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A Matter of Justice by Steve Alcorn

Steve Alcorn is a writer instructor, theme park designer, and a established author aka a jack of all trades. I recently took part in a few of his courses at and I highly recommend his lectures to you.  Since I took part in his classes I had to purchase one of his novels and see the master at work.  The title of this book is A Matter of Justice.


A Matter of Justice is a children’s book. It’s a pretty quick read, yet entertaining and shares a good message. A Matter of Justice is similar to Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird and a few quotes from TKAM are mentioned throughout this book, so I obviously had a thrill, reading through as young Dani, aka the protagonist,  investigated a local murder and does what she can to help free Mott Simon as she and her family are on vacation in Three Rivers California. The story takes place based on an actual town in California.  A neat twist. This novel or novella also featured a character with autism which was a very good idea. I like how these characters are quirky, yet good souls. Being different is ok.

I enjoyed this book and can’t thank Steve Alcorn enough for his help.  Maybe after I publish a few books he could teach me how to design a roller coaster. The link for a Matter of Justice is below.  Take care.



A Lesson From Death

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First the colors then the humans. That is usually how I see things or at least how I try. Here is a small fact, You’re going to die. I wanted to tell the book thief many things about beauty and brutality, but what could I tell her that she didn’t already know? I wanted to explain that I’m constantly overestimating and underestimating the human race, But rarely do I ever simply estimate it. I wanted to ask her how the same thing could be so ugly and so glories and those words and stories so damning and brilliant. None of those words however came out of my mouth. All i was able to do was turn to Liesel and tell her the only truth I only know. I said it to the book thief and say it now to you. A last note by your narrator. I’m haunted by humans-Death.

My Reading Habits

I think I’m a pretty random person when it comes to reading. I notice some readers sort of have a plan or say a routine to reading while I’m more the type to read at any given time.  I probably read at least 4-5 days in a week.


When I’m reading I like to do it a few times a day. Normally I’ll read for maybe thirty minutes in the morning and return to the same novel hours later.  Normally I try to finish each book I start within a week or two. I have so many novels to read or soon to be read that I kind of force myself into finishing them faster which usually is not such a problem. I like to read at least two books at once. It really helps me to keep my focus and interest alive.

When I’m reading I’m normally sipping at a glass of water, juice, sometimes a hot chocolate or even a milkshake. It’s bizarre I know, yet I just cannot read without drinking something.  I’m a big fan of H20. I usually drink at least six glasses of water a day or every other day. Somehow I do not go to the bathroom as much as you’d think after drinking so much water in one setting. The most glasses of water I’ve drank in one day was seventeen. I think that is the closest a man will ever get at feeling pregnant.

 Some months I read more often. Other months I get behind which makes me sad, but that is silly. My attention sort of switches on and off based on the novel I’m reading or whatever is going on in my life at the moment. The average number of pages I read is about twenty or less. On my best reading days I can scroll over 100 pages in one day. My favorite genre’s are young adult and fantasy.

 Lately I’ve been reading more often in the evening. I switch into my PJ’s and grab a book. Reading is such a great escape from social media or the television. Plus it helps me to fall asleep faster.

What are your reading habits normally like?  Are some similar to mine? What did you think of this post?  I would like to start doing more chatty posts like this. People seem interested with my life and thoughts,  so I’ll give the people what they desire. Let me know your thoughts below 🙂


How To Have Fun At Home

Lets face it being at home can get boring. Home is the place where we spend most of our time. Home is where the heart is, but the heart isn’t always feeling the home.  Venturing off into the world can be fun whether it’s a trip out of town or down to Walmart to pick up a bag of chips. I don’t know if anyone else feels like this, but home feels different to me now as an adult. Like I still live in my parents home with my parents, yet the house feels more like theirs than my own. Anyways I spend a majority of my time at home, considering I do not have a full time job(hope that changes when I learn how to drive) and I was homeschooled. I take college courses online, so I’m pretty much a homebody. Anyways here are a few of my tips on how to  kill time and still have fun when you’re at home( btw I found this amazing lego house photo on Pinterest).



One of my best and favorite ways to kill time is by reading. Reading books can take boredom away so quickly. Some days I read fifteen pages while other days I may read 50 pages or more. There is so much to read, so grab a book and enter a new world.


There is always some chore that must be completed. Chores aren’t always fun, yet they can take your mind away from being bored and actually accomplish something.


The Internet

There really is no reason to get bored at home if you’re using the internet. I can go on Twitter and talk to hundreds of people. Conversations on Twitter can get very random. Twitter has brought many amazing people into my life, so if you’re reading this you know who I’m talking about! On the other hand,  Twitter can get addicting and sometimes annoying, so remember to take time away from social media as well.  Besides social media I can search for stuff online. buy products and so much more. How did civilization survive without the internet?


Whether you’re writing a best seller like me or not writing is a great way to pass time. Writing is a way to express yourself by creating a story or just jotting down thoughts.


Who says drawing is only for little kids? You can create some art and hang it on the wall for the world to see. Actually you could draw something, take a photo of it and  post it online on Twitter or Facebook so everyone can see it. The choice is yours!


Netflix is one of the most awesome ways to kill time. There is so much to watch. There are so many shows I have to catch up on.



 I do not really have to explain this one do I 🙂


Working out has become a favorite of mine. I enjoy getting into shape and not wasting any time. Going for walks can really clear your thoughts and belly fat.  You can burn twenty minutes easy just by lifting weights. Do not forget to drink plenty of water.


So those are a few of my tips on how to have fun while at home. I hope you enjoyed them. Those are my tips, so let me know what your tips might be.


Character Creation

Whenever I write a story creating the characters is one of my favorite things to do.  The characters are a very important point to the story.  Characters bring either life or death into a story. Characters are what the reader wants to know about. Who is this person and how does he or she affect the story?

Each character goes on his or her journey. They’re either important to the story or have a minor role with little meaning. Some of the most important, classic characters from famous novels are not even the main character. Sidekick characters are very important.  One important step to creating characters is deciding if they’re going to be hero’s or villains. Many times I’ve written a story and am not sure if I made the right choice for their role. Some of my hero’s could make good villain’s and some of my villain’s would make good hero’s. Each character represents something, so it’s good to figure out what type of person and personality they may have or grow into.

Creating a character is kind like creating Frankenstein.  For a few days I’ll think about who this character is and what purpose they have for this story. You cannot have a robotic man in a story about the gold rush. Well you could, yet that would not make a whole lot of sense. Like with painting a picture sometimes you have to get messy before Mona Lisa appears.

Stories with relatable characters seem to be from my favorite stories.  I do not like fake characters like those who are meant to be super heroic or amazing. They only come off as fake and unappealing to me.  Why can’t the female protagonist not be a super bombshell? Why does the guy have to have amazing hair that blows perfectly in the breeze. Can’t we create characters that are amazing, yet show signs of weakness too?

From start to finish characters go on journey’s. The character figures out who they’re meant to be. In the Wizard of Oz Dorothy discovers herself. She began as a young farm girl who followed the command of her parents. She was just average and plain. When she enters the land of Oz she becomes this important figure who leads  to the rebellion and demise of the Wicked Witch. Dorothy goes from zero to hero.  Same can be said about Harry Potter. When the story begins he’s not very well liked and seems pretty hopeless. When the Hogwarts letters show up and he figures out that he’s actually a wizard who escape death his life began to have more of a meaning. That is character development.

In the story I’m writing the main character is kind of like Dorothy and Harry Potter. She’s pretty average. She’s not very popular nor really cares to be. Most of her time she spends alone reading fantasy books. Eventually she goes on a date with a boy she really likes. While on a date with him something tragic happens. She gets turned into a vampire. As a vampire her entire life changes. She becomes this hero in this new and exciting world. I’m not entirely sure how her life changes or how she becomes the hero, yet I’ll get to that point when my story is complete.

Deciding if a character should die or not is a difficult choice. We spend so much time crafting this person into who they become, killing them off just seems wrong.  They’re fictional people, yet we put them through so much pain.  It’s funny how so many times during the day I will quote a character as if he or she was real. On the other hand a character is created by a real person, so bites and pieces of their personality go into the character.

 Creating characters is a fun challenge. How do you normally create a character? Let me know in the comment section below.

The Journey On Becoming an Author

My whole life I’ve had a gigantically sized imagination. As a child living out in the country I had many adventures outdoors, pretending to be a soldier, pirate, football player or even Little Red Riding Hood or Cinderella[ cousins do horrible things]. There is a lot going on up there. Being homeschooled  I had a lot of time to myself.   Since I was a little kid I’ve always had a book in my hands. I read books almost every day. From sixth to 8th  grade my passion for writing began. I began to write fan fiction after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows was published.  Harry Potter couldn’t end. The story had to keep going, so I wrote a couple short stories. This was only the beginning of my writing journey. Since high school I’ve been determined to become an author.  My journey is only, beginning, yet I have learned a lot so far.



  My  joy for writing can mistake someone into thinking it’s easy for me. There are certain days where all I talk about is either my story or the book I’m reading at the moment. Ask my cousin Jennifer that and she’ll tell U I’m, speaking the truth.  Trust me, writing is never easy. There are days when I feel like ripping up all my stories or tossing my lap top out the window. There is a lot of feelings that go into writing. Doubt can creep in and cowl around you like a huge Boa constrictor. First of all why am I writing a book? What is the plot? Is it really going to be bought and sold world wide?  Who do you think U are JK Rowling? Sometimes I talk to myself ok? Writers are weird, but that is who we are. We’re artist man! Oh great, now I’m procrastinating.



It’s just crazy for me to think that over the next five to ten years I may publish a book. A story written by me could be set on a shelf at Barnes and Noble or  be able to be downloaded as an Ebook. Lets face it, Ebooks are the future and I’ve not bought a Kindle yet.

I’m an introvert. Writing is how I express myself. I do not really like, talking to people unless it’s people I know. Arguments are tiresome. We spit and shout so many words out that we forget what we once said. It’s so exhausting.  I can say so much more by writing without ever moving my lips. The idea of showing my art off to the world is both exciting, yet scary.  There are so many books out there written by amazing authors whom I could never compare myself to. Are my stories really going to be comparable to theirs? Overall I hope my stories bring others joy. I like to write stories with a dark beginning which turns out well in the end. Life is like that for many people.



As I’ve already said, my journey as a writer is only beginning.  Through social media I’ve found many others who have the same dream. Creating blogs and posting reviews is only more fuel to my fire. With my friends and family I have people in my life who encourage me. IMO writing is like how I give back to them for all their support. Stories are magical. We learn so much even from fictional characters. When I finish writing a story even if it’s short I feel proud that I accomplish something.  Writing will never feel like a job to me, because it is so much fun!


How to be a Creative Writer

Hey guys what is up? Lately I’ve been, writing a lot since I’m on summer break.  I  have at least three stories that I hope to publish someday, so the sooner I get them completed the better. Writing can take a lot of time away from our days.  I’m like a bipolar writer. One week I’ll complete an entire story. Other weeks I cannot even hold my pen or type out a single word.  It can be a struggle, yet I have found a few clever ways to defeat the struggle.

  1. Music

Whenever I’m in a creative mode to either write a story or a blog I listen to my jams. IMO music is like a story itself. It helps me to relax and really open my mind.

2. No Writing


If I’m not in the mood to write or am eager to write, yet have no clue I find it best to not write at all. I think many writers have this idea that they must finish everything in a certain amount of time which stresses us out. Don’t think like that. Many creative stories took years to be published, so if it takes you or me another year or two to complete and publish a story don’t feel bad at all. Turn on Netflix or YouTube, go to the beach, or text a friend. Just chill!

3.  Get Advice


One of the best ways I overcome writers block is by, getting advice. The internet brings us together. There is Google, YouTube and many websites where a writer or anyone can get help. It’s so mind blowing how simple it is to find help today.

4. Get Motivated

Exercise is a great way to get motivated. Stay hydrated.  Read lots of books. I’ve found out what type of author I am by reading books by authors who write like me.

5. Stay Positive

Don’t be super critical of your writing. There is no such thing as perfect literature. Even if the story is not so great, at least it was written by yourself. Most of the stories we write will never be published. God gave us the ability to create and imagine. JK Rowling took her talent and did something amazing and magical. That is pretty awesome.


I hope my tips are helpful. If you have any ideas on how to get into a creative mode to write let me know in the comment section below!