April Book Haul!

Hey guys. I hope everyone has an amazing weekend. Recently I went to Barnes and Noble. I had a gift card and  went to town in there, purchasing a good number of books. Of course I also bought a few books on Amazon, so this seem like the perfect time to create a book haul video!  Let me know what books you recently purchased and enjoy the video 🙂   Advertisements Continue reading April Book Haul!

March TBR Plus Barnes and Noble Book Haul

Who else thinks going to Barnes and Noble is like traveling to Narnia or Neverland? The joy this store brings me is massive. I’m a little late to reveal my March TBR, but here is. I also have some photos from my trip to Hollywood Studios or shall I call it Star Wars Studios? On Tuesday I went to Hollywood Studios. It felt so much smaller with a lot of the park under construction for the upcoming Star Wars additions. I had not been to Hollywood Studios in a while. I really like the set up for this park. They … Continue reading March TBR Plus Barnes and Noble Book Haul

Barnes and Noble Birthday Book Haul

So yesterday for my twenty second birthday my mom and I traveled over to our local Barnes and Noble. As most know Barnes and Noble is the greatest of American book stores. Just walking around the store, looking at each  book they have on sale is pleasurable in itself.  I picked up a few books to read as well as a wand, so I thought why not add this to my Book Haul posts? Best news of all is I finally have a Barnes and Noble membership, so pray that I do not trash my bank account. Once I finally get a … Continue reading Barnes and Noble Birthday Book Haul