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Thoughts on Stranger Things Season One

I absolutely love Stranger Things! This modern day thriller brings us back into the 1980’s with a brilliant cast and a chilling story line. It reminds me so much of movies or shows such as The Goonies, Super 8 or ET.  I recently re-watched season one and plan on doing so again  before season 2 begins which seems really far away, yet time doesn’t go by as slow as we all think. As I geek out for season two, I’ve got so many questions left unanswered.

The more I watch Stranger Things the more I  dislike Nancy and Steve. I get it. They’re a teenage, love struck  couple, yet they’re somewhat clueless at times. The monster may had taken Barb, yet it was truly Nancy’s  decision which lead to her best friend’s demise. And then there is Steve the boy whom Nancy can’t seem to break up with although she had many reasons to do so. He literally boasts about getting all the pretty girls to go out with him while hanging out with the most troublesome couple at Hawkins High. Steve did redeem himself in the end, yet it left me feeling sorrow for Johnathan who truly cares about Nancy. He’s like the professor Snape of Stranger Things. Judging from the trailer for season two Nancy and Steve’s relationship is still off to a rocky start. At least Nancy can shoot a gun and kick butt.

Johnathan and his mom are now reunited with Will, yet Will is definitely still out of sorts, vomiting up slugs. I’m curious to know why the monster didn’t kill Will like it did to poor Barb. Some fans theories believe that the monster is the other people or clones sent into the other world. Perhaps Will is transforming into a monster right under our noses? In season 2 we’re expected to learn more about Lucas, Dustin and other characters backstories. Maybe Nancy and Mike’s little sister will get herself into the picture? Eleven took out the monster and vanished, yet she’s suppose to return later on in season 2. Is Sheriff Hopper, the  rough, no none sense city cop living within a rural town, helping the bad guys or is Eleven’s papa and those a part of her creepy abduction  actually the good guys? I know it might sound crazy, yet perhaps the group who was holding Eleven hostage isn’t actually evil, yet perhaps was corrupted over whatever they’re trying to do. I mean another world where creepy monsters live seemed like something the government should be, trying to stop. By the way did Sheriff Hopper and  Joyce actually leave Barb’s body within the other world?  If so, that is messed up.

There is a lot of questions which remain unanswered.  Season 2 looks to be exciting and suspenseful, yet won’t premiere until October 27th this fall, so stay tuned Stranger Things fans. If you love Stranger Things let me know your conspiracy theories on what might really be going down on this epic Netflix series.


Netflix’s Stranger Things Season One Recap

Netflix summer hit series Stranger Things has everyone talking. Well at least those of us who have watched it(it’s so good!) Stranger Things is a chilling supernatural, sci fi, drama series created by the Duffer Brothers. It dares to reach the deeps  into the brilliant minds of  cinema’s  Steven Spielberg and horror novalist Stephan King. I have been hooked to this series since I started watching the show last month. It reminds me so much of Super 8 or even Creepshow. The first season of Stranger Things was only eight episodes, yet the future of this show is definitely monstrous!


Stranger Things takes place, during the early 1980s in a small Indiana town.  The show is full of serious nostalgia paying respect to the legends of the 1980s. A group of youths are in their friends basement, playing Dungeon’s and Dragon’s(how did they live without a PlayStation?). The game ends when Mike’s mother tells them it’s time for bed. On this night one of Mike’s friends named Will mysteriously vanishes.  Will’s mother Joyce and brother Johnathan  desperately go in search of Will not expecting that he was actually kidnapped by an alien like creature. Joyce gets help from the local police chief Hopper who is basically a shell of his old self. Meanwhile a girl named Eleven  with telekinesis powers also shows up on the same night. She has some type of bond with the monster and has a craving for frozen Waffles.


Stranger Things is sort of glimpsing into how we notice things that may not actually be there( or could they be real?) Could there be an upside down world right below us? Ya never know.  The show is dark, yet warm hearted in a way. It has a family appeal to it. I really enjoy the group of kids. They’re free spirited and remain true to themselves. They remind me of certain aspects of the Goonies gang. It’s also refreshing to see a show where the children are not at war with their parents 24/7.

Ok time to get to the spoilers 🙂

I found it odd that the monster only killed Barbara. Will was taken a day or so before, yet was not attacked unless the monster has other plans for him since he spits up snails. Did anyone else think of Ron Weasley in Chamber of Secrets? Winona Ryder is perfect as the role of Joyce. She’s sort of like Norma Bates from Bates Motel except she’s not as crazy and admirable. She knows without a doubt that her son was alive and went to great lengths to find him. She’s the real MVP. I’m hoping her ex husband comes back in season 2 cause we really did not see much of him. I think he might be better than he appeared.

I like, yet also dislike Nancy.  Why is she still going out with that doofus? I know he has somewhat changed, yet he’s rather obnoxious to say the least. He was brave to return and help them defeat the monster, so I’ll give him credit there. Lets not act like Johnathan is Superman tho. I mean Johnathan was taking photos of her getting it on and by the swimming pool, so he isn’t perfect. Still Nancy comes across bratty at times. Learning curves are  a struggle.

I know this happens in every show, yet how do these characters get over everything that happen so quickly? One month later they’re all happy and back to normal. You just faced a monster and a bunch of secret government people were chasing after you. I’d need  a little TLC after all of that.

Those are my feelings about season one. I cannot wait to see what may occur next on season 2. Please be at least 14 episodes! Have you watched Stranger Things? If so, let me know what you thought of it.