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Netflix’s The Week Of Review

Adam Sandler stars in Netflix’s new comedy The Week Of. The main protagonist Kenny Lustig is a positive, yet gullible, cheapskate¬† father preparing to give his little girl the greatest wedding of her dreams, but things sure do go from bad to worse. Chris Rock also co stars in this film although his character moments are pretty short and lack comic relief. Plus these dudes are getting sort of old.



Adam Sandler is far from the popular comedy star he once was, yet The Week Of was a decent film. It had a few quirky antics, but overall the film satisfied me with cheesy humor. I liked the character Adam Sandler portrayed in this film. Kenny seemed like a happy go lucky type of guy, yet his internal problems were out in the open. He cared about his family deeply and tried his best to provide for them, although his choices weren’t so grand. The Week Of had a strong message on family which is nice to see in today’s world, although the outlandish stuff shouldn’t had been in a so called family film, but this is what we get from Adam Sandler. The Week Of is a poor man’s version of National Lampoon’s Griswold family. I’ll give it three stars out of five.

Tomorrow I’m heading to the movies to finally see The Avengers Infinity War. I’ve escaped most spoilers, so please don’t spoil me guys ūüôā



The Quite Place

Yesterday I planned to see Avengers Infinity War, but couldn’t, because it was sold out. Luckily there was a sliver lining. The Quite Place was about to start. I heard good things about it from family and friends so we bought our tickets and ventured into the dimly lit theater for this joyride.

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The Quite Place is like a dystopian, apocalypse, horror,¬† thriller following the life of a family from the Midwest. They’re survivors of an alien invasion. They must remain as quite as possible or else the aliens get triggered and hunt them down to eat them or split their insides out. The family live on the outskirts of a ghost town on a quaint little farm. The farm is set up for survival with trails of sand to walk across to make zero noise or lights to click on when danger is lurking about. The film started about 90 days after the attack, so we don’t really ever learn where the aliens originated from or how they got here. There was newspaper articles covering the basement walls of the families home reporting these events, so I guess I can pause and check out that information when the movie comes on Netflix or whatever.

The wife and mother( Emily Blount) is pregnant, so there is a problem. They had three children when the movie starts out, but from bad parenting and dumb mistakes their youngest child gets himself killed. Oops!


Related image

The family speak to each other by sign language. A cool nugget is the actress who played their oldest child Ragan( Millicent Simmonds) is actually¬† deaf in real life. Ragan blamed herself for her brothers death and the dad( Jared Krasinski) avoids her being put into difficult circumstances. The big problems start out when the mother’s water broke. As she’s walking down the steps of the basement she accidentally steps on a nail and cried out. Here come the aliens! A majority of the film the family is figuring out how to survive this terrible night, but do figure out how to stop these creatures during the climax.

Overall The Quite Place was a solid thriller. This movie was so quite, but full of suspense. The tension, conflict and stakes were none stop and drove the story forward without having to deal with much backstory. It does a good job of escaping those unanswered questions.  Based on reviews of this film it has done a good job of keeping the viewers engrossed in the story. The Quite Place was a true horror film, but had a deep message  of family and how far a father and mother will go to keep their family safe from danger.  The setting for this film was amazing.
I like these type of films, because they’re thrilling, yet also a bit humorous. There is scenes were you sit there and are like” Ok, that didn’t make much sense.” but it doesn’t ruin the film. It’s meant to draw the audience together and leave us with a cliff hanger. Well done. I’m unsure if this was on purpose or not, but this movie seemed to draw inspiration from Christian theme’s. As the brother and sister are struggling to survive the son fully believed their father would come to their rescue and he makes the ultimate sacrifice to keep them alive. Nicely done.


My grading for The Quite Place is 4 stars out of five.

New Writing Inspirations

Good news. Writers block is over. Procrastination hit me hard, but I’m getting back into the swing of things. Instead of forcing myself to write I took a few days off and relaxed. It’s so weird, but I can literally feel my brain calming down. As I took a minor break I realized some issues with my writing. Issue’s I won’t forget.



Less binge- reading.

I’ve been reading too much. I’m a total binge reader. I pile a stack a books around the house each month and try my best to read a majority of these books, but I’ve decided to change this tactic. From now on I’m going to keep my attention on certain books. If I started reading this book toward the end of the last month or the first week of the present month I’ll try to complete this book by the end of this month, but if I haven’t finished reading it by the first of May, June, July I’ll screw it and move on to another book. Wow. That was a lot to say in one sentence, but back to the point. I’ve been reading way too many articles, novels, short stories etc. It’s a lot of fun, but time consuming. The last few days I’ve read bits of Joyland by Stephen King. My mind is focused on a single book not hundreds. If i can read the entire Harry Potter series in two weeks surely I can read any other novel in lesser time if I have my thoughts wrapped around a single book. If I can’t read it in a month then I won’t read the book. It probably wasn’t for me.

2. Genre

I pretty much understand the basic’s of genre. Instead of reading from books which genre and theme’s have nothing to do with the WIP I’m working on I’ll skip those books and scroll through novels similar to my own work.¬† If I’m writing a mystery, horror with a hint of coming of age a dystopian romance won’t be beneficial.

3. Hitting the Reset Button

The same tactic will be applied to my next goal. I have many word documents. Some I haven’t checked on in centuries figuratively speaking. Out of my bundle of joys I haven’t completed a single first draft.¬† My plans are to get an idea for a story, keep my attention on a single idea and craft it until it is complete or if I can’t complete the first draft out of three months I’ll nip that doc in the bund, because the chances of the idea ever blossoming into a flower are null. Writers are always worried about losing their docs or are afraid to let the past go.¬† As Stephen king once said,” Kill your darlings.” Words are words. They’re replaceable. Perhaps those stories aren’t¬† meant to be written yet.

4. Discovery Myself

I’m a discovery writer. No disrespect to my outlining friends, but that road isn’t for me. I start with a character, put him on a journey and see how it goes. Outlining is helpful and necessary to some extent, but it usually leaves me complexed. When I read the term” put flesh on the skeleton by.” I run and hide. In modern times stories are about how it happens. We have to entertain and fulfill our promises. The short stories I upload on WordPress are normally written in a single day. A week at the longest. I don’t get worried to upload those stories. I’m excited to get them out here and see how much you¬† guys enjoy them. When I try to write a novel and outline I tense up and feel like what the heck am I doing. I’ll apply my short story tactics to the big boys.

6. Enjoying your muse.

Authors like Stephen King are said to be writing genius. I think if you told Stephen King he’s a genius he’d probably laugh at you. I believe it has less to do with intelligence and more to do with creativity. As I read through Joyland and other books by Mr. King I see his love on the pages. He was enjoying every second he wrote those books even those terrible days when procrastination hits like a brick wall. Stephen King isn’t Superman. He’s figured out a way that works for him and enjoys every second of it. Joy is something writers must find.¬† Joy overcomes all the pain. Joy doesn’t last, but when in joy allow yourself to write and enjoy the process.

7. Don’t Write

Lebron James is the greatest basketball player today, but does he play basketball every single day? Emma Watson is a brilliant actress, but does she act every day? Monsters and Men are a wonderful band, but do they preform music every day? No! If those people or groups don’t do their thing every day why are writers expected to write every single day? We’re not slaves to our passion. We do this, because it brings us joy, but I’m not going to write everyday. Maybe sometimes when I feel really joyful, but that isn’t every day and that is ok.

So those are my latest inspirations. Maybe they’ll help you out or not. Thank you for reading!


#QuoteofToday-To Kill A Mockingbird



“Mockingbirds don’t do one thing but make music for us to enjoy. They don’t eat up people’s gar.png

I like to share quotes from novels, movies, or whatever else on my Instagram page.¬† It’s fun to create art on Canva. I’ve been trying to do these #QuoteoftheDay posts each day. Today’s quote comes¬† from Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. A lot of inspiring quotes from this classic. If you enjoy this post follow my Instagram account. Search for GarnetNGold22 and you’ll surely find my account.¬† Have a great day!


Genre is a simple, yet¬† difficult egg to crack. A majority of new writers jump straight into writing their premise before actually knowing what their story is about. Don’t fret. If you understand genre, you will know what to do.

Genre is what category a story fits into. If the story takes place in outerspace and deals with advanced technology it’s science fiction. If the story is about vampires or werewolves it’s fantasy, but the genre of these type of stories are more than one thing.

Genre’s get mixed and mashed. A writer can take a few big genres like scifi or fantasy and mesh them together with other big genres plus sub genres. It’s all about that genre. Lets take a look at the genre of something popular like Star Wars. The force is strong in this genre.

See the source image


Star Wars is science fantasy. The people of this massive universe have spaceships and fight with light sabers, but those are science based not fantasy based. This is where the force comes into play.¬† The force is like this out of body experience that gives regular people incredible strength. We don’t have the force in reality. Fantasy is based off magic which isn’t possible( OR IS IT!), so George Lucas took two separate, awesome genres and blended them together to create Star Wars. Thank you George Lucas.

Now scifi and fantasy are two big blocks of the Star Wars universe, but there are other genres within the realm. There was romance between Han Solo and Princess Liea or family issues between Darth Vadar and Luke Skywalker. To put this shortly, stories are based entirely off of genres.

If or when you decide or decided to write a story you had to figure out the genre. The¬† genre is the stepping stone toward success. The old motto is read and you will write. This is excellent advice. To learn how to write you must read, but don’t read every book, thinking it will lead you to creating a book without understanding the genre.

It’s great to learn as much as you can about writing, but if you desire to write a steamy romance with hints of horror reading a bunch of fantasy dystopian novels probably won’t help. In my opinion, read a few books and discover which genre you either enjoy to read or better yet enjoy writing. Likewise to basketball we each have our own sweet spot aka an area of the court we know best.¬† If you like supernatural, fantasy romance create a story based on this genre. Why waste time creating a story you don’t care about? Let someone else write that.

Thank you for reading today’s post. I have relatives visiting, so I don’t have as much time to write at the moment. I did get to study genre somewhat yesterday and had to write a post about it. Writing is easier when you know what you’re doing. I’m happy to help everyone out cause writers stick together!


The Pros and Cons of Camp Nanowrimo

Camp Nanowrimo is a worldwide event online. Writers either work solo or within a group on a story and have deadlines to follow such as word count goals. Camp Nanowrimo is an excellent experience for writers, but is it also harmful to a writers progression?


I’ve taken part in Camp Nano since the fall of 2015.¬† It’s¬† connected me with hundreds of wonderful writers through social media groups on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It’s gotten me out of shell and brought so much friendship. The information I’ve learned is great, but one thing camp Nano failed at, with me at least, is getting me to write.

The idea of writing 50,000 words in a single month is terrifying, unless you know what you’re doing. I, like so many others, jumped into Camp Nano, expecting to write 50,000 words, because that was the goal. Surely everyone must be able to write such a long, vast amount of words in a single month. Camp Nano is urging us to do this. I can do this. I have to do this!


I don’t mean to sit here and bash Camp Nanowrimo. Again I must mention the benefits of Camp Nanowrimo. It draws writers from across the globe together. We cheer each other on and cry over each others shoulder. We lift each other up and tread on. Camp Nanowrimo is a wonderful experience, but don’t go into camp Nano expecting everything to go exactly as planned. We’re writers, but most importantly we’re humans.

We’re going to screw up time and time again. If you don’t feel confident enough to reach those goals, don’t worry. The best of the best writers can write or type out 50,000 words in a couple days, because they’ve worked hard to get there. We can’t write 50,000 words if we don’t know what we’re doing. Don’t allow someone else’s success to harm your craft.¬† Keep writing, listen to your friends and mentors, and hone in on your skills. Someday you will reach that goal no matter how many words you’re striving for. The rule might be 50,000 words plus, but writers use tools not rules to succeed. Anyone can tell you how to write a story, but to write an actual novel, short story, flash fiction or whatever your heart desire’s is entirely up to you!

Last night, while watching the NBA playoffs, an idea exploded in my head. I grabbed my Ipad Mini, tapped the Google Doc icon, and went to work. About 40 minutes later I completed the first chapter and wrote over 1,000 words. Ba-boom! Will I write another 49,000 words before May 1st? Maybe, but most likely not. The important part is I’ve got a brand new work in progress.¬† Whether I complete this bad boy in 40 days, 100 days, or even 1,000 days I’ve got something to work with. That is the magic of storytelling.


It’s 5AM, yet I’m wide awake. I have no clue why I woke up this early. Maybe it’s from the juice I drank before dinner, the start of the NBA playoffs, or the hype from FSU’s spring football game got me turnt. I’ve already binge watched a couple episodes of the new Lost in Space series(SO GOOD!),¬† read books off Kindle, yet am still awake, so why not use this moment to write. I’ve wanted to wake up earlier to write, so maybe this is the beginning of something new.



Last week I was wasted and I don’t mean by alcohol. I don’t drink that rubbish. What I’m referring to is the moment when you’re so invested in something your brain literally shuts down and tells you to chill. I can’t speak for everyone, but I think this is a normal occurrence especially for writers.

It amazes me how much information the human brain can muster before we turn the internal computer down. There is so much to learn. So much information to help us improve. For some reason, society instills in us a fear to learn like it’s not cool or something. Some teachers enjoy striking fear into their students which I’ve always found as strange and morbid.

God gives us talent. We’re born with these skills, yet it’s society and our internal problems that plague us from success. We think we can’t do something, because some moment wounded us. It holds us all back and the only way to overcome it is by fighting back.

I learned how to swim when I was around seven or eight years old. Probably older then that, but this inciting moment revealed to me how learning is important. I wore those water wing things. I wanted to be able to swim without them, yet I was afraid of drowning,¬† because I almost did drown to death the year prior. One afternoon, while my mom was getting my rings ready, I stood on the ladder and leaped in. I swam around the pool for a minute or two without realizing I wasn’t wearing those stupid water wings, but as soon as mom told me I wasn’t wearing them I climbed out of the pool. I should of allowed my instincts to overcome the fear.


I love storytelling. It brings me a ton of passion and drive. My desire had been to write novels and publish them, but I didn’t have the rules aka the guidelines down. Fear kept telling me I couldn’t do this, because I didn’t understand. Well one day I took a deep breathe and realized I needed to do some digging to get better. I’ve been digging a while now and boy was it rough. I’m at a point now I’m no longer fearful and anxious to write more and more. Look at me now, giving out advice on how to write!

Never allow fear to hold you back. Do what you want to do unless it’s robbing a bank or something sinister. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. You’ve got some desire waiting to be explored. Plant the seed and watch it grow. Before long you won’t be afraid. You’ll do it on instinct.

Let Me In- Film Review

Let Me In was a¬† 2010 American/British¬† romantic horror film set in the early 1980’s based on the 2008 Swedish horror¬† Let The Right One In. The stars of the film were¬† Kodi¬† Smit-McPhee, Chloe Grace Moretz, Elias¬† Koteas,¬† and Richard Jenkins. Basically the story wsa about a shy bullied youth who become’s bff with a girl who happens to be a vampire.¬† Duh, duh, DUH!!!!


This movie was bloody, gritty, juicy as well as cheesy. The storyline reminded me a lot of Netflix’s Stranger Things. It takes place in a small, run down town in New Mexico instead of Indiana. The story focuses on a young boy named Okser(Kodi Smit-McPhee) who was a lot like ST’s Will.¬† Throughout the movie he’s timid and pretty much bullied by three-four other kids. Most recognizable¬† is Kenny whose role was portrayed by 13 Reason’s Why Dylan¬† Minnette, yet that information doesn’t really matter here. Back to the MC.

Okser meets this mysterious girl named, Abby, who wears no shoes nor socks. Like never. She’s barefoot in this entire film. I guess vampire’s don’t need to wear shoes…. Anyways The kids grow close and the closer they get Okser begins to realize this girl is a little different. Turns out Abby is actually a vampire and she’s been a vampire for a long time.¬† She teaches Okser to be more confident and stick up for himself although she does most of the action. To cut this short a bunch of people get attacked or killed. Blood squirts everywhere. And a few vampire’s randomly burn up when in direct sunlight.

I wouldn’t say this is a terrible film. Like I said earlier this movie was similar to Stranger Things without the excitement or suspense. I think it failed to grab my attention, because it felt too similar to other horror/vampire movies. There was little to no stakes in this film. Abby was a Superhuman character with not many limitations except I’ll burn to¬† a crisp if I go out in the sun. In the climax scene, when the bullies are brutally picking on Osker and ready to pluck his eyes out with a tiny knife, Abby randomly appears to save¬† the day. Some drama, but no suspense. Another thing I didn’t like about this film was how the action scene went about. They tried to make it seem dramatic, but the cut to the chase suspense didn’t thrill me. It was like a weird, funky 1990’s video game with glitches. Like why did she snap the dude’s neck after already draining him of blood? We can see the two bite marks on his throat. The horror scenes either made me laugh or left me confused.With a lot more character development and twists in the plot this movie could had been much better. I’ll give Let Me In a C plus.

Have you seen this film? If so, what did you think about it? Maybe you loved it or hated it. Whatever you think let me know. Have a wonderful day.





Judging Books By Their Covers

The old expression is to never judge a book by its cover. If true I’ve sinned many times. The title or cover of a book grabs my attention. The illustrations interest me. The best covers usually get me to pick up the book and scroll to chapter one to see what the story is all about. I enjoy opening a book and reading a few pages to get some understanding on the story-line instead of only viewing reviews by hundreds and hundreds of other readers. No offense to anyone but, we’re all readers. We all have our own opinions. Someone loved it while others hated it. It’s best to base your own opinion than judge a book based off someone else’s thoughts. You may disagree with my theory if you please.

The other day I opened up Ready Player One. It’s been turned into a film ya know, so it’s all over the bookshelves now. The premise aka the idea seemed like something I would like. I’m a video game nerd for crying out loud. I was excited to see what the fuss was all about. Surely a story being turned into a film must be interesting to some extent. Well…. Here is my two cents.

I wandered around Sam’s Club, dodging shoppers like being stuck in traffic, I read at least fifteen to twenty four pages. Sorry, but math isn’t my thing, so I don’t have the actual numbers figured out. Anyways what I read didn’t interest me. A majority of what I read was info dumped backstory within a fancy term called a prologue. I read how America had gone to crap. It’s funny, but most of these stories are about a dystopia, futuristic version of America. What happened to the rest of the world? What happened to Asia, Europe, Africa etc? Guess will never know.

Anyways after getting passed how crappy America was the info dump lead us into the first chapter. Finally the protagonist is on stage! I’ll tell ya the truth. The protagonist didn’t thrill me and he lead me to deciding I didn’t want to purchase this book and read more. I’m totally done with the obnoxiously stupid youth characters. The “oh everything sucks” kid. Seriously this kid literally called history bullshit, yet puts his entire trust in video games, music, films and whatever else happened in the nineteen eighties.¬† Where did each of these subjects come from? Oh right. HISTORY!

¬†I didn’t like the book, but I can see why it became popular. It’s marketed toward a certain group of people who may be causal readers at best. Good job by the author of this book. He nailed it. If only Ready Player One had an actual story. If only the protagonist was likable or better yet someone I could sympathize with. The cover, title, and idea for this story was colorful and creative, yet it’s only going to sell well to a certain group. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? You can decide for yourself. The cover might be beautiful, but it’s always the inside that counts.