How To Have Fun At Home

Lets face it being at home can get boring. Home is the place where we spend most of our time. Home is where the heart is, but the heart isn’t always feeling the home.  Venturing off into the world can be fun whether it’s a trip out of town or down to Walmart to pick up a bag of chips. I don’t know if anyone else feels like this, but home feels different to me now as an adult. Like I still live in my parents home with my parents, yet the house feels more like theirs than my own. Anyways I … Continue reading How To Have Fun At Home

Character Creation

Whenever I write a story creating the characters is one of my favorite things to do.  The characters are a very important point to the story.  Characters bring either life or death into a story. Characters are what the reader wants to know about. Who is this person and how does he or she affect the story? Each character goes on his or her journey. They’re either important to the story or have a minor role with little meaning. Some of the most important, classic characters from famous novels are not even the main character. Sidekick characters are very important.  One important … Continue reading Character Creation

The Journey On Becoming an Author

My whole life I’ve had a gigantically sized imagination. As a child living out in the country I had many adventures outdoors, pretending to be a soldier, pirate, football player or even Little Red Riding Hood or Cinderella[ cousins do horrible things]. There is a lot going on up there. Being homeschooled  I had a lot of time to myself.   Since I was a little kid I’ve always had a book in my hands. I read books almost every day. From sixth to 8th  grade my passion for writing began. I began to write fan fiction after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows was published.  Harry Potter couldn’t … Continue reading The Journey On Becoming an Author

How to be a Creative Writer

Hey guys what is up? Lately I’ve been, writing a lot since I’m on summer break.  I  have at least three stories that I hope to publish someday, so the sooner I get them completed the better. Writing can take a lot of time away from our days.  I’m like a bipolar writer. One week I’ll complete an entire story. Other weeks I cannot even hold my pen or type out a single word.  It can be a struggle, yet I have found a few clever ways to defeat the struggle. Music Whenever I’m in a creative mode to either write a … Continue reading How to be a Creative Writer