The Pretty Little Liars Book Tag!!

So I was scrolling through my PLL tag list and found this gem of a tag had recently appeared. The creator of this tag is from a YouTube account you may watch here> CREATOR: and I found this book tag on  alwaysandforeverreading’s page. In case U somehow do not know, because maybe you live under a rock, yet Pretty Little Liars is a hit drama that airs on Freeform. It also happens to be one of my favorite shows, because 1. It’s a pretty good series 2. It’s a series of books and 3. Lucy hale is my queen, so lets get this … Continue reading The Pretty Little Liars Book Tag!!

Sara Shepherd’s Pretty Little Liars Book One

ABC Family or now officially known as Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars has become a smash hit. The teen detective drama staring, Shay Mitchell,  Trojan Bellisario,  Ashley Benson, and Lucy Hale began as a series of books written by Sara Shepherd. The books are vastly different from the TV show. The other week I read the first book, so here is what I thought. Clearly my thoughts on the show are more positive than the book. Pretty Little Liars the book has the characters names, yet they’re slightly different from the show’s version of them. Some of the characters from the book also … Continue reading Sara Shepherd’s Pretty Little Liars Book One