Dog Days of Summer- Dog Tag

Hello guys! I came across this furry tag from ADANCEWithBooks> I love dogs and books, so this is a perfect tag for me!     1  What was the name of your first dog?   When I was born my dad had a  Golden Retriever named Annie. Annie was a sweet dog who loved to swim. She lived for nearly fifteen years.  Around the age of seven or eight Sammy, an Italian greyhound mix entered my life and became my first dog. Sammy will be turning sixteen this December. She’s an incredible dog. She isn’t the brightest pup, yet she’s … Continue reading Dog Days of Summer- Dog Tag

The Real Neat Blog

I was recently nominated by Dronstadblog for this reward.  Thank you for choosing me. I haven’t earned many awards on this site in a while, so it’s nice to be back in the winners circle. You’ve been  sincere and honest with me about writing and I’m grateful for the suggestions and guidance.  The rules for  the Real Neat Blog Award are posted below.     Here are the rules for the “Real Neat Blog Award” 1. Put the award logo on your blog. 2. Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blogs. 3. Answer 7 questions asked by … Continue reading The Real Neat Blog

Players “Retiring” is Bad for Tennis

We’ve seen some funny business going on at the grassy grounds of Wimbledon. Over the first few days of the tournament we’ve seen players, retiring from matches, after going down a few games to quality players such as Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer etc.   Let me start off with, saying that if a player is truly injured then they by all means should be allowed to conclude a match over health concerns, nonetheless that doesn’t seem to be the case. Lower seeded players are basically jumping ship, because they can’t seem to handle being defeated. This is a sad event … Continue reading Players “Retiring” is Bad for Tennis

Reign Season Four: Rest in Peace Thy Queen

Last night, Mary Queen of Scots reign on local television came to its close. After four amazing seasons we say au revior to the historical retelling of one of Europe’s most controversial  queens. This story gets me every time.   Reign was a powerful show of passionate love and dedication to the historical events of her time. Young Scottish Mary (brilliantly portrayed  by Australian actress   Adelaide  Kane) was tossed into the ruthless, political monarchy of her day, becoming a queen at the very beginning of her life. She became a  consort to the French Queen and had claim to … Continue reading Reign Season Four: Rest in Peace Thy Queen


Originally posted on BE BLESSTIFIED!:
The rich young ruler in the books of Matthew 19 and Mark 10 told Jesus that he kept all of the commandments from his youth up, but the Lord quickly reminded him that he was lacking something. That’s true for all of us. No matter how much we may try to live upright, we will always remain lacking in some area. You may not be a fornicator, an adulterer, a drunk, a murderer…you may go to church every time the doors open. You may be very generous in your giving … BUT DO YOU COMPLAIN? God… Continue reading SEVEN (7) REASONS GOD HATES COMPLAINING…