Thoughts on Stranger Things Season One

I absolutely love Stranger Things! This modern day thriller brings us back into the 1980’s with a brilliant cast and a chilling story line. It reminds me so much of movies or shows such as The Goonies, Super 8 or ET.  I recently re-watched season one and plan on doing so again  before season 2 begins which seems really far away, yet time doesn’t go by as slow as we all think. As I geek out for season two, I’ve got so many questions left unanswered. The more I watch Stranger Things the more I  dislike Nancy and Steve. I … Continue reading Thoughts on Stranger Things Season One

13 Reason’s Why Review

First off. Holy snowballs Batman! What an amazing show! I was binge watching each episode daily. Sure I’m a little held back from writing my novel, but I was entertained beyond words. 13 Reason’s Why was a heavy, but an enlighten show, so lets get into this blog review 🙂     (Warning: this show has some major explicit content, so I’d advice not to view this show with children.)   Seventeen year old Hanna Baker created mix tapes going over her 13 reason’s why she committed suicide. These tapes are sort of loaned between the people who caused her the … Continue reading 13 Reason’s Why Review

Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

First off, allow me to say that I firmly believe Netflix should be paying me by now to write reviews. We could have a great partnership going here.  It could lead me to my own great fortune. Anyways forget about my unfortunate events and take a moment of your time to read my review on this peachy, new series. Please do not look away! A Series of Unfortunate Events is  based on the children book series by author Lemony Snicket. There was also a film based on the books from 2004 starring Jim Carey as Count Olaf which in my opinion, wasn’t   a  terrible film, … Continue reading Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

Top Ten Favorite Shows

Since it’s going to raining all day, because of Tropical Storm Colin I decided I’d do some, blogging.  My topic for this blog post will be on my top ten favorite TV shows. Some are on air today while some of these are passed favorites. My favorite type of shows  usually involve fantasy, comic books, and  a splash of comedy, so here we go!   Smallville Smallville is my all time favorite show. 2. Gotham Gotham has become that show I can’t stop watching or talking about. It does not really make sense comparing to Batman’s origin, yet it is a fun twist. … Continue reading Top Ten Favorite Shows