The Real Neat Blog

I was recently nominated by Dronstadblog for this reward.  Thank you for choosing me. I haven’t earned many awards on this site in a while, so it’s nice to be back in the winners circle. You’ve been  sincere and honest with me about writing and I’m grateful for the suggestions and guidance.  The rules for  the Real Neat Blog Award are posted below.     Here are the rules for the “Real Neat Blog Award” 1. Put the award logo on your blog. 2. Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blogs. 3. Answer 7 questions asked by … Continue reading The Real Neat Blog

Liebster Award!

I checked my notifications today and noticed I was nominated for the Liebster Award! I was nominated by Thank you so much. I’m thankful to be bringing joy to those who read my blogs. I appreciate all of the love and hope to make many more blogs for years to come. Here are my answers to Srishti questions! 1. What is your favorite genre of music? My favorite genre of music is rock. There are so many different types of rock music. I prefer folk or Christian rock the most. My favorite rock band is Skillet. I first heard … Continue reading Liebster Award!