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Greetings. My name is Matt. My blogs are very random. I like books, movies, tv shows, music, sports, dogs and a few other things. Take care and God bless.

Gilmore Girls Series Recap

Well folks. I finished watching the Gilmore Girls series. Ironically it took me about twelve full months to watch the entire series dating back to August of 2017. I’m not sure if I should be proud or concerned. Gilmore Girls is a lighthearted series, so I wanted to share my thoughts on the show and how it relates to my own life.


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Gilmore Girls was a show following the story line’s of Lorelei Gilmore and her teenage daughter Rory Gilmore. They live within this quaint Connecticut town called Stars Hollow. It’s sort of like Pretty Little Liars Rosewood without all the murders. In season one Rory life is changing. She gets an opportunity to go to an establish private school called Chilton. If she goes to Chilton her chances of getting accepted to Harvard will improve. And Rory adores Harvard for about three seasons, until her Yale boaster grandparents get into the picture. Anyways Lorelei  Gilmore obviously can’t afford such a privileged school, but she wants her daughter to accomplish her dreams, so she finds a loop hole. Lorelei asked her parents for help, but their relationship had been wishy washy since Lorelei’s teenage years. To cut a long and messy story short the grandparents agree to fund Rory’s schooling on one condition. Thou shall have dinner with us every Friday night. And they literally spend their Friday nights at her parents home forever. It turns into a bittersweet ending tho.

There are unique  characters in this show. They each add their own blend of ketchup and mustard into each episode. I assume most look at this show and think of the old motto it takes a village to raise a child, but it also made me think of the verse from the Bible” Love your neighbor.”


Shows like Gilmore Girls aren’t really around today. It drove the importance of family matters home. Lorelei is a single mother dedicated to her one and only daughters life. She does what it takes to raise her child and prepare her for life’s unexpected twists and turns. Rory respects her mom and understands the hardship she had faced. Rory rarely has her actual father in her life, yet other gentlemen come in and handle the rope. Family is not based on blood, yet those around you who become your family.

I see myself in the character of Rory. I love to read books and have a passion for writing. The world is a cruel place for us introverts, yet we’re strong and determined. Plus we have awesome moms. I’m going to miss Stars Hollow. It’s a beautiful town full of interesting people. I’m interested to check out the new series, but first I’ll watch the rest of Anne with an E. Now that is another excellent show.


Morning Review

Hey guys. I haven’t posted since last Wednesday, but wanted to update you on my life. Things are well. I’ve taken an unexpected break from blogging. Last week was a very solid week of writing. I read from a bunch of books and started working on a short story for camp nano. It’s 4,000 words away from my goal. I took a break from writing over the weekend and had an epiphany.


Nature provides a seed. Man provides a garden. Each is grateful for each others help _) (1).png

I completed Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. This is an incredible self help book. It’s intended for writers, but the book is valuable for any type of creator. I’ve never read anything by this author before, but she total gets life and how to write.  This book opened my eyes to some parts of writing and being a creative wizard I didn’t know before. I now can take a deep breathe(ah).

I’m planning to share more short stories and poems on here, but I’m also going to change things up. I need to chill. I post many blogs on here and am grateful to share my world with all of you, yet I need to not suffer.  Sometimes I feel like a robot when writing. I’m not always posting from the heart, but adding content just to add content. I hate to do that. I cherish what I write and share, so if I’m not loving what I write I shouldn’t be posting that.

I will continue to blog, but not as often. I’m actually going to my brother’s graduation from the Navy next month in Chicago. I’m excited to go and will share that moment in a few weeks. I get fearful those of you following my site will leave if I’m not posting as often which is incredible silly. Since I started out blogging I’ve gained a huge following. Ok, so maybe not that huge, but it’s growing and growing. Words truly cannot express how happy I am. You guys have shown me nothing, but support and it means everything to me. I’d hate to come on WordPress and post a blog just so you’ll read it when I already realize you’ll read whatever I post. Merci baeucoop.

I will keep writing, but will try to not punish myself. I’m going to write, but not force myself to write rubbish I don’t care to write. It’s been said  a thousand times, but write what you love. I’ll write from my heart, so time for a little summer break. Have a wonderful day 🙂



The Boy- Film Recap

What’s up WordPress. The firework celebrations were top notch, but it’s July 5th, so back to business here in the United States. Yesterday, before the fireworks began to light up the sky, I watched a movie on Netflix. A movie titled The Boy.


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The Boy is a thriller directed by William Brent Bell and written by  Stacy Menear. The plot follows our main character Greta Evans( Lauren  Cohan) who recently moved across the pond to be a nanny. When you’re having relationship problems, why not move far away from home and become a nanny? She travels to a quaint, yet spooky house off the beaten path someplace in the UK. She meets the elderly couple who own the house and soon gets to meet Brome, the boy whom she’s come to care for. The problem is Brome isn’t actually a boy. He’s a doll.

Greta starts to laugh out out like any sane person would do, but these people aren’t joking around. They see Brome the doll as their child and there is also a list of rules on how to treat this fine specimen. Obviously there is something terrible wrong here, but Greta is in need of cash and time away from her boyfriend, so she sticks around. It’s just a doll. What could possible go wrong?

As the story heads into act two the couple decided to go on a short holiday, leaving Greta in charge. Stranger things start to happen while the couple are away like Greta gets trapped in the attic or the doll makes her a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich. The more Greta learns about Brome, she starts to assume this doll is actually alive.  Big mistake, Greta.

Near the climax of the film Cole, Greta’s  sulky boyfriend, shows up. He disturbs Greta and demands she come home with him. Greta wants this jerk to go home, so she asks Brome for some help, but this leads to a major setback. During the night Cole wakes up, finding a bloody message left on the walls. He wakes up Greta and is like seriously? Then Malcolm, the care taker of the estate who Greta is fond of shows up. While the adults bicker Cole snatches Brome away from Greta’s hands and smashes the doll to pieces. Oops! Smashing brome’s glass head wasn’t on the list of rules. Something bad is going to happen.

Within seconds the walls come to life. Actually, no. The real brome appears and shakes things up. He murders Cole and chases Greta and Malcolm around the house. His face is hidden beneath a glass mask like the doll version of him. While being chased,Greta and Malcolm come across the hidden room Brome lived in and they find  more disturbing evidence. Greta escapes the home, yet must return to save Malcolm and murder Brome. Greta does defeat Brome and rescued Malcolm. They escaped alive, but as the film draws to a close we see someone repairing the doll.

I liked the Boy. I enjoyed the setting of this film and the characters kept me interested.  It had a nice mystery although the storyline fell flat. Some of the puzzle pieces don’t mix together. Brome was this weird kid who had a taste for blood, so the parents decide to cover it up and move him into the walls of their house, pretending he’s a doll for like twenty years? Imagine if these people were Michael Myers parents. He could murder anyone, but get a slap on the wrist. That is the pro and con of fiction. Fiction isn’t real, yet it’s based off reality. Clearly this stories outline needed some work.


Slow Your Roll

I meant to blog on this topic the other day, but then I got an eye infection and things went from bad to worse. I feel swell today, so I’ll post those thoughts right now.



 Each and every day we face information. Information or data hits us like an invisible wall. We watch or read anything, at anytime. It’s great to have access to so many books and so much information, but I think our fast paced lifestyle is doing more harm than good.

When I read a book, I usually scroll across each sentence within seconds. I read the words on the page as if I’m pressing fast forward. Do humans talk like that? No! We speak or say different words and phrases at their own pace, yet when we read  books we read as quickly as possible. When we read information like that we learn nothing and give ourselves headaches. Stop!

On the highways and streets there is stop signs. Stop signs alert us to slow down. When we approach a stop sign we slow down and take a pause. If cars can do it, why can’t we?

Slow down! Think about what you’re trying to accomplish. Perhaps you could get it done in a few days rather than a few hours instead of burning out. Don’t beat yourself up. If you desire to read a novel or write one, don’t go into thinking I must write this book before the sun goes down. It won’t work, unless you’re like Stephen King.

Slow your roll, friend. God created the universe in seven days and even He needed to rest.

I Promise


It’s ok to be afraid

Don’t be ashamed

You’ll be ok

Sometimes are hard

Sometimes are sad

We feel broken inside

But we learn to heal

Wounds do heal

It may take time

But they do

Don’t give up

No matter what

Things will get better

in time

I promise

Talk to your mom

Talk to your dad

A friend


Don’t hide your sins

They don’t control you

You control them

Ignore the posts

The tweets

All that rubbish

It ain’t worth your life





Stay positive

Peace Out 🙂





May the Muse Be With You

Netflix recently picked up Star Wars the Last Jedi, so I watched it last night. This film was far from a master piece, but it did give me an Epiphany on writing. I finally understand what the force means. WHOO HOO!



There are a lot of strange and quirky things within the Star Wars universe, but the largest of all is this thing called the force. The force is like this magical element. It gives those who believe in it powerful skills. Some think it’s real. Others think it’s fake. The characters tend to argue about the force in pretty much every film. So what is the force?

I could be wrong about this, but I think the force is a symbol for the muse. The muse is what artist draw inspiration from. It’s like this spirit deep within our souls. It springs ideas into our conscious and drives us to create. It visits  us like a kind stranger. The muse is a powerful force, yet we don’t truly understand it. When the muse approaches us we tend to get scared. We fear we’re not good enough or the right person to solve this puzzle.

We shouldn’t fear our muse. The muse will visit you and give you inspiration. It won’t always equal success, yet it drives us to create and explore. We tend to fear the supernatural, but it’s those elements which bring us life. Perhaps the muse is an angel. A symbol of hope.

 May the muse be with you.


The Mystery Blogger Award 2.0

Thank you to Stuart L. Tatt for nominating me. This is the second time I’ve been chosen for the Mystery Blogger Award. This is an award that only the best of the best bloggers deserve. I’m thankful so many of you feel touched and inspired by my blogs. Okoto Enigma is the creator of this  magical award. The rules and link for Stuart’s page are listed below.

The Rules:
1) Thank whoever nominated you and include link to their blog
2) Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well
3) Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
4) Answer the questions from the person who nominated you
5) Nominate 5 -10 bloggers you feel deserve the award
6) Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice with one weird or funny one
7) Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog.


3 Facts

I have an outie belly button

I’ve visited Savannah, Georgia.

The first video game I ever played was Spyro.( Excited about the remaster!)


Here are Stuart’s  Five questions

1.What topic would you like me to address here on my blog?

Since you’re a huge comic book fan I’d like to find out more about your favorite comic books. Different topics that relate to comic books. Marvel, DC Comics etc.

2. Would you accept the challenge to step out of your comfort zone and write a post about pornography and how it is affecting our youth and/or marriages? And if so, would you share the link in the comment section so my readers can see it?

That would be an awkward topic to discuss, but I think I could. If it’s what my readers want then why not lol.


3. What is your favorite book in the Bible to read?

I wouldn’t say I have a favorite book in the Bible, but one of my  favorite stories is the fall of Jericho. Joshua and his men march around the mighty city, yet God knocks their walls down and the Israelite’s claimed victory. It’s such a powerful story featuring an epic battle time will never forget. I also loved pretending to be a part of this battle during Sunday School. We’d wander around the classroom, pretending to blow horns. Talk about a throwback!

4. How do you study when reading said book?

As with all stories I read them and then think about the message later on. A teacher once told me to read a story more then once to better understand them. The Bible is a good book to read over and over again, because so much is going on within each passage. I think this story shows us how our strength in God can overcome anything.

5. Now for the funny/goofy question. This one I have been asked in the past because I grew up reading comic books and even now I watch The Arrow and The Flash. If you could have any super power in the world what would it be and how would you use it?

Ah there are so many powers to chose from, but I think today I’ll say super speed. You can run anywhere in a matter of seconds or minutes. I’d love to be able to do this. Plus we wouldn’t have to buy any gas.

Now For My Questions!


How did you find WordPress? Why did you start your blog?( Yes, I’m cheating, but answer both questions please lol.)


Tell me one person either in your life today or from your past that you love? Why is this person so special to you?

Which  famous city would you love to visit someday?

What was something fun and clever you liked to do as a kid?

Would you like to go on an adventure through outer space?


Thank you so much again to Stuart. I don’t believe we’ve followed each other for very long, but I’m glad to see my posts brighten your day. I will chose those of you who have recently followed my account. I love your  blogs and can’t wait to see what you post next. Thanks for following me. Merci for the love.




My Thoughts On Thirteen Reasons Why Season 2

I finished season two of Thirteen Reasons Why about an hour ago. This season was nitty gritty to say the least. I took some time away from viewing the rest of the season, because this show was so tense, yet I pushed through and enjoyed most of this season. I’ve been battling an eye infection the last couple days, but I’ll overcome that pain to share my thoughts on this show with all of you, so here we go!



Season two begins a year later from the previous season. There is a lot of topics meshed into this season, but the most important part was the trial. Mr. and Mrs. Baker and of course Clay continue their fight to get Justice for Hannah. Previous characters plus a few new faces come into the scene. I don’t like to give away too many details of the books or shows I critic, because I feel like that would spoil  those of you reading my posts. I especially feel like a show such as Thirteen Reasons Why should be watched and understood by those who wish to watch this show. Thirteen Reason’s Why is a famous show, because of the issues it faces. I will tell you my thoughts on the good, bad and  ugly of season two.

Overall I enjoyed season two although I didn’t enjoy it as much as season one. Season two was darker which surprised me, because of the backlash season one received. I guess the producers don’t give a care which I sort of admire.  Season two continues to bring up sexual related topics which are disturbing to not only view, yet speak about. It’s not a show to watch with friends or family. It drives into each issue deeply, causing you to not stop thinking about it.

Here is what I found negative or a loss for the series. Thirteen Reasons Why brings up problems within the education system or social norms,  which is good, but I don’t think they hit the ball out of the park with every problem. This season they pushed so many culture problems, but didn’t answer each question brought up. It’s so strange. parts of this show was grim while other parts made me cringe. The writing is absolutely terrible at times. Cursing is like adverbs. Dropping F bombs in each sentence fell so flat I barely paid attention to what each character was saying.

Characters were a big issue with me. A few episodes followed different points of view. I don’t care about every character on this show. Being forced to hear why they did this or that got boring and overdone. I’d rather keep the focus on Clay or another character more so then focus on every character. My biggest problem was the attention brought on Justine Prentice character Byrce. Byrce is the antagonist and a horrible one at that. I dislike the sympathy put on his character. Ok, so he had a bad relationship with his family and feels alone. That is bad, but it doesn’t by any means make me feel sorry for a rapist. He’s clearly stalking these girls on purpose. I probably went a little extreme hoping he’d be shot, but come on lock him up. And now he’s dating this Chloe character. I find it gross and unnecessary although he portrays the role so well. Well done Justin.

Likewise to other notable Netflix series the second season ended on a cliff hanger. I’m not sure Thirteen Reasons Why needs a third season nor needed a second season, but money talks. The number one point of this series to pay attention to those around you. Suicide is a serious thing. I truly believe the producers, actors, actress and everyone else a part of this show wants to help get this message out there. We’re suppose to be the United States of America, so speak kindly, but carry a big stick or a huge wrench like that competitor on American Ninja Warrior does.




The other day I went to my eye doctor for an annual appointment. During the process I had my eyes dilated. Usually it last around 4 to 6 hours, but this time was different.



My eyes were dilated about five hours then something strange happened. I took a short nap around six PM and when I woke up the lights went out. Until early morning I was blind in my left eye. My right eye is a lazy eye, so my vision went from bad to worse. It’s funny. I go to the eye doctor to check on my eyes. The doctor is like” so how is your vision?” and I’m like” Good. Stable.” but after I leave the eye doctors  my vision is funky, because of them being dilated, but going completely blind? Wow.

Truthfully I was angry. I laid in bed awake, thinking about life without sight. Being blind is scary, yet a group of people are that way their entire life. My vision returned to normal the next day. Someone out there will never  be able to see anything for their entire life.

Those type of people are courageous. They go their whole life without one or more of the senses, but still have a good day. Look at how many people have little to no problems, yet grumble over the smallest of conflicts. Like how do they live with themselves?

I’m thankful my vision return to normal. I can’t imagine living without sight, yet blindness is not a fantasy.


To write a story you must create an outline. I’ve heard this line a thousand times, but never fully understood the process. Truthfully outlining scared me. It brought back nightmares from school. I shudder just thinking about it. Luckily there are other ways to outline a fictional story.



Last weekend I read this self help writing book called The Snowflake Method. If you desire to fully understand how to outline and plot a story check this book out. I read and re-read this book in about four days. I soaked up the information. I finally know how to outline. Great!

I should now be able to sit down and write a story right? Well no. Outlining is an excellent method to craft a story, but writing a story is a different monster. Writing equals taking a large amount of time from your day and blasting emotions across a page.  Outlining is a simple tool to help you gather information. It helps you to fall in love with your idea, so when you enter the Colosseum you’ll be ready for battle. Here is my problem with outlining.

Outlining can get preachy. Published authors or any writer for that matter screams from the roof tops to outline. I agree one hundred percent outlines are important, but lets not sit here and act like outlines are a cure for cancer.

The four steps of creating something like a story are brainstorming, researching, writing, and editing. Outlining and plotting are used in the beginning stages. I’d say they’re mixed between brainstorming and researching.  Outlining is like fertilizer. It feeds the idea, but to help the tree grow it needs water. H20 baby.

Outlining helps to create ideas, but to write a story you must well….. Write. Put the pen to paper or fingers on the lap top and write. You can stare at that beautiful outline all day, but it won’t magically write the story for you. That is all up to you my friends. Don’t worry. I’m on the same boat.