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Greetings. My name is Matt. My blogs are very random. I like books, movies, tv shows, music, sports, dogs and a few other things. Take care and God bless.

Don’t Coddle Your Characters

Hello WordPress. Last week was a bad writing week. I was super stressed and didn’t feel like writing at all, so I took a little break from my usual writing habits and I’m feeling better. One thing I thought about a lot while not writing was characters.



Characters are the forefront of our stories. They’re the eyes and ears of pretty much every story, yet characters are not simple one dimensional  characters. Characters can be hard to create, but I think I’m starting to figure out why it’s so difficult to create them.

Right now I’m speaking to you in my voice. I’m typing out words I normally say. This is how I speak, but my characters don’t speak nor act like me. Some do more than others, yet the characters within stories are not like us. They may do things in a similar way, but they’re different. It’s good to create characters who relate to us, but clearly they’re not like us.

Think about your closest friends. You know how they act. All of their wants, quirks, phobias and secrets. Some secrets at least. The closer you get to someone you begin to act more like them, yet you’re not exactly being them. You’re acting like them in your own way. If you don’t know how someone acts or their thought process you’re most likely not their friend or at least not as close as you thought. Sorry to burst that bubble.

To develop a character you must understand them. You must learn their gender, race, identity etc. You should know what their place is within their world. How will they react when something happens? What are their thoughts on the environment or religion? Do they love dogs or cats? Do they want peace or to rule the world? Why do they think like this? What makes them, them? A character’s thoughts maybe completely different from your own. If you don’t know what makes them tick the chances of writing a 100,000 worded novel or even a few paragraphs with these  characters will most likely not go smoothly.

There is hundreds of characters. Each character has his or her own purpose within their story. Mary and Pippen don’t have the same purpose as Frodo nor Sam in Lord of the Rings. Imagine if Alfred were the protagonist in Batman. Alfred is a cool butler, but him as the protagonist wouldn’t be as exciting as it is with Bruce Wayne. If you write a story and don’t feel you have the correct protagonist or antagonist you may want to do some soul searching. Figure out the physical and mental aspects of the characters personality.

Developing characters is sort of like parenting. You want the best for your child, but if you coddle them too much they’ll grow dependent. They’ll become lazy characters. Don’t coddle your characters. God gave humanity free will. Writers should have the same type of relationship with their characters. Peace out y’all.


Rainy Days

It’s been raining a lot in Florida and it’s not suppose to let up until the beginning of next week. I like rainy days. Gloomy afternoon’s full of clouds. There is something about it I enjoy. I guess I love it so much, because Florida is within a warm climate, yet I’ve grown to appreciate the warmth. A lot people assume Florida is always hot, but it’s not true. The weather can get cold. So cold it can kill the oranges. Ask my friend Haley and she’ll confirm the chill.




Florida is a beautiful state. There is a lot she offers us residences. From the beach to the magical realm of Disneyworld.  Those who settled within these lands at its origin brought along plants and other neat things  from their countries. Florida truly is a melting pot state. People come from all over the world to either live or visit. I’ve met so many wonderful people from places I’ve only dreamt to visit. When they tell me my home is awesome I feel a little embarrassed. We have so much, yet don’t always see it that way. I love where I’m from. It’s a part of who I am.

 What is the weather like in your neighborhood?

Avengers: Infinity Wars Film Review

What’s up WordPress? I finally saw the newest Avengers film and absolutely loved it! Lot of characters died tho 😦


Image result for avengers infinity war


The third installment was a bit grim. This had to be the darkest of Marvel films, although it had the right touch of comedy relief. And I thought you Marvel fanboys hated DC Comic films. Anywho this film was a none stop action adventure. Unlike the other Avenger films the bad guy wins. Thanos was an excellent villain, but I’m not going to sit here and act like he’s the best baddie all time. Please. Villains like Thanos had been done before, but not to his success. Thanos had motivation and a skillful plan to  get there. Plus the Hulk and Vison were at their weakest moment, creating havoc and chaos for the Avengers. Set backs were a must.

I enjoyed how the characters were spilt into three groups. We had Thor with Rocket Raccoon and Groot. Star Lord,  Mantis and Drax paired up with Iron Man, Doctor Strange plus Spider Man or as I like to call him reboot 2.0 Spiderboy.  Captain America( or Charon) fought along side Black Widow( Why does she have blonde hair tho)  and Sam Wilson. The trio teamed up with Bucky and Black Panther plus Vision and the Scarlet Witch, although they were more just there for the ride. Stan Lee and Peter Dinklage also played a part. The dialogue between characters was a little choppy at first, but overall it did the film justice.

This film really reminded me of the good ole days of chilling on Saturday morning, watching cartoons. It’s a huge cast of characters dealing with a crisis together. I think this was the best we could had hoped for really. Now will the success of Infinity War spoil the sequel? Maybe, yet I’m interested to see what direction the next film takes. Ironically, during the resolution, we’re left with the original Avengers members minus Hawkeye, yet I’m sure he’ll turn up soon. I noticed Ant Man wasn’t in this film, yet he has a new film coming out soon. Will Ant Man two collide with Infinity War’s story line? Maybe Deadpool will come to their rescue? Something fantastic will surely happen next.

If you saw Infinity Wars tell me what you thought. Have a great day!

Netflix’s The Week Of Review

Adam Sandler stars in Netflix’s new comedy The Week Of. The main protagonist Kenny Lustig is a positive, yet gullible, cheapskate  father preparing to give his little girl the greatest wedding of her dreams, but things sure do go from bad to worse. Chris Rock also co stars in this film although his character moments are pretty short and lack comic relief. Plus these dudes are getting sort of old.



Adam Sandler is far from the popular comedy star he once was, yet The Week Of was a decent film. It had a few quirky antics, but overall the film satisfied me with cheesy humor. I liked the character Adam Sandler portrayed in this film. Kenny seemed like a happy go lucky type of guy, yet his internal problems were out in the open. He cared about his family deeply and tried his best to provide for them, although his choices weren’t so grand. The Week Of had a strong message on family which is nice to see in today’s world, although the outlandish stuff shouldn’t had been in a so called family film, but this is what we get from Adam Sandler. The Week Of is a poor man’s version of National Lampoon’s Griswold family. I’ll give it three stars out of five.

Tomorrow I’m heading to the movies to finally see The Avengers Infinity War. I’ve escaped most spoilers, so please don’t spoil me guys 🙂


How to Improve Your Writing

What was the first thing you did when you woke up and got out of bed this morning? Maybe you took a quick shower. Rinse and repeat. Then you turned on your phone or tablet and checked out the latest posts on facebook, text messages or tweets. Yon probably sat there for about ten to twenty minutes and got hungry, so you filled up a bowl with milk. By the time you take the first bit out of your cereal you had most likely been awake a few hours. You most likely haven’t written anything except a few tweets or posts which I myself count as writing to some extent.  In two hours you could had wrote 2,000 words or more. You could had completed an entire chapter within sixty minutes.



 I average about 100 plus words per minute. I can reach 1,000 words in just ten minutes and so can you. Writers tend to worry about the bulky number of words required.  It’s not that big of a deal. Back when I went to state college, before I dropped out, I took English 1101. This class was pretty much hell on earth. The instructor was cold blooded. The research was intense. So intense a classmate whom served in the United States Navy thought it was absurd, but we had to do it. I don’t remember the exact total number of words my essay on social media reached, but it was a lot.

I hated that class and the ridiculous assignments, but I still completed them and somehow passed. If I could finish an assignment I absolutely did not enjoy I can complete a story I’m desiring to write. And so can you. We’re no longer in the dark ages. Today we have the internet. We have word documents online and a massive search engine. All we have to do is click on a device and get to work. If you fail congrats! Failure is one step closer to success.

Ready Player One

 Stephen Spielberg does it again! His latest action adventure features a group of youths joining forces inside of a massive multiplayer video game to defeat big daddy corporations from ruining what they love. Now I’m not a big fan of Mr. Spielberg’s opinions, but his craft as a director sure does  get me thrilled. The second the film ended I had to play a few video games.

Image result for ready player one



Originally Ready Player one was a novel written by Earnest Cline. If you checked out one of my latest posts you’ll understand the book didn’t catch my interest, but as I expected the film entertained me. The film had so many flashbacks to other films and video games. The pace of the film was like playing video games. Each scene kept me interested. So many quality plot points. It was a plot driven story to the bone which is why I wasn’t interested by the book. The film version it’s so much better! The message was also perfect.

Today we live within a world of virtual things from social media, chat groups to video games. It’s a fun world to live within, yet we’ve seem to lose focus on our reality.  Kids today get hooked to video games, because it’s a safer place than the real world. It’s easier to speak to someone online with your hip avatar characters. It’s easy to get lost in the madness. After all we’re humans and humans are full of emotions. On the other hand the  commodity between players is  special. Within a few seconds we can plug into the virtual world and have a blast playing games with people we may never see. It’s kinda creepy, yet cool at the same time.

One point in this film I absolutely hated was the instalove between Wade and Samantha. The story seemed to have taken place within a few days, yet the protagonist and his crush fall into love straight way. Samantha tells Wade they’re not truly in love, yet a few scenes later they’re kissing.  They had little to no relationship except in the game and even that was overdone. Do we really need a romantic relationship in every story? No more instalove please!

If you enjoy video games or are a big fan of Spielberg you’ll love this film. I’ll give it 4 stars out of five!

A Kind Stranger


A crowd gathered around me

Holding sticks and stones

I begged them for forgiveness

But they didn’t listen

The crowd wanted me dead

To get rid  of my sin

Death’s sweet kiss would bit me like a viper

And end my life

But as they prepared to sentence me to death

A man in a dirty clothe approached me

I assumed he desired to cast the first stone

But he only smiled

He told me do not be afraid

then he helped me to stand

And then he looked at the crowd who prepared to take my life

And he told them” Whoever here is not blemished by sin may caste the first stone.”

I closed my eyes expecting them not to listen

Three seconds passed by and nothing happened

Two seconds later they dropped their stones

And scattered

I looked into the kind strangers eyes

And he looked again at me

He then placed his hands on my shoulders

And told me to go and sin no more

And I listened.

Developing Characters-Motivation

So you want to write a story. Maybe to be published or to share  among your friends and family. If you want to write a story you’ll need  few characters. To create characters you will need to develop them, but how? Creating characters may seem daunting at first, but it’s not so hard.



My first suggestion is to study psychology. I’ve been researching psychology for a few days and it’s expanded my knowledge on humanity far more than any self help book on writing. Seriously why do so many writing instructors fail to entice young and hungry writers to explore the human mind? A majority of characters are based on humans, so if we desire to create characters why not figure out what makes us tick?

There are many scopes to psychology, so I suggest getting the basic down first. Check out the crash course videos on YouTube. They’re fantastic! Anyways developing characters can be broken down into three categories: Want, Need, and Goal. In today’s post I’ll share the aspects on want.

 Another lovely term for want is motivation. Motivation is what we want or desire. It makes us do something. A boy wizard isn’t going to fight the darkest wizard of all time unless he’s motivated. The concept applies to basically everything we say or do. Say you’re driving home from work and are hungry. You want to eat, so instead of taking the shorter route home you stick to the highway and get a burger and fries plus a milkshake from Mcdonald’s or Burger King. You  wasted some gas, but at least you’re no longer hungry. Hunger has been solved until this dude gets hungry again in like four hours. In this aspect the motivation was hunger, but it can be whatever you want!

Motivation drives us toward our goals. Without proper motivation we will surely fail or somehow succeed without a plan. What motivates your characters? The bigger the want the more motivated a character will be. The stakes also will rise to the occasion, but I’ll leave that topic for another day. #Psychology



Word Count

Word count hindered my writing for a very long time. It was something I didn’t understand and no one seemed to know how to teach me until now. This passed week I purchased a book on Kindle titled 5,000 words in one hour. When I first read the title I was like” Wow. This guy is saying he can teach someone how to write 5,000 words in a short period of time. It may not work for me, but why not try this out?” so I purchased this book for about $3.99 US dollars. It’s about 70 pages so it didn’t take me long to read the entire  book. Now the first day I read the entire book I didn’t fully understand it, so I re-read the first chapter on how to write words fast. Then it clicked!



Basically you write without stopping. This sounds simple enough, but when I first tried this out I stopped, check how many words I’d written and how many minutes passed by. I skipped the first step. Calculate how many words you write per minute.

Last night I was watching TV. As usual a couple ideas sprang into my mind, so I turned on my Ipad mini and started to write, but I did something different. I’d read from this book to write for five minutes, so I wrote for five minutes without stopping. After those five minutes were over I stopped and checked how many words I’d written. It was about 166 words. I wrote a story about a young woman who was at work. She was hungry, but couldn’t leave her office. When I stopped she was about to leave her desk and go to the vending machine to get food.  Here is what I wrote in five minutes.

I’m so hungry. I haven’t ate anything all day except for a blueberry pop tart and a banana, but that was it. It’s three thirty. I’m still at work, trapped in my office without food. My stomach is so empty. I need to get food, but Mr Ramone won’t let me go home early. I’ve missed several days already even though it totally wasn’t my fault. Not entirely at least. He’s kept his eye on me all day. If I tried to walk down the hall to get a snack from the vending machines he will know and I will get in huge trouble. He might fire me. Nah, that won’t happen. Would it? I’m tired of being hungry. I don’t care if he fires me. I can find another job although I’ll make hella less money. So long cute new dress I’ve been looking at online. I won’t be able to afford you without a income and my income totally sucks. Ok time to get food.

I wrote all that without thinking. I just got the idea and wrote for five minutes. Impressive?

Next I wrote for a single minute. I did this twice. Both times I wrote around 60 to 65 words. That is it. 65 is the number of words I wrote in a single minute. If I multiple 65 by 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes I can see how many words I write in the period of time. That is awesome!

 This works for any type of writing. I’ve been writing flash fiction. I can complete a flash fiction story within 10 minutes that is if the flash fiction was suppose to be under 750 words. It comes down to how many minutes or hours you put into writing. It’s also a matter of what you’re writing like if it’s an essay on germs I’d probably be bored out of my mind writing that. At least I have word count figured out.#Finally

A Short Short Story

Grandpa slammed his fist on the table. He jerked in his seat and sighed” Dennis, you sunk my battleship. That is four games in a row you’ve won. How did you get so good at this game?”

I smiled at him and paused. Then I glanced into his blue eyes and said” Grandma taught me. She said you and her used to play battleship together when you were kids. She knew every move you made.”


 Grandpa laughed” That she did. Gosh, I miss that woman. And I want a rematch,”

Dennis smirked” Bring it on!”