of my besties named Haley for, enticing me to get Netflix.] One TV Series I follow the most on Netflix is The 100[ If only their seasons were longer.]¬† Originally The 100 was a young adult,¬† Sci-fi series of books created by Kass Morgan back in 2013 [There are three books in total]. Basically The 100 is about a society that lived on a spacecraft, yet returns to Earth. Life on planet Earth became no more after years and years of deadly nuclear wars. For many years they had waited … Continue reading The 100- Review of Season’s 1/2 plus the Book[Spoilers]