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Recently I’ve been researching writing tips from multiple outlets on the world wide web. I’ve also been reading from different how to books. Some of my favorite writing tip books are written by K.M Weiland. K.  M Weiland is a genius! She also might be a powerful witch. Either way her how to writing books are simply amazing! She uses excellent example’s from well known films or books to express her thoughts. Basically she lays out delicious crumbs to  boast our writing skills. At the moment I’m reading from her Creating Character Arc book. I picked this novel up a few months back and finally started reading from it. It had been sitting on a bookshelf whispering “read me.” over and over again. Today I’m going to share her tips on want vs need.

I think this problem plagues many writers. We want the best for our characters, yet fail to understand the difference between what they want vs what they need. Basically what they want is a lie. As the author it’s our job to help our characters overcome the lie and fulfill the truth. At least it works that way in a positive Change arc. I haven’t got to study negative change arc yet, so bare with me. Anyways here is an example from The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Perfect example for this time of the year!

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A Christmas Carol was about an elderly man named Ebenezer scrooge. Mr. Scrooge was a successful business man. Now Mr. Scrooge believed a man’s worth comes from his wealth. He believed he’ll be remembered by his success in business. He cared little for other people’s worries and was offended by Christmas cheer. In the story Scrooge figured out what he wanted or believed was actually a big, fat lie. The ghosts of Christmas past, present and future show Scrooge he won’t be remembered for his business savy, yet for his greedy, snobbish ways.  What Scrooge needed too learn was to show love toward his fellow man and what the true meaning of Christmas was really all about. See what I’m saying? Lets now look at an example from Pixar’s classic Toy Story.

Woody desired to be Andy’s favorite toy. For years he believed this lie until the hottest toy of the 1990’s arrived on Andy’s birthday.  Buzz LightYear became Andy’s BAE which lead Woody down a dark, narrow path. Woody needed to share Andy’s love, because Andy cared for all of his toys the same.

When we create characters we must understand what drives them. It helps to drive the plot toward its ultimate destination. I hope these tips help you, but I strongly urge you to buy K. M Weiland’s book,s because they’re so good! Happy writing friends.




Happy Thanksgiving to WordPress

The week of Thanksgiving has arrived. As we prepare to gorge ourselves and race between shopping centers, I wanted to say merci to WordPress.com. If I’m remembering right I’ve been a member on WordPress since January of 2014.  This website has brought me nothing but joy. I enjoy sharing my world with you and also enjoy reading each of your posts. I appreciate the support and connections. WordPress has improved my writing and ability to speak.  Language is beauty.  Happy Thanksgiving!



Writing Tips- How to Stay Focused

Many writers have a difficult time staying focused. They may have an amazing idea, but it’s hard to keep track. I can’t say these tips will help you when writing, but they do get me motivated.


  1. Music- I can’t say  enough how impactful music is to writing stories.  Music is a powerful tool. Before I write or while writing down notes I listen to music. The lyrics are like little whispers. They inspire me to create and imagine. The vibe of the song gets me going. Who doesn’t feel like warrior set for battle when hearing the Wonderwoman theme song? Put on those headphones and let music work its magic.


2. Video Games- Many days I relax and play video games. I tend to play for about thirty to forty minutes each day. Instead of focusing on a chapter or stressing over the direction a story could take I turn on my PS4 and enter the virtual world. Not every game gets my imagination flowing, but games like Elder Scrolls or Destiny pump me up.


3. Walking- Sometimes a nice, gentle walk helps me to write. I escape the inside of a house and enter God’s beautiful world. When outside I can use my senses to explore. I take breaks in between writing and enjoy nature. Not only is walking or running beneficial to my health, yet also boosts my writing mojo.


Reading- One of the best ways to stay focused writing  is to actually read. Read an actual novel and pay attention to how those stories where written. I suggest to read out loud and get into the character’s shoes.  Think about how they wrote and it could help your writing. This has helped me greatly to remain focused.

Udemy.com- Udemy is an epic site. There are thousands of lectures in multiple topics to view. Some classes are a bit pricy, but they have huge sales frequently.  Overall I’ve enjoyed the courses and the instructors are helpful. Here is the link> https://www.udemy.com/


Netflix and chill- I suggest following this tip lightly, because binge watching is dangerous.  Besides watching my favorite shows I enjoy watching shows or films which are similar to my stories ideas. You can visualize how a story goes about from watching TV. When the show is over review the plot, synopsis and other little details of those episodes on sites like http://www.imdb.com/


Don’t Write At all-  It is absolutely wonderful if you can write every single day, but it doesn’t work that way for everyone. Somedays don’t think about writing at all. We can’t get anything finished if we’re stressed. Writing is our passion. When I’m at the climax of my writing I remind myself to take breaks and live. The story will be completed eventually. Calm yourself.


Those are my tips. Hopefully they help you out, but everyone has his or her own way of overcoming doubt and being focused. If you have any tips I’d love to hear them. Have an epic day and write on!



Jungle (2017) A Thrilling Ride through the Amazon

Jungle is a 2017 drama film, starring Daniel Radcliffe as Israeli adventurer Yossi Ghinsberg who traveled to Bolivia to go on a spectacular  journey through the Amazon. Things go south when Yoosi gets separated from his group and spent the next nineteen days in survival mode. This dude puts a Survivor cast to shame. Here is my review from Wix.com.  Please enjoy and don’t be afraid to tell me what you thought of this film if you’ve seen it or plan to watch it soon. Have a lovely day!Jungle-movie[1].jpg


Failure is a Positive

Failure is inevitable. It follows us like Michael Myers. We can’t escape failure no matter how hard we try. Most think of failure as a negative part of life. On the other hand I think failure can actually  be positive.

Society is terrified by failure. Whether it’s going to school to take a huge test which decides the fate of the semester or going in for an important job interview fear creeps up on us like a gigantic shadow. Without a doubt humans are afraid of failure. It drives us bonkers. We fear not accomplishing our goals or whatever it is we’re trying to complete.  It’s pretty comical really.


The classic line of Heath Ledger’s Joker from the Dark Knight series was” Why so serious?” Now the Joker is a dark villainous character,  but the Clown Prince of Crime had a good point. Failure is impossible to escape. Someday you will fail and it will hurt. Failure hurts so bad. We try so hard to find success. When we fail it feels like the world is breaking apart. Failure is disappointing and humans are pretty darn good at it, but it shouldn’t bother us.

From the beginning of time man had failed at something. Instead of looking at our failures as a weakness we should embrace it and learn from our mistakes. We can read countless articles online about how to overcome failure, but I think the best way to overcome failure is by not being afraid. When you fail take a deep breathe. Learn from those annoying mistakes and keep walking down the yellow brick road, because success is only a few steps away. As a Christian I think being afraid to fail disowners God. God created us to shine and we can’t shine if we’re afraid to fail.  I feel terrible when I send an editor my story pitch and get the bad news about how it’s not ready to be published or to continue too craft the idea until it is nearly perfect.  It stinks to fail, yet it shows you how passionate you’re and you’ll keep swinging until you hit a home run. Failure is a tough pill to shallow, but with the right attitude and courage to carry on failure will be  what lead you to greatness. As the old saying goes never judge a book by its cover.



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