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Netflix’s The Week Of Review

Adam Sandler stars in Netflix’s new comedy The Week Of. The main protagonist Kenny Lustig is a positive, yet gullible, cheapskate¬† father preparing to give his little girl the greatest wedding of her dreams, but things sure do go from bad to worse. Chris Rock also co stars in this film although his character moments are pretty short and lack comic relief. Plus these dudes are getting sort of old.



Adam Sandler is far from the popular comedy star he once was, yet The Week Of was a decent film. It had a few quirky antics, but overall the film satisfied me with cheesy humor. I liked the character Adam Sandler portrayed in this film. Kenny seemed like a happy go lucky type of guy, yet his internal problems were out in the open. He cared about his family deeply and tried his best to provide for them, although his choices weren’t so grand. The Week Of had a strong message on family which is nice to see in today’s world, although the outlandish stuff shouldn’t had been in a so called family film, but this is what we get from Adam Sandler. The Week Of is a poor man’s version of National Lampoon’s Griswold family. I’ll give it three stars out of five.

Tomorrow I’m heading to the movies to finally see The Avengers Infinity War. I’ve escaped most spoilers, so please don’t spoil me guys ūüôā



To the Bone

Lily Collins shined in her latest role as Ellen a depressed 20 year old artist whom is battling anorexia. The film began with Ellen returning home to her father and stepmother’s home after failing to make progress at an impatient program. Ellen’s father is never around, leaving her preppy, can do anything stepmother Susan( Carrie Preston) to suggest Ellen to get help from a new, confident specialist named Dr. William Beckham( Keeanu Reeves). At first Ellen declines, yet changes her mind after talking to her younger and trustworthy sister Kelly( Liana Liberto).

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Ellen moves into the home and meets her six housemates. There are six other women plus a strange, yet optimistic British ballet dancer named Luke( Alex Sharpe). Luke was a positive person among the group and is fond of Ellen, because of her infamous art. As the film ventures forward we learn about Ellen’s backstory. Her parents abandoned her in separate ways and a piece of her art from Tumblr lead a teenaged girl to commit suicide. Ellen promises to try harder, yet continues to fail and lose an enormous amount of weight.

Terrible events began to happen which forced Ellen whom had changed her name to Eli,¬† to flee the house, although Luke presses her to stay, because he needs her support, but she leaves anyways. Eli ventures to Arizona to see her mother while her condition is getting much worse. Here an uncanny scene happens between Eli and her mother whom rocks and feeds her with a bottle like she’s an infant. This leads to a near death experience when Eli goes on a walk later in the night. She had a peculiar¬† fantasy where she kisses Luke, sitting on a tree. Luke reveals to Eli her illness, staring at her naked,¬† failing body on the ground and gives her a piece of coal that is her courage. Eli eats the coal and soon wakes with a much brighter outlook on life. She returns home to embrace her stepmother and her sister, determined to overcome her disorder.

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To the Bone was an inspiring film. Truthfully I do not know much about anorexia, so this was a solid film to witness how the illness affects individuals. FYI  Anorexia is a life threatening eating disorder. Being someone with a  mild, yet rare disorder I can understand the emotions these  characters felt. Lily Collins was outstanding in this role. At first her character seemed like a negative person, yet we come to find out she was somewhat insecure and depressed about things that had recently happen to  her. This story brought many positive people into her life which changed her attitude and direction. Luke was a charming character, yet he felt a little fabricated. I felt like, having him fall in love with Ellen or Eli was a bit instalove and ruined his demeanor to me at least. Still I must applaud the actor who portrayed his role. Keanu Reeves was more of a minor character, yet he did the role of Dr. William Beckham justice. His appearance actually displays him well in a doctor role.

I¬† appreciated the message of this film. We can go every day worrying about our issues and allowing them to hold us back or we can look fear straight into the eye and tell it who is boss. The disorder doesn’t control you. You control the disorder.

Thoughts on Stranger Things Season One

I absolutely love Stranger Things! This modern day thriller brings us back into the 1980’s with a brilliant cast and a chilling story line. It reminds me so much of movies or shows such as The Goonies, Super 8 or ET. ¬†I recently re-watched season one and plan on doing so again ¬†before season 2 begins which seems really far away, yet time doesn’t go by as slow as we all think. As I geek out for season two, I’ve got so many questions left unanswered.

The more I watch Stranger Things the more I ¬†dislike Nancy and Steve. I get it. They’re a teenage, love struck ¬†couple, yet they’re somewhat clueless at times. The monster may had taken Barb, yet it was truly Nancy’s ¬†decision which lead to her best friend’s demise. And then there is Steve the boy whom Nancy can’t seem to break up with although she had many reasons to do so. He literally boasts about getting all the pretty girls to go out with him while hanging out with the most troublesome couple at Hawkins High. Steve did redeem himself in the end, yet it left me feeling sorrow for Johnathan who truly cares about Nancy. He’s like the professor Snape of Stranger Things. Judging from the trailer for season two Nancy and Steve’s relationship is still off to a rocky start. At least Nancy can shoot a gun and kick butt.

Johnathan and his mom are now reunited with Will, yet Will is definitely still out of sorts, vomiting up slugs. I’m curious to know why the monster didn’t kill Will like it did to poor Barb. Some fans theories believe that the monster is the other people or clones sent into the other world. Perhaps Will is transforming into a monster right under our noses? In season 2 we’re expected to learn more about Lucas, Dustin and other characters backstories. Maybe Nancy and Mike’s little sister will get herself into the picture? Eleven took out the monster and vanished, yet she’s suppose to return later on in season 2. Is Sheriff Hopper, the ¬†rough, no none sense city cop living within a rural town, helping the bad guys or is Eleven’s papa and those a part of her creepy abduction ¬†actually the good guys? I know it might sound crazy, yet perhaps the group who was holding Eleven hostage isn’t actually evil, yet perhaps was corrupted over whatever they’re trying to do. I mean another world where creepy monsters live seemed like something the government should be, trying to stop. By the way did Sheriff Hopper and ¬†Joyce actually leave Barb’s body within the other world? ¬†If so, that is messed up.

There is a lot of questions which remain unanswered. ¬†Season 2 looks to be exciting and suspenseful, yet won’t premiere until October 27th this fall, so stay tuned Stranger Things fans. If you love Stranger Things let me know your conspiracy theories on what might really be going down on this epic Netflix series.

Netflix Book Tag!

John 3:16

” For God so Loved the world He¬†gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, yet have eternal life.”



Good morning. Happy Easter Sunday! I hope everyone has a wonderful day, celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Also take some time to check out my latest tag video. Shoutout to BookishDiana for sharing this epic¬†tag on WordPress the other day.¬† I’m enjoying the tag videos, so expect more in the weeks to come. Enjoy¬† and Go Bulls!


13 Reason’s Why Review

First off. Holy snowballs Batman! What an amazing show! I was binge watching each episode daily. Sure I’m a little held back from writing my novel, but I was entertained beyond words. 13 Reason’s Why was a heavy, but an enlighten show, so lets get into this blog review ūüôā



(Warning: this show has some major explicit¬†content, so I’d advice not to view this show with children.)


Seventeen year old Hanna Baker created mix tapes going over her 13 reason’s why she committed suicide. These tapes are sort of loaned between the people who caused her the most drama which lead her to ending her life. Eventually the tapes are given to Clay an introverted boy who loved Hannah very much, yet was afraid to ask her out. Big mistake Clay! Unlike the other students who lied and do everything they can to shrug their sins under a rug, Clay tries to help defend Hannah and end the horror which goes on at their school.


13 Reason’s Why is basically a show dealing with suicide, rape, drugs, peer pressure and all of that jazz, yet this series was beautiful. This show brought realistic topics into view. It depicts scene’s which are ¬†difficult to view. It gets us thinking. ¬†The actors and actress’s were ¬†striking in their roles. ¬†Hannah’s struggles are easily seen, yet no one really took the time to care. We always hope for the best instead of taking the time to make things better. The students who basically ended her life hope life would go on, yet how does it after something so damaging occurs?

Stuff like this is happening all around us, yet no one really takes the time to try to end it. We may hear a local news report about some teen who committed suicide, because some awful things happen to them. We appear sadden by the news, yet what does anyone actually do to stop it? Will a bokeh ¬†of roses set on a table with cards to a dead girl matter? ¬†Some actually pretend it’s no big deal which is truly idiotic in my opinion.

Show’s like this make me thankful I was home-schooled, yet I’m always intrigued by them. The things that go on within those halls. If only the walls could talk. We shouldn’t hide our scars. No one is perfect. Instead we should reveal our flaws. Open up to someone who is eager to help. We also shouldn’t ignore people. The problem they’re having could have something to do with a comment we made or something even worse.


I encourage those who read this review to check out the series on Netflix. Also pick up a  copy of the book if you come across it( I bought my copy yesterday off Amazon.) Thank you for reading this post. Remember that someone does care about you. Rest in piece Hannah Baker.

Netflix’s Stranger Things Season One Recap

Netflix summer hit series Stranger Things has everyone talking. Well at least those of us who have watched it(it’s so good!)¬†Stranger Things is a chilling supernatural, sci fi,¬†drama¬†series created by the Duffer Brothers.¬†It dares to reach¬†the deeps ¬†into¬†the brilliant¬†minds of¬† cinema’s¬† Steven Spielberg and horror novalist¬†Stephan King. I have been hooked to this series since I started watching the show last month. It reminds me so much of Super 8 or even Creepshow.¬†The first season of Stranger Things was only eight episodes, yet the future of this show is definitely monstrous!


Stranger Things takes place, during the early 1980s in a small Indiana town.¬† The show is full of serious nostalgia paying respect to the legends of the 1980s. A group of youths are in their friends basement, playing Dungeon’s and Dragon’s(how did they live without a PlayStation?). The game ends when Mike’s mother tells them it’s time for bed. On this night one of Mike’s friends named Will¬†mysteriously vanishes.¬† Will’s mother Joyce¬†and brother Johnathan ¬†desperately go in search of Will not expecting that he was actually kidnapped by an alien like creature. Joyce gets help from the local police chief Hopper who is basically a shell of his old self.¬†Meanwhile a¬†girl¬†named Eleven ¬†with telekinesis powers also shows up on the same night. She has some type of bond with the monster and has a craving for frozen Waffles.


Stranger Things is sort of glimpsing into how we notice things that may not actually be there( or could they be real?) Could there be an upside down world right below us? Ya never know.¬† The show is dark, yet warm hearted in a way. It has a family appeal to it.¬†I really enjoy the group of kids. They’re free spirited and remain true to themselves. They remind me of certain aspects of the Goonies gang. It’s also refreshing to see a show where the children are not at war with their parents 24/7.

Ok time to get to the spoilers ūüôā

I found it odd that the monster only killed Barbara. Will was taken a day or so before, yet was not attacked unless the monster has other plans for him since he spits up snails. Did anyone else think of Ron Weasley in Chamber of Secrets? Winona Ryder is perfect as the role of Joyce. She’s sort of like Norma Bates from Bates Motel except she’s not as crazy and admirable. She knows without a doubt that her son was alive and went to great lengths to find him. She’s the real MVP. I’m hoping her ex husband comes back in season 2 cause we really did not see much of him. I think he might be better than he appeared.

I like, yet also dislike Nancy.¬† Why is she still going out with that doofus? I know he has somewhat changed, yet he’s rather obnoxious to say the least. He was brave¬†to return and help them defeat the monster, so I’ll give him credit there.¬†Lets not act like Johnathan is Superman tho. I mean Johnathan was taking photos of her getting it on and by the swimming pool, so he isn’t perfect. Still Nancy comes across bratty at times. Learning curves are¬† a struggle.

I know this happens in every show, yet how do these characters get over everything that happen so quickly? One month later they’re all happy and back to normal. You just faced a monster and a bunch of secret government people were chasing after you. I’d need¬† a little TLC after all of that.

Those are my feelings about season one. I cannot wait to see what may occur next on season 2. Please be at least 14 episodes! Have you watched Stranger Things? If so, let me know what you thought of it.

The 100- Review of Season’s 1/2 plus the Book[Spoilers]

Last summer, I finally got Netflix [Thank U to one of my besties named Haley for, enticing me to get Netflix.] One TV Series I follow the most on Netflix is The 100[ If only their seasons were longer.]¬† Originally The 100 was a young adult,¬† Sci-fi series of books created by Kass Morgan back in 2013 [There are three books in total]. Basically The 100 is about a society that lived on a spacecraft, yet returns to Earth. Life on planet Earth became no more after years and years of deadly nuclear wars. For many years they had waited to return to planet earth {Like Three centuries to be exact.} The chancellor decides¬† to send the 100¬† most troublesome¬† youths to Earth[ they’re like the ginny pigs.] And here we go!¬†





While the first book[The 100] was being developed,¬† television developer Jason Rothenbeg grew his interest in turning The 100 into a TV series.¬† The show premiered on CW in the spring of 2014. I have watched the first and second season and recently got my hands around the first novel. It’s sort of interesting how I’m finishing the first novel around the same time season three will begin.

The book is very different from the show. I’m not sure which version I like the most. I have a love/hate relationship for this show, yet I can’t stop watching it. A majority of the characters are annoying{Except for Jasper and his friend Monty.} When they die, I’m¬† actually somewhat happy, not sad. Many of the characters from the show are not in the book or at least shown up yet.¬† The book switches off between different characters viewpoints which is nice{Clark, Bellemy, Wells, and some girl named Glass} Well’s death on the show still bothers me{ why did they kill him¬† after a couple episodes? I’m nearly on the final chapter of the first book and he’s still very much alive. Plus he’s a solid character.]


In the book, Clark and Bellemy are sort of in love. This interest me, because I thought these two would be a couple on the show. They’ve got close, yet no one has said I do just yet. Clark is the main character on the show and boy is she annoying. Most terrible events that occur are, because of her actions. If Eliza Taylor could stop, smirking or giggling, during every pivotal scene that would help. Clark is a cool character, yet her personality is kind off meh.

Season three begins tomorrow night.¬† The ending of season two was crazy! I’m absolutely hyped to see what happens next!