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Panic Attack



Mom/ Miss. Wilkerson.

Laura, have you spoken to Jason? He’s acting so strange. He rarely comes out of his room, unless he has to use the bathroom. I’ve knocked on his door, asking if he’d like to go out to eat, but he doesn’t answer. He’s like a flash of lighting moving around the house. He leaves for school then returns to his bedroom without speaking a single word. He claims he’s not hungry when I cook dinner. Something or someone is bothering him, yet I can’t find out, because he won’t ask for help.

Could you try to talk to him? Send him a few text? I don’t mean to bother you, but you’re his best friend. If there is anyone he will confide in, it will be you. I’m grateful he met you. You’re a bright spot in his life. Please hurry.


Hello, Miss. Wilkerson. I’m not sure. Don’t worry. I understand. I talked to him last week. We didn’t talk for long. He seemed distant like something weird was going on. I should of asked him if he was alright. I’ll text him straight away. Thank you for calling me.



Jason, it’s Laura. How are you? Your mom called me. She said she’s worried about you. Are you ok? You seemed a little hesitant last week. Is it, because of Mr. Wheelers algabra test? I asked him to give me a few notes after class. He told me I was being nosy and trying to cheat. What a jerk. We should hang out this weekend. I’ll pay this time. Hope you’re alright.



Laura! Are you serious? Since when did you and my mom become friends? I told her to back off. She nor you understand how I feel right now. And I don’t feel like talking about it, so back off alright?


Mom/Miss. Wilkerson

Laura, please help! As soon as Jason texted you back he threaten me! He scolded me for asking you for help. I begged him to tell me the truth, but that made things worse. He took his  baseball bat and smashed a lamp then left. He said if I asked him again he’d leave for good. I’m scared he’s going to do something horrible. I may call the police.



Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry. When he texted me, he wasn’t happy. He told me to stay out of it. I don’t know what is wrong, but he’s scaring me too. Did he tell you where he’s going? Don’t call the police. I’ll call my dad and let him know what is going on, but first I need to know where he is going. Are you safe?


Mom/ Miss. Wilkerson

Yes, Laura, I’m safe. Scared, but safe. I didn’t call the police, but  I called him twice. He didn’t answer. I feel bad, but I went into his room and found suicidal notes. He’s prepared to take his own life. He can’t do this. I won’t let my baby ruin his life. Please call your father and let him now!



What! Oh my gosh! I can’t believe this! Of course. Please remain calm. I’ll call my dad. Him and the police will handle this.



Dad. Something bad is happening. It’s Jason. I’m not sure, but he’s planning to kill himself. I’ve been speaking to his mom. She’s really scared. You need to find him before….. before…..


Laura’s Father

What the hell! Are you sure? Where is he?What caused him to think about doing this? It’s ok, honey. We will handle this, but how is Daisy? Go check on her and will try to figure out where Jason is headed.



Ok. That is a good idea. Please hurry, dad. I’m so scared.



Miss. Wilkerson. I talked to my dad. He knows and is now searching for Jason. I’m going to come over and stay with you until they find Jason. My dad is going to do everything he can to save him.


Miss. Wilkerson

Laura! Jason just called me. He’s going to do it. He’s at Moth Bridge. He’s planning to jump. He won’t listen to me. I’m scared. I don’t want to lose him!



I’ll call him. He can’t do this!


Jason, please answer.  Your mom called me. What is wrong? I know you don’t want to talk, but we must. Please don’t do this! Your mom is afraid. I’m afraid. Please don’t jump! We can handle whatever is going on. Don’t do this.



Dad. I know where Jason is. He’s at Moth Bridge. He’s planning to jump! Please save him!


Laura father

Alright, sweetheart. Thank you. We’re on the road. We will head that way pronto!



Laura, it’s me. I’m sorry, but it has to be this way. I can’t live anymore. I’m tired of it. Nothing has gone right. My father is dead. My mom is broke. We can’t keep living this way.



No, Jason. Don’t say that. Don’t ever say that. Your mom loves you. She’ll be devastated if you do this. I’ll be heart broken. You’re my friend, Jason. I will miss you. We will all miss you. Please don’t do this!



Shit, Laura! You called your dad. The cops just showed up. I can’t handle this anymore. I’m going to ju-( phone loses signal).



Jason! Jason!


Laura’s Father

( Twenty minutes later)

Laura. It’s ok. Jason is ok. We got to him before he jumped. We stunned  him, but he’ll be alright. Tell his mother he’s going to be ok.



Oh my gosh! Thank you, dad. I’ll tell his mom right away!


The End

So, what do you think of this story? Pretty thrilling huh? The idea came to me, so I wrote it down ASAP. I hope this story doesn’t offend anyone. Suicide  is serious. If this story came across as offensive I’ll gladly take it down. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks for reading!







Embracing The Pain

Procrastination is a writers worst enemy. I’ve noticed many writers usually get bit by the bug from time to time. One moment you’re writing like a jack rabbit, running around a race track then one day you feel hopeless as if you’ll never write again. Where does this feeling of regret begin? Why does it happen? And is it possible to overcome?



I ask myself those questions, but I’m not sure if there is a concrete answer.  There are solutions,  yet is there someway to say screw my ego I’ll write 1,000 words today? It’s easier said than done. I’m not alone here. Many writers face this same problem. How can you love something, yet feel so broken? Somedays I desire to delete those documents and kiss them good bye. The next day I’m full of excitement. It’s like torture you enjoy.


When we feel this way, I think it’s best to take a deep breathe and not worry. We know our strengths and weakness’s. At least some of them. We know when it’s time to write and when to give up. Giving up isn’t always a weakness. Sometimes we need to chill and not care so much. The words won’t randomly disappear never to be seen nor heard of again. Ignore self doubt and embrace the change. Talk to a friend. Express to them your feelings and allow yourself to pause. Enjoy the break. Embrace it. Soon enough, you’ll get going and write again and again and again, because you love it.

1984 Film Adaption

Amazon Prime has been adding new films and shows to their collection. One film they’ve added is 1984. 1984 is based on the chilling scifi-dysotopian story by George Orwell. I’ve never read 1984, yet have heard about this story a thousand times, so I watched the movie last night. A pretty dull film, yet its message was clear as light.

Image result for 1984 movie

1984 Takes place within England in the year 1984(duh). A repressive regime holds complete control over its people. They’re run by criminals who demand perfection. Do this. Do that. Love big brother. The smallest mistake could be catastrophic.

Image result for 1984 movie

The MC is a man named Winston Smith. This character struggles to understand life in his world. He’s full of creative and immoral thoughts. He is given a book, revealing the flaws of his world, yet this protagonist doesn’t do much in the film except sneak off with his lover or get tortured for his disobedience. So much potential gone to waste! Like I get the point why he’d act and reaction to things in such a way considering he’d lived his entire life like that, yet as a movie watcher I would had enjoyed a few suspenseful scenes adding layers of action. No offense to John Hurt. He did a remarkable job in this role, yet I’d rather watch an active character like Katniss rather then this passive fellow who lived such a miserable life.

 The setting for a majority of the film is dark. A majority of scenes take place in the city where it’s lifeless, figuratively speaking. No freedom. Only enslavement. The thought police run the show. A real spooky image is the all seeing eye. No matter where you are or what you’re doing big brother is watching. It’s creepy to compare this story to aspects of today. Stories maybe ancient, yet their information is useful still in modern times. I’m interested to now read the story and compare it to its film adaption. My reading senses tell me the story will be considered better.


Character or Plot

What type of stories do you prefer? Character driven or plot driven? I’ll read either, yet I prefer to write character driven stories. I love stepping into the characters shoes and figure out what role they play in their world.




Action is exciting, yet its not a person. Action doesn’t have feelings, although it does provoke them. If a person suddenly leaps out of a burning building,  action is causing some extreme emotions here.

Character driven stories allow the reader to see inside the protagonist head. We see their thoughts in action. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout is the main protagonist. We see things from her adolescent view. She’s a kid, growing up in a small town. She’s living large while those around her around aren’t as well off. Her thoughts and worldview of her community change as the story progresses.

I get ideas for stories, pretty much, everyday. You know how it goes. A thought or emotion drives the muse crazy, yet the ideas the muse leads me toward aren’t always beneficial. Before I develop characters or build up the plot points, I need to figure out if the idea is character driven or plot driven. Like I mentioned earlier, character driven is my bread and butter.

I’ve heard fellow writers say to not pay attention to the genre. No offense, but I find this advice incorrect. Each writer has their favorite flavors. If you enjoy banana splits why eat cookies and crème? Don’t force yourself to write what you don’t enjoy writing. Follow your heart.


Captain Marvel Trailer Release

The first of many Captain Marvel trailers has been released. The first female led MCU is hitting the big screen March of 2019. If I remember correctly, The third Avengers film is set to release in May and she’s suppose to help defeat Thanos, so that is interesting.

Image result for captain marvel


This looks to be Carol Danvers origin story. The opening scene of the trailer shows Captain Marvel crashing into a Blockbuster. Obviously this doesn’t take place in modern day, unless somehow Blockbuster is still in business in the Marvel universe. Ya never know. Looks like this film will also feature Nick Fury. He isn’t missing any eyeballs, yet, so I guess will get to see how that happened. Gross, but entertaining!


This trailer doesn’t excite me too much. It doesn’t offer many details. This is expected, being the first trailer. They gotta build up the suspense! I would like to know why she’s punching an elderly woman, but it’s most likely some shapeshifting villain, unless the old lady is the actual antagonist. Talk about a let down. I don’t know a whole lot about Captain Marvel. It will be entertaining to see the development of her character and see how she’ll stop Thanos. I’m a little skeptical this film will pull off its punches being so close to the third installment of The Avengers. As long as the origin story is done well it should satisfy me.

Fish Stories

Joe, did  you hear what happened? The bridge collapsed on orange street. Two bikers fell to the bottom of the river. No casualties, thankfully. Do you remember, in the good old days, when we used to ride across the bridge after school? Seems like yesterday, man. I remember when Frank and his goons dared us to a race. We smoked them boys. Left them in the dust. They never messed with us ever again.  I miss those days, man. We had no care in the world. We didn’t realize how good we had it.

abendstimmung, afterglow, backlit

My grandpa Mike used to tell us we were spoiled rotten. Wish I could tell him he was right. Remember when he used to go fishing with us down by the pond and tell us all of his famous tall tales? Grandpa always had some story to tell. Half of them were lies, but I’d do anything to hear him tell them stories again. He told me he saw bigfoot. While fishing by himself, he saw the big guy standing on the opposite side of the river. Hairy arms and legs, standing about ten feet tall. Gave my grandpa such a scare he screamed like he’d seen a ghost. Bigfoot got the message. He or she turned around and wandered back into the forest. Grandpa told such excellent stories I never knew if I should believe them or not. Grandpa admired you Joe. He had a sixth sense. Like he knew you were meant for something bigger than our small town.

Hope you’re doing well Joe. Sorry about your loss. Break ups are hard, but you’ll live bro. There are plenty of other fish out in the sea. Your Lois Lane will come around, but if you don’t put a ring on her, I’ll be her rebound. Sorry. I’m only kidding buddy. Take care Joe. Hope to see you soon.


Finding Your Habit

To be a writer you must have a habit. AKA a plan you stick to when crafting a project. I understand habits are hard to stick too. Things happen which get us off track and without a solid plan you’ll most likely lose the drive to keep writing and give up before you ever began.  Don’t give up, friend. You got this!


Each of us has our own niche. It’s best to figure out what works best for yourself instead of comparing and contrasting to someone else. They maybe able to burn the midnight oil, staying awake for a long period of time, yet it doesn’t mean the same success will happen for me nor you. Figure out what works for you and you’ll be on the right track, sticking to the habit.

Maybe you’re a binge watcher. You spend a countless number of hours, watching TV shows instead of writing that next best seller. Someone else can write that story, because I gotta catch up on Riverdale. Well friend, if you think like this you’re failing. The sooner you start to write the story the closer you’ll be to getting that story on the shelf or even on TV.


cinema, dark, display

Don’t write at all. It sounds strange, but it works. When I first planned to be a writer I assumed I’d have to write a lot and I do, yet being a writer doesn’t mean you live a life of misery. We’re not monks. If you feel like your head is about to explode, slow down! Stop writing for a full day or two. Maybe even a month. The joy and passion to write will return.

My writing habit improved when I read books more often. I read through different genres and POV’s. Reading has become a critical routine rather than one for entertainment. If you’re reading  books, only for entertainment, you’re doing it wrong. My addiction to literature has added a few new voices into my head. Luckily they’re silent when asleep, but man do they talk a lot during the day. The more time I spend reading books I desire to write my own stories. The light bulb clicks on, reminding me it’s time to write. This is the most important rule I’ve learned so far. Read and write. It’s that simple, yet effective.

These are my tips, so you don’t have to take my word for it. I do believe habit is a major problem we face. Without a habit your mind will drift into Lalaland. It’s a struggle to escape that amusement park, yet when you figure out your habit you’ll be good to go!




Mission Impossible Fallout- Film Recap

We’re in 2018 and Tom Cruise is still kicking it in Mission Impossible. I went to the theatre and saw the latest adaption with my folks and uncle. My fam are serious about the cinema. Mission Impossible is a franchise I enjoy seeing. They’re fun, exciting films with plenty of action. Some could say a little too much action, but I’m not one of those people. Keep it coming!

Image result for mission impossible fallout


Fallout was none stop action. There was no moment to relax. I felt bad when I had to go use the bathroom, because every part of this film kept me on the edge of my seat. It was a pretty long film, but the plot kept me engaged the entire time. Ethan Hawke has a job to do and he does it. No questions asked.

I loved the scenes when the background music is cut. Our attention is completely on the events of the scene like car chases, fist fights etc. If you can gather the audiences attention without music you’re doing the right thing. Many of their plans go wrong, during this film. I sit here and question how Ethan Hawke survived each catastrophe he faced. Seriously! How does he do it? It doesn’t always make sense, but it works every time.

The side characters are perfect in their roles. Poor Benjie always gets forced to do something crazy. He knows he isn’t suppose to survive, yet Ethan Hawke saves the day. Luthor is straight up swag. I could listen to  Ving Rhamas voice all day. Superman aka  Henry Cavill did well, portraying the crafty villain. A part of me wished he remained Ethan’s nemesis instead of the true villain he turned out to be.  Solomon Cane remained the nutty antagonist. Overconfident in a plan that will never work out. He wins a few  battles, but never wins the war. Illsa Faust is deadly. If she has a gun, RUN!

Mission Impossible is a firm example of a franchise that keeps pulling off the punches. Parts of the plot are cliché, but the movie never gets old. The characters captivate the audience. Ethan Hawke figures out ways to survive every time. And every time we  sit and cheer him on, interested to see how he will do it next. Mission Impossible Fallout is a roller coaster on the big screen. I’m interested to see what problems Ethan Hawke may face next. Cue the exciting action,adeventure music!


The 7 Day Creative Writing Challenge

Today starts a challenging, yet rewarding week of writing. For some reason I forgot about the website known as TheWritePractice. If you’re a writer, I suggest checking it out. They have tons of resources and plenty of other neat things.



I checked out the articles page and came across the 7 Day Writing Challenge! The title is a dead give away, but basically you challenge yourself to something and try to accomplish these goals within the week. My goals are to write 1,000 plus words each day. Some of my writing will be featured here in blog posts such as short stories, flash fiction, articles etc.

The goal of being a successful writer is habit. To improve this craft I need to write. A week of none stop writing sounds like a good plan! I may not reach my goal of 1,000 words each day, yet as long as I write something that will be a victory in my book. If you’d like to take part in this challenge yourself click the link and get started!


Good morning, Aaron. Welcome to the planet called Earth. Congratulations. You’re alive! You survived your training sessions. You should be very proud. Do not be afraid. I’m Claire. I will assist you. I will explain to you how you got here and what purpose your life may play in this new world.

Image result for planet earth

Centuries ago there were beings known as humans. Humans were the first beings to live in the universe, but war and famine lead to their destruction. The population level dropped from disease. They returned to the dust from where they were formed. Their world changed. Humanity nearly went extinct, but they survived. Humans adapted to the climate  by  becoming the machines they once created.

You, I, and the rest of the world are known as androids. Part human part machine. Electricity surges through our veins. We’ve become the computers. The internet is accessible within our minds. When hot you can program yourself to cool off. And when cold you can warm yourself up. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

Society is not based on gender nor color of skin. What matters now is character. The choices you make shall determine your fate. If you make the correct decisions you’ll improve your life as well as others within your community. Chose wisely though, because mistakes are harmful. One wrong choice and you could face strict punishment. Every decision you make will matter, but don’t worry, Aaron. I’m sure you’ll make the right decisions. You’re intelligent and skilled. Those skills should benefit society.

There is so much to be learned. I can tell you can’t wait to get started. First let me give you your first orders then I can bring you to your community. The council has decided you’ll be a mailman. You’ll deliver mail within your community. Not the greatest job in the world, but the more points you earn you’ll be able to move up in rank. Michele  Franklin is a well known billionaire. She began her life as a nanny before hitting it big. Anything is possible!

 If you have any questions, please let me know. Life isn’t easy, but you will enjoy living in it. Good luck, Aaron. And may the odds be ever in your favor.