St. Patrick’s Day

Today  being St. Patrick Day  is a bit ironic, because today will be the final day I visit my late grandparents home. I hardly remember the last time I was at their home when they were both still alive. I have not been over to their home since my grandmother past in mid October.  My grandfather had  a wee bit of Irish blood, so it’s a bit comforting that this holiday would occur on this solemn  day. They’d argue a lot, so perhaps I’ll get lucky and remember one of their tussles while exploring their estate for a final time. … Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day

The 4th of July Tag!!!

Happy Saturday WordPress! So I’ve been kind of stuck in a rut on ideas for my latest blog. I’ve wanted to blog, yet have had zero creative ideas. Lets face it. Creative blogs are the most click bait and enjoyable blogs out there, so I was thinking to myself” what would be a fun tag for this weekend?” A 4TH OF JULY TAG OF COURSE! The 4th of July is like the greatest holiday ever in the USA besides Thanksgiving, New Years, and Christmas. It’s Independence  Day baby! I searched the world wide web and came across this tag created by TheUniverseDesigns which is … Continue reading The 4th of July Tag!!!