Optimistic Future For the Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars are coming off a pretty dismal season. The Jaguars started the 2018 season at 3-1. They were hopeful for a return to the playoffs and possibly a chance at reaching the super bowl, but massive injuries to multiple positions and a lack of production by ex starting QB Blake Bortles lead from highs to many lows. Although the Jaguars had such a brutal season, the moves they’ve made during the off season should give Jacksonville fans hope for the upcoming season.

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I wanted to post my thoughts on the Jaguars off season moves and what I expect to see this fall from Duval’s finest, yet events in life got in the way. Plus I didn’t want to post a bunch of blogs on different roster moves or opinions I can easily add together in a single post, so here you go friends!

Although this wasn’t a thrilling off season, the Jaguars made many moves the fanbase should be excited about. They dropped some dead cap and added players aka free agents who should be pretty nice replacements and improvements on the roster. Nick Foles is absolutely a steal at QB. Forget about how much money Nicky Swag will be making. I dislike how certain people complain about how much money someone has. Keep your hands out of other pockets. Plus A majority of professional athlete’s are over paid anyways, so the deal Foles signed isn’t too shabby. I watched some clips of him throwing spirals earlier today. It’s been YEARS since the Jags have had a solid QB who knows how to throw the football. Hip, hip, hooray! Jacksonville also signed some vets like WR Chris Conley and TE Geoff Swaim. Chris Conley should be a nice weapon for Nick Foles and I think Geoff Swaim will be a solid blocking TE for the running game. The biggest additions were through the draft.

Jacksonville had one of the best drafts. They got lucky in the first round when Kentucky DB Josh Allen slipped past the top five and right into their lap at the seventh pick. Although Josh Allen will have limited playing time in his rookie season, he will surely be a dominate player for years to come. Just thinking about him playing on the Jags defense aka Sacksonville gets me gushing with joy. To add icing on the cake, Florida RT Jawaan Taylor slipped into the 2nd round. The Jaguars were able to move up a few spots through a simple trade and were able to land Taylor. Taylor is the perfect fit to Jacksonville’s offensive line. With their remaining draft picks the Jags found players of value and need, so overall I’d give this draft an A.

The off season is pretty much at a stand still. There are some notable players still available through free agency or even a trade, yet Jacksonville will most likely stick with what they got unless one of these targets is in reach. Overall I like what the Jaguars did. They found players to replace certain positions and found a few value pieces along the way. Drafting Josh Allen and Jawaan Taylor was good enough. Although I’m excited to see Nick Foles and the offense, the Jaguars are still a run heavy team. From the draft and free agent pick ups the Jaguars seem to have improved at QB plus help the offense get back to running the football. The Jags O-Line got a ton of flack from the media and fans, yet I don’t believe the offensive line is that bad. They faced many injuries and had a lackluster QB. Imagine how well they’ll preform with Nick Foles starting and a healthy and fresh O-Line. The injuries also played a huge toil on the running game. Because of Bortles poor play, the running game was left out to dry. Leonard Fournette got injured and rushed back too early, so as long as this offensive line stays healthy, the Jags offense should improve greatly.

The offense was terrible, but the defense remained strong for a majority of the season. Although Telvin Smith won’t be playing in 2019, I think the Jaguars still have one of the best defense’s in the country. If the offense gets things going and puts points on the board early, the Jags defense will be able to shut down opposing offense’s and dominate like they did in 2017. A lot of this season rides on the health of the team. If the Jags stay healthy, they’ll be good. if they have another season playing guys from the practice squad, things won’t get better. Jacksonville also has a tough schedule. I have no clue why the NFL gave the 4th best team in the AFC South such a competitive schedule, but the Jags will show how good they’re if they want to get back to ten wins and a playoff appearance.

I don’t like giving predictions, because they’re merely abstract assumptions, but I’d say the Jags win at least 9 games in 2019. I think fellow Jaguar fans should be cautious when talking about the playoffs and especially the super bowl. This season I want to see positive production from Nick Foles and the offense and if the defense will be boom or bust before mentioning the term playoffs. Still I’m excited about this team. The roster is good as ever. We won’t know how good each team is until they play, so for now I’ll say Jacksonville goes 9-7 and clinches a wild card spot. And we all know what type of magic Nick Foles will bring to the box office, if he’s given another chance to make things happen during the post season. Eagle fans knows what I’m talking about.

Who is your favorite NFL team? What are your expectations for their season ahead? Good, bad, or ugly? Let me know in the comment section below. And go Jaguars!#Duval



Have you ever had those days when something seems off, yet you don’t understand what is exactly off? You feel like you can’t remember something so important you waste time trying to remember, but can’t. I’m in one of those moments right now.#Mondays

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I feel like Neville Longbottom when he received his remembrall from his grandmother. As the name implies, a remembrall is used by wizards and witches within the wizarding world to remember things they’ve forgotten. It’s a good item to have on hand, yet when Neville received his remembrall, he couldn’t remember what he actually forgot.

I tell you guys, the mind is a tricky puzzle. We store so much information within our minds, we sometimes forget about we learned. Be wary of the stream of consciousness. It’s a tricky stream to pass. I don’t know what I’ve forgotten, but hopefully I remember soon. In the mean time, I won’t panic. I’ll allow my subconscious mind to bring those thoughts back to me instead of going off on impulse. Impulse is what gets us into trouble. If you’ve dealt with this, what have you done to overcome this obstacle? What could I do to get my mind back on track? Every problem has a solution.

Why Robert Pattinson Should Be Batman

Rumors have been swirling about Robert Pattinson being the latest actor to take the role as the Dark Knight. For now these are rumors, yet it seems pretty legit, so until we know for sure, let’s relax and think should Robert Pattinson be Batman? Could this work?

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I personally think this could work out well for both DC and Robert Pattinson. Sadly for Robert Pattinson, most think of his minor role in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire or his time as the sparkly vampire from Twilight, but I think it’s time we forget about his past and honor his career as an actor as a whole. Pattinson hasn’t starred in many hollywood blockbusters lately on account for his many roles within Indie films. Although his face isn’t on Entertainment magazine, he’s done pretty well in smaller roles. Forget about Twilight. Robert Pattinson is actually a good actor. An actor who I think will do a fantastic job portraying the image of the Caped Crusader if it’s true.

Matt Reeve’s will control the direction of the latest Batman film franchise. Unlike the previous two actors who portrayed this heroic character, the version Robert Pattinson will get is a younger, less edgy persona. The latest Batman will be a prequel, featuring a young, but bold Bruce Wayne learning how to fight crime as well as acquire the tools and skills to investigate murder,mayhem, and whatever crime is present within Gotham. Although I enjoy the dark and edgy Batman, a change of scenery maybe a good thing, especially when adding an actor such as Robert Pattinson. A part of me feels like Warner Bros has payed attention the success of Gotham and are adding certain elements from the TV Series into these upcoming films. But I don’t expect we will see Batman back on the big screen anytime soon. No actor has yet to be hired, so I’d expect filming to begin whenever they officially sign a deal and get to work crafting this story. Perhaps 2021 or 2022 will be the year of the Batman once again. I understand the negative opinions, yet Robert Pattinson as Batman can work. You might disagree, yet a Batman who turned into a vampire would be pretty cool. As long as he doesn’t glow of course.

Developing A Novel

Hey WordPress, I have some news to share….. I’m starting to plot my novel! I’m only at the beginning stages of developing the story, yet so far I can tell you the basics of the idea. The story is a YA, contemporary novel. The story will feature themes and topics about family, friendship, faith, relationships and so much more. The MC is a teenager named Katie. Her personality is kind of like Scout from To Kill A Mockingbird. Introverted, yet bold.

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Over the last few months I’ve read and studied multiple genre’s of books to figure out what type of stories I enjoy reading/writing. I’ve figured out I like to write personal narrative. I prefer to write in first person, but have gotten better at writing from 3rd person limited. When writing from first person, as I’m doing right now, I feel a closer, intimate connection between story and reader. I feel like third person is more suitable today for television. When I read something, I desire to either put on the characters shoes or be told their stories sort of like face to face interaction instead of following the protagonist from the sky like a bird hovering above the plains. Maybe that wasn’t the best metaphor, but you get the point.

I’ve noticed many SCIFI/Fantasy books open with some big opening, revealing details like a monster or some moment within the protagonist life before he or she become’s the hero. I don’t think those type of storyline’s will work for my idea, so I’m researching and exploring stand alone, realistic fiction books aka stories without magic systems. I have a lot of John Green novels to read for those answers.

That is all I have to share for now. To finally be creating a novel has given me an enormous amount of joy. I had a lot to learn. It was a struggle, yet my passion for literature, positive attitude, and faith in God helped me to overcome my problems. I also have wonderful support from friends and family helping me along the way. If you want something, you can get it. You can do it. Hmm. I sense a theme coming along here.

Is Kathleen Langford the future Iron Man?

Proof that Thirteen Reason’s Why star Kathleen Langford was originally featured in Avengers End Game has finally been revealed, but her limited screen time got cut. Although some fans are asking the question,” why was her scene cut from the film?” I have another simple question. Why was she a part of the film in the first place?

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Many are claiming she was given the role of Tony Stark’s teenager daughter, but her shining moment was removed, because of the child version of Morgan Stark. No need for teenage Morgan, at least not yet. Perhaps we shall see teenager Morgan Stark in a future MCU. She could become the next Iron Man or most likely Iron Woman. I’ve never read the Young Avengers comic books nor know much about them, yet it would seem likely Morgan will join the squad when she’s older. She could also be their leader, but personally I find Tony Stark’s daughter being in charge of the Young Avengers like her father’s role within the Avengers a little far fetched. Maybe hawkeye’s kid should be in charge. Let the minority have some power for once.

When I heard Kathleen Langford had a role within End Game, I thought it was a little strange. Like she’s a good actress. She did a wonderful job portraying Hannah Baker, but was that enough to land a major role in a Marvel film? The Russo brothers seem to think so. Plus it would of been really annoying to be watching End Game and suddenly Kathleen Langford appears on the scene and some dope in the audience shouts out” It’s Hannah Baker from Thirteen Reasons Why!” We so did not need that.

Although Kathleen’s scene within End Game was removed, there shouldn’t be doubt she may return for a future film someday. Obviously her role on Thirteen Reason’s Why is officially over. Netflix should sign her on to a new series, before the sharks come after her.


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