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November Wrap Up

November has not been the most exciting month. It held mostly trips to the doctors or long road trips to visit the grandparents on Thanksgiving day. In November I only read one book and I’m still reading it at the moment. The book I’m referring to is Rick Riordan’s Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor. So far I’m enjoying this 2nd novel of the series. I might re-read The Book Thief, because I have not read from it in a very long time.This leaves me ten books away from reaching my reading goals for the year as we had into December.   Everything I ordered for Black Friday arrived, so I’m also hopeful to begin a mega book haul soon. The worst part of this month is that my lap top went down. Everything that I wrote for my debut novel went down to Davy Jones’ Locker. The good news is that I have most of what I wrote down in note form, so I’ll have to rekindle the moment when I get around to it. Once my creative writing class ends after this week I can get back to writing. I have so many new plans for this story it’s making me anxious to get everything on paper. Mostly this month I have been binge watching The Crown on Netflix. God save the Queen!

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That wraps up November. Hopefully I can get some clever ideas for upcoming blogs. I feel like I’m letting my readers down by not writing as many blogs, so hang in there guys.