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St. Patrick’s Day

Today  being St. Patrick Day  is a bit ironic, because today will be the final day I visit my late grandparents home. I hardly remember the last time I was at their home when they were both still alive. I have not been over to their home since my grandmother past in mid October.  My grandfather had  a wee bit of Irish blood, so it’s a bit comforting that this holiday would occur on this solemn  day. They’d argue a lot, so perhaps I’ll get lucky and remember one of their tussles while exploring their estate for a final time.

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Whoever reads this post i hope has a grand St. Patrick’s Day. If you share an Irish bloodline hooray. If you’re not Irish at all at least pretend to be today. In my opinion there is something really cool about being Irish. Ireland is a beautiful country I  desire to visit someday.


The 4th of July Tag!!!

Happy Saturday WordPress! So I’ve been kind of stuck in a rut on ideas for my latest blog. I’ve wanted to blog, yet have had zero creative ideas. Lets face it. Creative blogs are the most click bait and enjoyable blogs out there, so I was thinking to myself” what would be a fun tag for this weekend?” A 4TH OF JULY TAG OF COURSE! The 4th of July is like the greatest holiday ever in the USA besides Thanksgiving, New Years, and Christmas. It’s Independence  Day baby! I searched the world wide web and came across this tag created by TheUniverseDesigns which is great cause I had no idea how to create my own tag lol.  Without further ado lets get into this patriotic Americana tag like how George Washington sailed across the Delaware and kicked some red coat booty. USA!

What do you think of when you think of the Fourth of July?

Freedom! That was kind of odd to shout considering it was a Scot who said it first. Yes, freedom is what comes to mind when I think of the 4th of July plus fireworks and cookouts.


Do you have any special Fourth of July traditions?

Not really. This year I am going to read over the Declaration of Independence, so hopefully that becomes a new tradition.


Do you watch any of the Fourth of July programs on TV?

Yes. I either go online and watch videos on the 4th of July or watch movies like The Patriot[ hey that’s the same guy who played Bravehart]


What does the 4th of July mean to you/what do you think of it?

The 4th of July is a very important day to me. It’s a day to remember those who fought for our freedom. The patriots were fighting the worlds greatest power and won. America did not become this great over night. Lets not forget their dedication and hard work. The Declaration of Independence is pretty awesome.

Any Fourth of July/Patriotic songs that stand out to you?

There are a few like  God Bless the USA, the National Anthem,  and Amazing Grace.

What is your favorite type of firework?

The big, colorful ones.

Do you think people should continue the custom of fireworks on the Fourth of July even though fireworks can have negative impacts on the environment?

Let me think……. YES!

What do you/your family usually do on the Fourth of July?

We normally have a cookout and watch fireworks across the lake. The neighbors  shoot off some amazing fireworks.

Have you owned any Fourth of July themed accessories or clothes before?

The only 4th of July themed accessory I own is an American flag bandana. I think  some of the clothing is kind of tacky and disrespectful to be honest.



Who do you tag?

I do not know who I could tag, so if you’d like to take part in this tag  do it!