Top Ten Tuesday- Books I Wouldn’t mind Santa Bringing Me

First off who else cannot believe Christmas is only five days away?  I already have hints on what I’m going to get, yet if any of these books magically land underneath our Christmas tree I wouldn’t mind at all. Any updated cover version of Harry Potter- I only have the original seven book covers. There are many new and prettier designs out there, so I’d like a few of those. 2. Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austin I’m looking to read a few feminine novels. Pride and Prejudice is a classic I’m actually eager to read it, yet I have not found a … Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday- Books I Wouldn’t mind Santa Bringing Me

Merry Christmas 2015

Christmas went pretty well besides a few short notes by certain family members. My family remained home this Christmas except for our trip into Ocala to see my grandma and other family members. My other grandparents visited us on Christmas Eve. They’re still here and will be returned home a few hours ago. Jenny also visited us on Christmas Eve! Sadly her boyfriend Eric could not come, yet will see him soon enough. My  brother also came over with his girlfriend. This was the first time we’d met her and she was really sweet and cool.{ good job brother}. Jack … Continue reading Merry Christmas 2015