2017- A Reflection Post

Today is New Years Eve. I can hardly believe it. It really feels like 2017 has gone with the wind. Maybe I’m having too good of a time?  Ok,  time to reflect.



2017 Has been an excellent year. I feel as if I figured many new things about myself. I learned a ton about literature and writing which has been a blast. It’s amazing how many wonderful people God will send into your life when you need them the most. As I look back on previous years I sort of laugh, because those answers I was seeking were right in front of me the whole time. I’m twenty three years old now, so maybe the theory that men reach their full potential around twenty five is true? Well for me at least 🙂

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Philippine’s 4:13

This is my absolute favorite verse from the Bible. It’s so inspiring and uplifting. I can do all things through Christ. He gives me strength. I feel His strength surge through me. I don’t feel the weight of the world on my shoulders, because He’s holding it firmly in the palm of His hands. God reminded me this year, during those tough moments, to never give up.  God gave me this incredible talent to write. I will use my gift to brighten the world.

I feel as if 2018 will be a special year. Every dark moment I’ve gone through is about to change. It’s a little scary, yet I can do all things  through Christ who gives me strength and I also have an incredible group of people backing me up. Thank you to everyone who has supported my site here on WordPress. I appreciate your likes and comments. The world really is much smaller than we assume.

Happy New Year!


Justice League-Film Review

When a super, strong alien attacks planet Earth who do you call? A team of epic super heroes of course! Recently I watched DC Comic’s Justice League. If you’ve read most of the critic reviews then you’ll probably  expect this film to be nothing more then a disappointment. Warning- never trust the critics. DC Comics might be on to something special beginning with this film.

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Justice League takes off where Batman vs Superman ended. The Man of Steel is dead and the world is in constant fear. Instead of living in fear of  the super, strong aliens which  wish to take control of the universe, Batman aka Bruce Wayne( Ben Affleck) decides he’ll assemble a league to fight for justice. A totally vintage Batman move. Batman brings in Wonder Woman( Gal Gadot), and a few other notable DC comic book hero’s to fight for their cause. You probably already know this, but they’re known as Cyborg( Ray Fisher). Aqua-man(  Jason Momoa) and The Flash( Ezra Miller). Conflict between the characters hits them fast. When things get tough Bruce Wayne decides to play mad scientist, trying to bring Superman  back from the dead. His plan worked, but Clark Kent wasn’t very happy about it. Within a two hour timeline the Justice League defeat the antagonist known as Stepphenwolf and save the world! Bruce Wayne also bought the bank which took Martha Kent’s farm away, so take that big government!

Clearly I’m trying to keep this post spoiler-free as possible, none the less I must mention how pleasantly  surprised  I was by this film. Justice League was rushed, because Warner Bro’s wanted it that way, so I’m not going to sit here and complain about the film being short. This movie was meant to entertain the fanbase and unlike Suicide Squad it worked pretty well in my humble opinion. The casting for each of the roles was spot on. I adored this hunky, cool as freak Aqua-Man.  He’s much better than the old school version of him who is pretty much the youthful version of  Mermaid Man. Ezra Miller was also enjoyable as Berry Allen. Sadly his role was so short in this film we didn’t get to see much of him, but I’m sure we will see more from the Scarlet Speedster in future DCU films. He also needs more friends. Cyborg was a little bit of a let down, but likewise to The Flash and Aqua-Man his moment in the spot light was short, yet I think Ray Fisher plays the role well and his character will  be developed overtime, so I’m pleased. At least they got in his famous catch phrase of BOO-YA! Gal Gadot is the perfect Wonder Woman. Do I really need to explain?

Unlike other DC films, Justice League was light hearted and warm. The dialogue between the characters was pretty funny. Dress like a bat…. I dig it. Clearly DC is taken some plot points from Marvel. If they continue down this path I think they’re in good hands. For some reason everyone hates Ben Affleck. His version of Batman reminds me of Michael Keaton’s. I actually like his role as Batman. We shouldn’t compare his version to other Batmen, because each of the actors portray him so differently. Affleck adds in some humor which the Dark Knight could use to brighten his dark image. The shorter time frame took away some action and suspense, yet the plot sort of did everything it could to make it work.  Steppenwolf was basically a strong man character. Some people disliked this, yet I don’t see a problem. The Superhero’s join forces to beat up the villain.  Do all Super hero films need a long, dreadful story-line to satisfy the audience? Superhero’s win and bad guys fail. I can dig it.

If you’re a big, nerdy fan of DC Comics surely this film will make you happy as a clam. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we’ve finally got the freaking Justice League on the big screen! Before success comes failure. The first Hulk stunk, yet look at him now. I think we sometime’s expect too much from these comic  book films and don’t appreciate what we’ve got.

I’m excited to see what happens next and what other DC Comic hero’s will join the team in years to come. Personally I would love to see a film featuring the best good guys and bad guys of Marvel and DC Comics together, but it won’t happen, because of power and greed within the industries. Five minutes of Bruce Wayne arguing with Tony Stark over who is richer would be gold!

Resolution Within the Nativity Story

The origin of the messiah is fascinating. His life, death and resurrection from the cross has perplexed humanity for centuries. I’ve read through the gospels a few times, yet this year I figured something out which I hadn’t realized before.


The first person to hear about Jesus was his earthly mother Mary. Mary was no Taylor Swift. She was merely a child whose life was meant to be average. Mary grew up in a small town called Nazareth within Galilee. Like many  young women in her day, Mary’s future was pretty much chosen for her. Her parents decided she’d merry Joseph a carpenter who was born in the great city of Jerusalem. Mary didn’t know Joseph. She wasn’t ready to accept marriage, yet under her father’s authority she must willingly wed this man.  Here is where the Lord rose the action. He sends down an angel named Gabriel  to greet Mary and tell her she’s going to bare the son of God. And He will be named Jesus savy? What moment sticks out here? Maybe it’s a little vague, but I’ll explain it to you loyal reader. Who first finds out about Jesus? Mary. Not Joseph, not the wise men, not King Herod, but Mary. Lets jump ahead to others who God shared the good news with.

Out in the fields the shepherd’s watch over the sheep. As the shepherds notice a bright star in the sky an angel told them what was up.  To put it shortly shepherd’s weren’t famous. Being a shepherd wasn’t like playing in the NBA or being a hit movie star in Hollywood. They kept watch over animals and were like loners. Before anyone else know’s  about Jesus God told the shepherd’s.  Pretty epic, right?

God don’t care about how much wealth you got. He doesn’t care about how many shoes you own or how many likes you get. What God cares about is us. God created man and man is meant to have a relationship with the Lord. Mary trusted in God. She could of scoffed at Gabriel and been like” Uh no thank you.” yet she understood God had a plan for her and trusted her to fulfill it. Same goes for the shepherd’s. No one talked to the shepherd’s, yet God sent an angel down to tell them the good news.  If God has that much trust in us then we shouldn’t have a problem, putting our trust in Him. Merry Christmas indeed.


Recently I watched The Circle. Merci Amazon Prime membership. The Circle is basically about a company that fully embraced social networking. They believed all people no matter of height, weight, gender, religion or political motive should be fully transparent. This  film didn’t do very well with a majority of its audience. Personally I enjoyed the film and thought it brought up a very important question.

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In the digital age transparency seems normal. We share things about ourselves online through a video or even a blog post like you’re reading right now. At least I hope your reading lol. As we continue to venture forward into the digital age, it seems as if everything we do will be noticeable. Billions of people across the globe can read our tweets or messages we post on  different websites. We can know what is happening when it happens. We get the story right in front of our own eyes and are able to share these moments in a blink of a second. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

To tweet or not  to tweet has become the question. Should we share everything on the world wide web? Should we use social networking to stop  crime such as terrorism, yet invade people’s live? Have we gone too far or not far enough?  Under President Bush’s first term congress created a law known as the Patriot Act. This act was created to prevent terrorism after 911, yet since this bill was passed a substantial  number of Americans do not agree with this bill, because of such power it gives the government over the people.

I believe transparency can be a good thing, but like shown in this film it can lead to tragic consequences. A famous person can’t go a single day without some fan noticing them and wanting their attention. As we’ve seen lately in the news a major or minor mistake from the past can easily wreck our life in modern day. Social networking is growing at a rapid pace. Is society ready for all the quirks which come with it? Mae the MC of the Circle believed transparency through social networking can be fixed as well as improved, but would society allow these drastic measures to help society if it removes bits and pieces of what privacy we have left? After all we didn’t start this massive fire, but are always willing to change it.

Christmas Book Blogger Tag

Merry Christmas! I have not taken part in a tag in a while, yet being in the holiday spirit I had to do something, so I scrolled through google to find this wonderful tag.  Trish from Between the Lines created this funky tag. I don’t actually know who this Trish person is, but thanks for the tag! Lets get started!

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What is your Favorite Christmas Scene from a book

A Christmas at Hogwarts seems most ideal. Lots of delicious meals and fellowship with friends. Sign me up!


Do you have any Christmas Book Traditions.

Not really although I do enjoy taking photos of some of my books under the tree. Books with red or green covers do best.

Do you Give Books as Presents?

If I knew others who enjoyed reading as much as I do I would, but it’s the thought that counts!

Do you prefer to get presents of book  vouchers books?

Give me the books baby!

Which Three Books Would You Love Santa to Give You This Year?

I’d love to get Marie Lu’s Batman young adult novel, but I think it doesn’t come out until next month? I splurged and purchased many books I desired to read last time I went to Barnes and Noble, so I  think i’m good although if I get a few books I’ll be pleased.


Fake Christmas Tree or Real?

My family has always had fake Christmas trees, yet a real tree would be pretty sweet.

What Christmas Book Would You Recommend?

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I’ve only seen a few film adaptions, but it’s a wonderful story which pretty much brought the holiday into light in many countries.


What dish on the Christmas Menu are You Most Looking forward too.

It’s a tight tie between Key Lime Pie and ham. I’m more in favor of contemporary meals, so give me some pizza too.

When Do you Open Christmas Presents?

My family doesn’t have a tradition. We either open them on Christmas Eve or in the morning. It’s a matter of how full we’re and if we’re home or out visiting family and friends.


What is Your Favorite Christmas Song?

Carol of the Bells by Trans Siberian Orchestra. It’s like hard rock meets Jingle Bells.  Imagine Lord of the Rings, during Christmas. It would be this song entirely.

Are you Dreaming of a White Christmas?

Pretty much. I live in Florida, so it would be a true Christmas miracle.

That will wrap up this tag. Go ahead and create one yourself. I’d love to hear how you celebrate Christmas.


The Case For Christ

I was searching for something to watch late last night on Netflix. Once again, Netflix delivered.  Back in April of 2017 a Christian drama filmed titled The Case for Christ hit selected theatres.  The Case for Christ is based on a book written by once atheist Chicago Tribune journalist Lee Strobel. Strobel( Mike Vogel) went on a journey to prove the existence of Jesus Christ wrong to his  Christian wife  Leslie( Erika Christensen). Lets just say God had other plans.

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Story begins  with a good Samaritan nurse, saving the Strobel’s daughter from choking on a gum ball. This kind soul reveals her faith in God to this atheist couple, yet Leslie soon sees the light and begins to go to church, read from her Bible etc. Leslie’s strength in God bothers Lee who views God kind of like Scrooge views Christmas. He can’t understand who God is and what His purpose means. As the couple argue over what they believe Lee decides he’ll put Leslie’s faith to the test. Over the next two years( btw this happened in the early 1980’s Chicago area) Lee seeks advice from believers and none believers for his research.  He desired to find major flaws, yet the more information he learns he understands there is actually more fact than fiction within the Bible. Lee continued to deny Christ and ruin his marriage  until his father passed away, revealing why Lee and many respectable atheist figures can’t fully understand why God exists. In the end Lee seeks forgiveness and like the apostle Paul he gave his life to Christ.


The Case for Christ set a new standard for Christian cinema. This movie didn’t feel like an average faith based film. It didn’t come across as sugar coated. It didn’t push blame or negative views against a certain person’s view point. The Christian wasn’t seen as perfect and the atheist wasn’t a bad guy. Basically it was a solid debate about faith between believer and none believer. To believe in Christ death and resurrection is a choice.  Jesus being real is truth no matter which side you take. God gave us free will and that is a powerful gift.

Little Red- Fairy Tale Retelling


” Alexandra, grandma had fell ill. If I weren’t so  busy working at the inn I would  bring grandma some food and something to drink” mom placed her left hand over my shoulder” You’re mature enough. Would you be kind and bring a basket of bread and a glass of warm milk to grandmother’s house? She may not survive the cold winter,” Mother hadn’t ever asked me to go off alone before. A bright smile crossed my face.

” Of course mother,” I said, holding back my excitement” I will bring grandma whatever she needs.” Mom handed me the basket and glass of milk. She also handed me a red cloak and a small dagger.

” These will keep you warm and safe on your journey. Stick to the road and never speak to any strangers who cross your path. Also watch out for the wolves,” Mom’s orders went straight through my other ear. I gathered my things and raced down the pathway. The woods was large. So silent and mysterious. Nearby I heard an eerie sound of tree branches snapping in two. A gentle, white rabbit rushed by me whimpering. The eerie sound drew closer.

” Hello?” I said, reaching for my dagger. Within seconds a wolf approached me. The massive beast greeted me kindly. He shook my right hand with his furry, left paw like a gentleman. The friendly wolf asked me where I was going. I told  him I was venturing through the woods to my grandmother’s home, because she was sick. The wolf said he was sorry for her trouble and hoped she’d return to health soon. He vanished from my view and I carried on. Maybe not every wolf was dangerous? As I approached grandma’s house the whiff of smoke enticed my senses” grandma it’s Alexandra,” I shouted toward her bedroom window” mother sent me.”  Her front door stood unlocked. As I entered the house I found the kitchen in a mess. Flour spread across the floor.  A jar of tomato sauce dripped from the counters like fresh blood. I turned the sink off and walked into grandma’s bedroom.

” Alexandra, it’s so wonderful to see you,” grandma said. She laid in her bed. Grandma smelled horrible. Her dirty shoes ruined the blanket.

” Grandma are you alright?”

” Yes, my dear. Come closer to my bed and show me what you’ve brought me,”

I placed the basket and glass of milk beside her bed” Grandma you smell ghastly,”

” I haven’t been able to bath in weeks. I’m terrible ill,” she claimed, coughing into her hands. A flea ran down her right ear. Had she been planting in her garden?

”  But Grandma. What big ears you have,” I edged closer to her bed.

” The better to hear you with, my dear,”

” But grandma, what big eyes you have,”

” The better to see you with, my dear,” she said and opened her jaw, revealing large teeth.

” But grandma, what large teeth you have,”

” All the better to eat you with, my dear!”  the wolf leaped from the bed and chased me around the room.  As I felt death closing in a woodsman snuck into grandma’s house. He must had followed me here.

” Step away from the girl!” the woodsman declared.  The wolf roared at him and he grabbed me by the collar of my red cloak. Would this nightmare ever end?

” Silly woodsman. I’ve already eaten the old woman. This delightful child will be a mere snack after I’m finished with you,” The over confident wolf sprang at the woodman, yet the woodsman countered his attack.  He raised his rifle and aimed it toward the wolves head. The bullet shattered the wolves skull. As the wolf fell dead the woodsman sliced a wide hole through its stomach” I’m sorry child, yet your grandmother is dead.”


Tears dwelled from my eyes. All hope seemed lost, yet grandmother’s eye lids opened from the touch of a tear. Grandma lived and the wolf was dead. I thanked the wise woodsman for saving our lives and returned to mother.  I’m terrified to go back to grandmother’s house although there was a cute boy, working at his grandfather’s farm, who waved at me. He fancied me.


Have Faith Like a Child

I’ve always found it interesting how adults read young adult books. It’s seen as normal for a child to seek advice from an adult like their parent, guardian, grandparent or sibling, yet within stories many times the main character is actually a child. A child will make the big decision. The child had this huge flaw they overcame or at least tried too.  A child is stuck in a difficult situation and usually without any adult supervision they make the grand choices.  Whether it’s Harry Potter, Huckleberry Finn, or Nancy Drew a normal, functioned adult could learn a thing or two from a child in a book and that is pretty cool.

In the book of Matthew God explained to us how we must turn away from our mistakes and act not like adults, yet children when it comes to our faith. Now I don’t believe God was telling us to hang out in a play pen, yet to have faith in him no matter what. A child normally believes anything he or she was told. Not all children of course, yet many children grow up believing in Santa Claus. They  believe this jolly ole fellow will slide down their chimney and deliver toys before Christmas day. Of course as adults we understand this isn’t true, yet a child will  believe it. No matter what a child is told they will believe in Santa Claus, because of what Santa Claus means to them. God wants us to believe in Him. We can’t believe in God unless we put our full faith in Him like a child. A child’s faith is unbreakable. That is what a stable relationship with God should be.

As we read from a fictional story and understand the young protagonist journey lets think about having faith in God like that of a child. After all Jesus came into our world not as a man, yet as an infant child. Merry Christmas!

Sort of a Book Haul?

Hello again. It felt really good to get back on YouTube. I’m hopeful to create many videos in 2018 and have a blast sharing my world with all of you. Here is some books I’ve recently read. Let me know what books you’ve been reading from lately. Have a wonderful weekend!


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