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May Day


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Happy May Day WordPress. A new month has begun. A new journey is set to begin.  Here is how mine will begin.

In a couple hours I’m venturing to the local mall to see Avengers Infinity War. I’ve kept myself from viewing any of the spoilers. This movie sounds fantastic and will leave me excited for the next installment cause Marvel is gonna milk this cow until the end of time. I’m also hopeful to stop by Books a Million and scroll through a few books. Plus to smell them of course. When I return home I’m hopeful to jot down some notes for my latest WIP. I watched a film on Netflix called Candy Jars. It’s exactly what I needed for inspiration cause the premise is similar to my own. I’ve had this idea on my mind for a while now. I’m still not entirely sure which genre it fits into, but I have a seed and it will grow.

Anywho those are my plans for today. What are yours? How is your stories coming along? Got any exciting plans for May? Let me know ūüôā






There are two types of people in the world. Those who run from danger and those who run toward it.


I’d hope to be the type to run toward danger if someone’s life where on the line, yet in the moment would I actually take the risk? Would I actually sacrifice my own life to save another? It’s probably the most courageous thing a person could do, yet not everyone can commit such heroic acts. What do you think? Would you put on the red cape and save the day or hope someone else comes along to play Superman?

A Three Year Anniversary

Today happens to be my three year anniversary on WordPress. Wow! Time sure does fly by. I don’t want to do a long post, but I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey. I¬† wouldn’t of thought I’d be blogging on here for so long. I enjoy sharing my world with all of you and love to check out everyone’s posts. I’ve come a long way as a writer since I opened my account. WordPress has a great community of bloggers. You guys bring me joy each day. Everyone has a story to tell. Blogging is a wonderful way to share your world and find others who are on similar paths.

Back in 2015 I dreamt of being a writer. Well folks I am haha. My next goal to accomplish is becoming an author. This dream could be a reality soon.¬† I have so many followers aka friends today I can hardly believe it sometime. My Youtube channel is also growing. Hey I’m only trying to get more clicks. What is wrong with that?

I’m not famous or anything or at least not yet. When I do officially publish a book I will remember those of you who have been by my side since the beginning. I cherish our friendship online or offline.¬† Merci Beaucoop my friends. I have a few award posts to craft, so keep your eyes out for those upcoming posts.

Lastly friends, I must say this. Live each day in joy. Don’t worry about what you don’t have or be afraid to try something out. God gave you life. Life is a gift. Discover who you are and be thankful to have a life to live.


Resolution Within the Nativity Story

The origin of the messiah is fascinating. His life, death and resurrection from the cross has perplexed humanity for centuries. I’ve read through the gospels a few times, yet this year I figured something out which I hadn’t realized before.


The first person to hear about Jesus was his earthly mother Mary. Mary was no Taylor Swift. She was merely a child whose life was meant to be average. Mary grew up in a small town called Nazareth within Galilee. Like many¬† young women in her day, Mary’s future was pretty much chosen for her. Her parents decided she’d merry Joseph a carpenter who was born in the great city of Jerusalem. Mary didn’t know Joseph. She wasn’t ready to accept marriage, yet under her father’s authority she must willingly wed this man.¬† Here is where the Lord rose the action. He sends down an angel named Gabriel¬† to greet Mary and tell her she’s going to bare the son of God. And He will be named Jesus savy? What moment sticks out here? Maybe it’s a little vague, but I’ll explain it to you loyal reader. Who first finds out about Jesus? Mary. Not Joseph, not the wise men, not King Herod, but Mary. Lets jump ahead to others who God shared the good news with.

Out in the fields the shepherd’s watch over the sheep. As the shepherds notice a bright star in the sky an angel told them what was up.¬† To put it shortly shepherd’s weren’t famous. Being a shepherd wasn’t like playing in the NBA or being a hit movie star in Hollywood. They kept watch over animals and were like loners. Before anyone else know’s¬† about Jesus God told the shepherd’s.¬† Pretty epic, right?

God don’t care about how much wealth you got. He doesn’t care about how many shoes you own or how many likes you get. What God cares about is us. God created man and man is meant to have a relationship with the Lord. Mary trusted in God. She could of scoffed at Gabriel and been like” Uh no thank you.” yet she understood God had a plan for her and trusted her to fulfill it. Same goes for the shepherd’s. No one talked to the shepherd’s, yet God sent an angel down to tell them the good news.¬† If God has that much trust in us then we shouldn’t have a problem, putting our trust in Him. Merry Christmas indeed.

To the Bone

Lily Collins shined in her latest role as Ellen a depressed 20 year old artist whom is battling anorexia. The film began with Ellen returning home to her father and stepmother’s home after failing to make progress at an impatient program. Ellen’s father is never around, leaving her preppy, can do anything stepmother Susan( Carrie Preston) to suggest Ellen to get help from a new, confident specialist named Dr. William Beckham( Keeanu Reeves). At first Ellen declines, yet changes her mind after talking to her younger and trustworthy sister Kelly( Liana Liberto).

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Ellen moves into the home and meets her six housemates. There are six other women plus a strange, yet optimistic British ballet dancer named Luke( Alex Sharpe). Luke was a positive person among the group and is fond of Ellen, because of her infamous art. As the film ventures forward we learn about Ellen’s backstory. Her parents abandoned her in separate ways and a piece of her art from Tumblr lead a teenaged girl to commit suicide. Ellen promises to try harder, yet continues to fail and lose an enormous amount of weight.

Terrible events began to happen which forced Ellen whom had changed her name to Eli,¬† to flee the house, although Luke presses her to stay, because he needs her support, but she leaves anyways. Eli ventures to Arizona to see her mother while her condition is getting much worse. Here an uncanny scene happens between Eli and her mother whom rocks and feeds her with a bottle like she’s an infant. This leads to a near death experience when Eli goes on a walk later in the night. She had a peculiar¬† fantasy where she kisses Luke, sitting on a tree. Luke reveals to Eli her illness, staring at her naked,¬† failing body on the ground and gives her a piece of coal that is her courage. Eli eats the coal and soon wakes with a much brighter outlook on life. She returns home to embrace her stepmother and her sister, determined to overcome her disorder.

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To the Bone was an inspiring film. Truthfully I do not know much about anorexia, so this was a solid film to witness how the illness affects individuals. FYI  Anorexia is a life threatening eating disorder. Being someone with a  mild, yet rare disorder I can understand the emotions these  characters felt. Lily Collins was outstanding in this role. At first her character seemed like a negative person, yet we come to find out she was somewhat insecure and depressed about things that had recently happen to  her. This story brought many positive people into her life which changed her attitude and direction. Luke was a charming character, yet he felt a little fabricated. I felt like, having him fall in love with Ellen or Eli was a bit instalove and ruined his demeanor to me at least. Still I must applaud the actor who portrayed his role. Keanu Reeves was more of a minor character, yet he did the role of Dr. William Beckham justice. His appearance actually displays him well in a doctor role.

I¬† appreciated the message of this film. We can go every day worrying about our issues and allowing them to hold us back or we can look fear straight into the eye and tell it who is boss. The disorder doesn’t control you. You control the disorder.

Inspiring Verse for the Weekend


Let us be Christ like this weekend. Lets show others that the joy of the Lord is within us when we go out into the world. Lets bring peace and be a positive message.  If you see a police officer, military veteran,  fireman, doctor, or nurse thank them for all the good work they do. Be tolerant and kind to friends and family. Be fruitful and kind to those around us.  Help where help is needed.  We need to show Christ to the world. Let us build each other up instead of tearing each other down. God is good all time and all time God is good! Stay motivated.

The Journey On Becoming an Author

My whole life I’ve had a gigantically sized imagination.¬†As a child living out in¬†the¬†country I had many adventures outdoors, pretending to be a soldier, pirate, football player¬†or even Little Red Riding Hood or Cinderella[ cousins do horrible things].¬†There is a lot¬†going on up there. Being homeschooled¬† I had a lot of time to myself.¬†¬† Since I was a little kid I’ve always had a book in my hands. I read books almost every day.¬†From sixth to 8th¬†¬†grade my passion for writing began. I began to write fan fiction after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows was published.¬† Harry Potter couldn’t end. The story had to keep going, so I wrote a couple short stories. This was only¬†the beginning¬†of my writing journey.¬†Since high school I’ve been determined to become an author.¬† My journey is only, beginning, yet I have learned a lot so far.



¬† My¬† joy for writing can mistake someone into thinking it’s easy for me. There are certain days where all I talk about is either my story or¬†the book I’m reading at the moment. Ask my cousin Jennifer that¬†and she’ll tell U I’m, speaking the truth. ¬†Trust me, writing is never easy. There are days when I feel like ripping up all my stories or tossing my lap top out the window. There is a lot of feelings that go into writing. Doubt can¬†creep in and cowl around you like a huge¬†Boa constrictor.¬†First of all why am I writing a book? What is the plot? Is it really going to be bought and sold world wide?¬† Who do you think U are JK Rowling? Sometimes I talk to myself ok? Writers are weird, but that is who we are. We’re artist man! Oh great, now I’m procrastinating.



It’s just crazy for me to think that over the next five to ten years I may publish a book. A story written by me could be set on a shelf at Barnes and Noble or¬† be able to be downloaded as an Ebook. Lets face it, Ebooks are the future and I’ve not bought a Kindle yet.

I’m an introvert. Writing is how I express myself. I do not really like, talking to people unless it’s¬†people I know. Arguments are tiresome. We spit and¬†shout¬†so many words out that we forget what we once¬†said. It’s so exhausting.¬†¬†I can say so much more by writing¬†without ever moving my lips. The idea of showing my art off to the world is both exciting, yet scary. ¬†There are so many books out there written by amazing authors whom I could never compare myself to.¬†Are my stories¬†really going to be comparable to theirs? Overall I hope my stories bring others joy. I like to write stories with a dark beginning which turns out well in the end. Life is like that for many people.



As I’ve already said, my journey as a writer is only beginning.¬† Through social media I’ve found many others who have the same dream. Creating blogs and posting reviews is only more fuel to my fire.¬†With my friends and family I have people in my life who encourage me. IMO writing is like how I give back to them for all their support. Stories are magical. We learn so much even from fictional characters. When I finish writing a story even if it’s short I feel proud that I accomplish something.¬† Writing will never feel like a job to me, because it is so much fun!