Camp Nano April 2018

Camp Nano begins tomorrow on Easter, April Fools Day, or whatever other celebration is going on tomorrow. And I’m totally excited! In case you don’t know camp Nanowrimo is a website for writing. You join a cabin and in months such as April or November you set a goal on the amount of words you’ll be writing plus other writing goals. You join a cabin of fellow writers and team up for the writing adventures ahead. I’ve been a member on Camp Nano since 2015 and haven’t really taken part in any of the events, but I pumped for April. I decided to take part in the challenge a little late, yet found a spot within a cabin a few of my writing friends off Twitter are in. No doubt this is the best cabin of all. We’re like The Plastics, but for writers.




I’m excited to start and hopefully finish the first draft of my latest WIP in April. I’m mix and mashing ideas from popular movies or novels into this bad boy. I don’t want to spoil anyone, but this is the virtual game show you won’t want to miss. Midnight can’t get here soon enough!


Writers Block-A Poem

( Funny, but everyone seemed to be sharing their poetry today. I got an itch to write poetry. I normally do not write much poetry, but have felt like giving it a try, so here I go. Practice makes perfect right? Btw. I created the image on Canva 🙂


Practice Makes Perfect


Dear Writer’s Block

Please go away

And never come back


Did I stutter

Or are you deaf

What did I just tell you

Leave me alone

I can’t write anything

While you’re near

So please go away

And never come back

Stop bothering me

I won’t show you any pity

All day and all night

You’ve given me fright

Why are you still here

Why won’t you go away

What will it take

To make you leave


What did you say


Write now

But how

I can’t write at all

When you’re around

Didn’t you hear me the first time

I guess not

Hold on

If I write you’ll go away

And leave me alone forever

Ok not forever

But you catch my drift

I’d love to write

But I can’t think of a single sentence

You must understand

The pain I Feel within my bones

No offense writers block

But you stink

Like rotten eggs

or cow pies on a warm summer day

Ok, Ok

I’ll try to write

so you will finally go far, far away



I think i got an idea For a story

You knew I did all along

Didn’t you?

No more stress

No more pain

Whether it be day or night

I have the courage to write a story

Within me

So long writer’s block

I hope to never speak to you

Ever Again

Adios amigo


Palm Sunday

” Jesus is coming!” A  girl told a merchant” he’s coming to rescue the Jews. He’ll march into the streets of Jerusalem with an army skilled to take on the Romans. They say he’s coming soon,”

” None sense,” the merchant responded, handing grapes to his customers” Who is this Jesus you’re referring too?”

The child slapped her knee and edged closer to the merchant” He’s a Nazarene. A son of a carpenter who wields gifts, gifts from the Lord. He performs miracles.  You know, supernatural things no ordinary man could do,” the girls eyes lit up with joy like a warm fire.


The merchant crossed his arms” I know what miracles are child. How does someone as young as you know so much about this miracle worker? Are you trying to trick me into giving you something?”

” No sir. I’m spreading the word. My cousin told my brother and I overheard their conversation while hiding under a bush,”

” You know that is called eavesdropping. It’s a sin to eavesdrop, child,”

” I don’t think so,” the girl kicked a pebble off her sandle” Aren’t you excited to meet him?”

The merchant sighed” I’ve lived long enough child to not believe in such foolishness,”

” It’s not foolishness. Jesus is real and he’s coming soon,” the child waved her hands in the air, yet alerted a Roman guard who approached them.

‘ Is this child bothering you? Go home, child,” the roman guard roared, pushing the child away with his shield, but the merchant stood in front of the Roman guard and bowed.

” Stop. The child isn’t bothering me. Come and I will take you home,” the merchant lead the girl away from the guard. They wandered out of the market toward a green field” see what trouble your story has brought us? Don’t speak about this Jesus person ever again.”

As the merchant wandered back to his stand, the girl walked home. She felt ashamed to put the merchant into danger, yet she couldn’t stop thinking about Jesus. The merchant must be wrong. Throughout her village word spread about Jesus and His miracles. Surely he would arrive and bring salvation to her people. The sun set over the hilltop as the girl returned to her home. Her mother stood in the center of the room dishing out soup to all of her siblings.

” Haley, where have you been?” her mother asked with her hands at her waist” why have you come home so late?”

” I was telling strangers about Jesus in the market. A roman soldier told me to leave, but a merchant told the soldier I wasn’t bothering him, so he lead me away from the market and I returned home,”

The girl’s mother dropped her  bowl to the floor. The soup splattered across the room” Goodness, child. You could had gotten yourself killed. Who told you about Jesus?”

 Haley’s mouth was blocked by Mateo’s hand” Haley must have heard someone say something about Jesus the other day. You know how Haley is mom. She tells people stories to brighten their day.” he grinned and lead the  girl into her bedroom” You can’t be telling others about Jesus,”


” Why not? You talked about him with Aaria,”


” We’re older than you. It’s dangerous to speak about Jesus, especially around the  Romans.” Mateo instructed, but Haley’s admiration of Jesus couldn’t be stopped. For the next few days, Haley spoke about Jesus wherever she went, but she did make sure no Roman soldiers were present. As days passed by the child grew anxious to meet Jesus, but he still didn’t arrive in the city of Jerusalem. Doubt overcame her thoughts. Where was Jesus?

As Haley fetched water with her sisters, down by the creak, a voice cried out” Jesus is here!” the girl dropped her pail and rushed toward the city. As she approached the city gate a crowd stood in the path and blocked her view.

” That is Jesus!” A  stranger gasped” he’s over there, riding in on a donkey.” but Haley still couldn’t see him. She pushed and shoved her way through the massive crowd, but  Jesus was gone. The crowd followed a  trail of palm branches, revealing where he had gone.

 Haley said to herself” I won’t be able to fit into the crowd within the city,” As the child lost hope a clever plan entered her mind. She ran around the crowd and found another entrance to the city. Inside she climbed a tree and watched for Jesus.  She held on tight, but the branch gave away. She fell from the tree into the middle of the street.  Haley spit up dirt and sand and the crowd grew silent. Her jaw dropped as a man in a long, white robe walked toward her.

He greeted her with a smile” Hello my child. The Lord admire’s your perseverance.”

Haley stared at his followers” Where is the army with the soldiers fit to stop the Romans?”

Jesus placed a hand on her shoulder” The Lord can do good things without causing a fire,” Jesus helped the girl to stand. Then Him and His followers marched into the center of the city. A tear rolled down the girls face. She stood and ran back to the merchant.

 ” Jesus is real. I just met him!” Haley boasted.


” Really?” the merchant grinned” Take me to him. I must learn if eavesdropping is a sin or not.”

Tomb Raider(2018) Film Review


“ I’m running away from home and you can’t stop me!” Abbie told dad. She tossed a few halter tops, shorts, and socks into her sack, plus a bag of chips and a few water bottles and then she scurried toward the front door.

Dad slammed the front door shut and blocked any attempt to escape.“ No you won’t missy. Get back in your room! You’re going to either get a job and go to college after you graduate or get a job and stop acting like an idiot. Do you understand?”

Sarah crossed her arms and tapped her feet.“ It’s you who doesn’t understand. I’m moving to New York City, so please step out of my way!”

” Oh really? What are your plans once you get there huh?” Oh no, dad looked at me” Lizzie, stop messing around on your phone and tell your sister she’s being an idiot,”

I let out a sigh.” Guys, please stop fighting. Mom wouldn’t like this,”

Then Abbie scoffed.” Don’t bring mom into this little. miss. sunshine. Everyone in this house and the entire planet knows she loved you more than me,”

My jaw dropped to the floor,” That is so not true! You’re being so stupid,” then I bit my lip.

 Dad grinned and placed his hands at his waist,“ See, Lizzie agreed with me. Thank you Lizzie. You’re the reasonable one,” he winked.

Abbie dropped her sack and stuck her tongue out at me.“Congrats for not sticking up for me. You’re the worst sister ever!”

“ Shut up!”

“ You first!”

Dad pulled us away from each other,” Girls, stop it! You’re both acting like idiots!” 

( Thanks for reading. I’ve been taken a class online. The latest discussion was on dialogue and I felt inspired to write some dialogue of my own. There is actually two types of dialogue: Summarized and direct. The goal is to mix them together within a paragraph. Dialogue isn’t so simple though. A writer may info dump with bad or fake writing. I think I did an ok job for now lol. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this piece. Perhaps I’ll continue the story tomorrow 🙂

The Blank Page

Some writers fear the blank page. They’re stuck visualizing a scene, but can’t get the words on paper. They toil over what they should write and how to say it. The white blank page can be a bit scary, yet it actually entices me to write.




When I see a blank page, on a positive, stress less day,  my creative juices flow. I start with one sentence and continue from there. Some days I complete my post, whether it’s fact or fiction,  or stop and work on it at another time. I think it’s best to write when the idea is on your mind and you have free time available. If you have something to say, then say it! Don’t allow excuses to hold you back.

Writing can seem frightening. Like what topic am I going to write about or  how am I going to say it? It may haunt you, but it’s not so difficult. Many writers say to just write. This is important advice, yet if you don’t understand what you’re trying to say you’ll have nothing to write about.  For the last two years I was in that bubble. I knew how to write and was confident in my talent, yet I didn’t understand what writing meant. I  believe even a few authors don’t actually know what it means, but I certainly do now.

Without JK Rowling there is no Harry Potter. No magical school for wizards and witches. No dark lord, trying to take over both the magical world and the world of muggles. No adventure with high stakes, featuring death, sacrifice, love etc. You get the drift.

What we write is a message. Major or minor. The message is revealed through a character and the choices he or she makes.  The words on the page express their journey. We’re all on a journey and the title of our book is life. A story such as Harry Potter is fictional, yet it expresses actual thoughts and emotions we face in our daily life.  The journey Harry Potter took has helped millions of young and old readers face their hardships. It’s amazing how something fictional could have a massive affect on real life.

My advice is to read and read out loud. Read books or articles of fact and fiction. Explore as many genres as possible. Understand what the story is about. Step into the characters shoes and live their life.  Find a topic to write about, start with one sentence and surely the words will handle the rest.

Show And Tell

Show vs tell is an aspect of writing that gets spoken about a lot. Many writers urge other writers to show instead of tell. Showing is a fantastic way to express emotion and paint a picture of the scene,  yet telling shouldn’t be forgotten.

Basically telling is stating a fact or an opinion. It’s giving a conclusion. We usually tell each other many things in life. Que the examples!

” Did you have a nice day honey?” Mom asked Charlie.


” Yes, we first went out to eat at Applebees then saw a movie before going to the lake to watch fireworks. It was a fun day.” Charlie responded and went up to his bedroom.

Here I wrote aka told what the character did. Now showing could expand on the boy’s exciting day, yet do we really need to  show this conversation over telling it? He’s telling her events of his afternoon. He could go into detail about what went on, but I think here he’s better off just stating the facts.  He’s most likely not going to be giving too many details away to his mother like how he dropped his entire bag of popcorn on top of someone by accident, got stuck in a stall in the restroom, or even got a kiss from a girl he truly loved while fireworks blasted of.

Showing expresses how a character feels about something. It reveals their reaction. Que another example!

Sarah’s mouth dropped to the floor. Her pupil’s enlarged  as she glanced at the sign in front of Victoria Secret. Every top 60 percent off”OMG!” the lass leaped in the air and bolted into the store.

Here we have reason to show. This young woman has gone shopping. As she’s about to wander into one of her favorite stores she’s filled with joy reading the sales sign. This is absolutely where a scene should be shown not told. We don’t tell the reader she’s excited or happy, because of the sign she just read. You mention how her jaw dropped to the floor, how the size of her eyes grew while she read the sign and leaped into the air before bolting into the store. This maybe too much emotion, but you get the point. You can express those emotions better through action or reaction not by just telling a fact.

I’m hopeful this short blog gives you a clue on what I’m saying about show vs tell. Showing is the ultimate goal when writing fiction, yet let’s not act like telling is chopped liver. Instead of show don’t tell the motto should be show more tell less. Keep writing friends!

Brothers-Film Review-2009

I haven’t reviewed a film or show in a while. I recently been watching shows/films more often, because it’s a great way to visualize scene, structure and character development. Recently I watched a film called Brothers, starring Tobey Maguire and  Jake Gyllenhaal.




Brothers was an emotional film. As the title says it’s about the broken relationship between two brothers named Sam Cahill( Tobey Maguire) and Tommy Cahill( Jake Gyllenhaal). As the film starts out Sam is a Marine captain and being sent on his forth deployment. He’s married to the love of his life Grace( Natalie Portman) and has two young daughters named Isabelle( Bailee Madison) and Maddie( Taylor Geare). Days before his deployment Tommy gets released from prison. Tommy is the sore thumb while Sam is the golden child, yet circumstances change when Sam goes missing in Afghanistan.  While Sam is trapped in the hands of the Taliban being forced to murder a fellow soldier and one of his good  friends, Grace is left back at home dealing with her daughters and trying to make sense of her reality without Sam being around. Tommy aides Grace and the two become pretty close.  They share a quick kiss and don’t tell.

When Sam finally is rescued and returned home he’s stuck in a paranoid state of mind. He can sense a change in the relationship between Grace and Tommy. Sam feels totally out of place and tries to get back into the war, but is told no and remains at home unable to cope with the civilian  life. Arguments begin to break out between the characters which leads us up to the climatic scene where Sam smashes up the kitchen and straight up accuses Grace of sleeping with Tommy. Tommy comes to the rescue, trying to calm Sam down. This was a pretty intense scene and leads to the resolution where Sam nearly commits suicide, but drops the gun realizing what he thinks isn’t true. The movie just sort of ends with Sam telling Grace he’s not sure how he will continue to live.

I enjoyed Brothers. There wasn’t a ton of stakes in the film and sort of left me wondering what happened next, but I was left content. The storyline stuck. Clearly these brothers had division and were completely different people at the start of the film, yet in conclusion they found solace with each other and realized all that matters is they’re brothers. Revealing the aftermath of war and how old wounds stick with you was excellent. I thought Tobey Maguire’s performance was strong and Jake Gyllenhaal character meshed well with Tobey’s protagonist. Natalie Portman was the icing on the cake. I have to give Brothers 4 stars out of 5!


Tormented By Love

“You’re the one who is weak. You will never know love or friendship. And I feel sorry for you.”

This is a quote from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Throughout the 5th installment Harry Potter is battling his inner demons. He’s trying to understand why he feels so close to Voldemort. He thinks he could possible be turning into him.  In his darkest moment, toward the end of the book, Harry realizes what makes him different from Voldemort. Harry Potter is loved. He has friends who care about him. On the other hand, Voldemort has no love. Voldemort only cares about himself.  What a sad state of affairs.

This is one of those moments in the Harry Potter series aka the brilliance of JK Rowling’s writing that tickles my heart. I compare the relationship between Harry Potter and Voldemort to that of God and Satan. Satan desire’s is to hurt God. He tries anyway possible to attack the Lord. Satan’s hatred is easily seen, yet he can’t overcome God, because the devil has never felt love. Surely God must feel pity for him. He created the devil as an angel, yet Satan turned from God and has been a corrupted creature ever since.

Imagine never feeling love. To always feel as if you’re not good enough. You feel like you can do nothing right and will always be that way. This is a bad way to live life, yet some people live that way. Some people live with hatred, not love, within their heart. They live in depression. Some are so broken they murder innocent people who did nothing wrong to them. We can’t really understand why someone lives like that, yet it happens and is heart breaking.

It’s simple to hate bad people, yet it doesn’t make things better. I feel sorry for these people. To live a life remembered for such wicked acts of evil… I can’t imagine. I don’t mean to justify such actions. They will pay for their crimes, but I think how terrible they must feel on the inside. I’m loved. I’ll always be thankful for that. Perhaps that is why they hate us. They see love on our sleeves and are tormented by such unconditional joy. Man, love is powerful.

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