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Hero’s- Shoutout to the Troops

I rarely turn on the news anymore. From the election of two evils to hearing about violence across the pond and close by, listening to it each day has become unfortunate. It’s deplorable enough to read the tweets people enjoy to share so eagerly. Liberal guy bashes Conservative while Conservative mocks liberal guy. Some woman complains about jelly bellies having sugar and so for. Congratulations humans. Once again, you’ve ruined something.  It’s like the Michael Jordan vs Lebron James debate. It’s not even worth listening too. As the media covers stories on celebrities or loses their minds over an immature tweet by the president we continue to keep our focus off what is most important.  This week is a week to remember those in the armed forces we have lost. It’s also a good time to give thanks to those who have served, survived and are blessed to still be living. Some are not so lucky.

I find it humorous how on holidays like Memorial Day, people celebrate by shopping or throwing a BBQ. I’m one who does those things as well, so I can’t really bash it fully, yet it’s a little bizarre. How does buying an HD TV 50 percent on sale give thanks to those who had served? I guess we could watch countless hours of Vietnam in HD hmm.

I’ll end this post here with this. Thank you very much to those who have served and given their all. From your ashes, we have risen time and time again. The commander in Chief whether it was President Bush, President Obama or the latest guy do not have the hardest job in the world. Amazing athletes do seem heroic, yet they cannot match to those I’m referring too. You who serve this great nation do. You volunteer…. NO…. you willingly sacrifice yourself to defend this country. You protect people whom you totally disagree with like silly politicians and the people who vote for them.  As John 15:13 says” No greater love is this than for a man to give up his life for a friend.” Thank you to members of the armed forces who are no longer with us nor can read this post I’m sharing. It goes out to all of you. Whether we tweet it meaningfully  or not you’re our real hero’s, because real hero’s do not wear capes, they wear dog tags.