Players “Retiring” is Bad for Tennis

We’ve seen some funny business going on at the grassy grounds of Wimbledon. Over the first few days of the tournament we’ve seen players, retiring from matches, after going down a few games to quality players such as Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer etc.   Let me start off with, saying that if a player is truly injured then they by all means should be allowed to conclude a match over health concerns, nonetheless that doesn’t seem to be the case. Lower seeded players are basically jumping ship, because they can’t seem to handle being defeated. This is a sad event … Continue reading Players “Retiring” is Bad for Tennis

Ryan Lochte Fabricated Story is a Disgrace to the Games

Most out there have probably heard about this fabricated story started by USA Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte. Last week, Ryan Lochte and four of his fellow USA  men’s swim team members were said to be gunned down by a Brazilian police officer. As the other four layed down as they were ordered  too Ryan Lochte showed zero signs of fear, saying” whatever” This week the story has been clearly seen as a boy cries wolf type of lie and boy is Ryan Lochte feeling the heat of it. Social media tweets and post are all about Ryan Lochte right now. We may … Continue reading Ryan Lochte Fabricated Story is a Disgrace to the Games