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Lets Chat: TV

Hey guys. In case you forgot. I have a Youtube channel LOL. I also came up with a plan for my upcoming videos. I’m calling it lets chat. Basically I’ll pick a topic to chat about and share my thoughts with you guys. My first video was all about TV. These are some of my favorite TV series all time. Some maybe on Netflix, Hulu or some other streaming service. Let me know what you guys think of this content plus what are your favorite TV series? I’ll continue to do book related content, but it’s good to  branch out a little. Anyways enjoy the video and hit that like button and subscribe!


Thoughts on Stranger Things Season One

I absolutely love Stranger Things! This modern day thriller brings us back into the 1980’s with a brilliant cast and a chilling story line. It reminds me so much of movies or shows such as The Goonies, Super 8 or ET.  I recently re-watched season one and plan on doing so again  before season 2 begins which seems really far away, yet time doesn’t go by as slow as we all think. As I geek out for season two, I’ve got so many questions left unanswered.

The more I watch Stranger Things the more I  dislike Nancy and Steve. I get it. They’re a teenage, love struck  couple, yet they’re somewhat clueless at times. The monster may had taken Barb, yet it was truly Nancy’s  decision which lead to her best friend’s demise. And then there is Steve the boy whom Nancy can’t seem to break up with although she had many reasons to do so. He literally boasts about getting all the pretty girls to go out with him while hanging out with the most troublesome couple at Hawkins High. Steve did redeem himself in the end, yet it left me feeling sorrow for Johnathan who truly cares about Nancy. He’s like the professor Snape of Stranger Things. Judging from the trailer for season two Nancy and Steve’s relationship is still off to a rocky start. At least Nancy can shoot a gun and kick butt.

Johnathan and his mom are now reunited with Will, yet Will is definitely still out of sorts, vomiting up slugs. I’m curious to know why the monster didn’t kill Will like it did to poor Barb. Some fans theories believe that the monster is the other people or clones sent into the other world. Perhaps Will is transforming into a monster right under our noses? In season 2 we’re expected to learn more about Lucas, Dustin and other characters backstories. Maybe Nancy and Mike’s little sister will get herself into the picture? Eleven took out the monster and vanished, yet she’s suppose to return later on in season 2. Is Sheriff Hopper, the  rough, no none sense city cop living within a rural town, helping the bad guys or is Eleven’s papa and those a part of her creepy abduction  actually the good guys? I know it might sound crazy, yet perhaps the group who was holding Eleven hostage isn’t actually evil, yet perhaps was corrupted over whatever they’re trying to do. I mean another world where creepy monsters live seemed like something the government should be, trying to stop. By the way did Sheriff Hopper and  Joyce actually leave Barb’s body within the other world?  If so, that is messed up.

There is a lot of questions which remain unanswered.  Season 2 looks to be exciting and suspenseful, yet won’t premiere until October 27th this fall, so stay tuned Stranger Things fans. If you love Stranger Things let me know your conspiracy theories on what might really be going down on this epic Netflix series.

13 Reason’s Why Review

First off. Holy snowballs Batman! What an amazing show! I was binge watching each episode daily. Sure I’m a little held back from writing my novel, but I was entertained beyond words. 13 Reason’s Why was a heavy, but an enlighten show, so lets get into this blog review 🙂



(Warning: this show has some major explicit content, so I’d advice not to view this show with children.)


Seventeen year old Hanna Baker created mix tapes going over her 13 reason’s why she committed suicide. These tapes are sort of loaned between the people who caused her the most drama which lead her to ending her life. Eventually the tapes are given to Clay an introverted boy who loved Hannah very much, yet was afraid to ask her out. Big mistake Clay! Unlike the other students who lied and do everything they can to shrug their sins under a rug, Clay tries to help defend Hannah and end the horror which goes on at their school.


13 Reason’s Why is basically a show dealing with suicide, rape, drugs, peer pressure and all of that jazz, yet this series was beautiful. This show brought realistic topics into view. It depicts scene’s which are  difficult to view. It gets us thinking.  The actors and actress’s were  striking in their roles.  Hannah’s struggles are easily seen, yet no one really took the time to care. We always hope for the best instead of taking the time to make things better. The students who basically ended her life hope life would go on, yet how does it after something so damaging occurs?

Stuff like this is happening all around us, yet no one really takes the time to try to end it. We may hear a local news report about some teen who committed suicide, because some awful things happen to them. We appear sadden by the news, yet what does anyone actually do to stop it? Will a bokeh  of roses set on a table with cards to a dead girl matter?  Some actually pretend it’s no big deal which is truly idiotic in my opinion.

Show’s like this make me thankful I was home-schooled, yet I’m always intrigued by them. The things that go on within those halls. If only the walls could talk. We shouldn’t hide our scars. No one is perfect. Instead we should reveal our flaws. Open up to someone who is eager to help. We also shouldn’t ignore people. The problem they’re having could have something to do with a comment we made or something even worse.


I encourage those who read this review to check out the series on Netflix. Also pick up a  copy of the book if you come across it( I bought my copy yesterday off Amazon.) Thank you for reading this post. Remember that someone does care about you. Rest in piece Hannah Baker.

Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

First off, allow me to say that I firmly believe Netflix should be paying me by now to write reviews. We could have a great partnership going here.  It could lead me to my own great fortune. Anyways forget about my unfortunate events and take a moment of your time to read my review on this peachy, new series. Please do not look away!

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A Series of Unfortunate Events is  based on the children book series by author Lemony Snicket. There was also a film based on the books from 2004 starring Jim Carey as Count Olaf which in my opinion, wasn’t   a  terrible film, yet the newest TV version on Netflix stars Neil Patrick Harris as the sinister villain and boy did Netflix hit this one out of the park. Another notable actor is Patrick Warburton who portrays the author himself, narrating most of the dreadful scenes.

Image result for a series of unfortunate events netflix

Unlike in most children stories there are really no happy endings for the three Baudelaire siblings named Violet, Klaus, and Sunny in that order. Suddenly while relaxing at a beach during a terrible storm the children are given grave news  on behave of their parents recent death. Under the watchful eye of their family banker named Mr. Poe, he transfers the children to their new home. As if things weren’t already unfortunate,  the Baudelaire children are placed under the care of a distant relative who goes by the sir name of Count Olaf. Count Olaf is actually not a relative. He’s a wicked actor planning to take all of the Baudelaire children’s  family fortune. Fortunately   these siblings are intelligent and resourceful youths. Sadly they cannot use any of their fortune until the proper adult age.

The show is very entertaining. It’s the type of show and book that is so quirky it actually makes most sense. I can’t say it enough how amazing Neil Patrick Harris was in this role.  Count Olaf seem like a talented actor to me with all of his useful disguises. His theatre trope are also so deviously charming they make me hope they have a better future ahead rather than working for such a forbidden, vile person. The young stars who portray  the Baudelaire siblings are also bright and shining in their roles. I’m eager to see what happens next, during seasons two and three.

Top Ten Favorite Shows

Since it’s going to raining all day, because of Tropical Storm Colin I decided I’d do some, blogging.  My topic for this blog post will be on my top ten favorite TV shows. Some are on air today while some of these are passed favorites. My favorite type of shows  usually involve fantasy, comic books, and  a splash of comedy, so here we go!


  1. Smallville

Smallville is my all time favorite show.

2. Gotham

Gotham has become that show I can’t stop watching or talking about. It does not really make sense comparing to Batman’s origin, yet it is a fun twist.



      3. Grimm


I do not like Grimm as much as I use to, yet it is a very cool show for those who like urban fantasy and the Brother’s Grimm fairy tales.

4. The Flash

DC films may not be great, but their TV series are.  The Flash is a cool show with a nice family touch behind it.



5. The Goldbergs



The Goldberg’s is  LOL hilarious. Every episode is quirky 1980s genius.


6. Pretty Little Liars


 A glamorous, young adult like detective series that keeps you guessing.


7. Everybody Loves Raymond

I watched ELR all the time, growing up. I like shows that are so life like, yet still fictional.


8. American Ninja Warrior


ANW is a really fun summer series. It’s amazing how hard the contestants work to stay fit and compete. Bravo to all of them.


9. The 100


It’s a show that gives me so many feels. Some episodes I love. Others I hate. Good show.

10. Under The Dome

The series ended horribly, yet it was still enjoyable to watch. 

What are your favorite shows? Are any of them the same as mine? Let me know in the comment section below!