The Boy Who Cried Goblin- Short Story

Nothing brought Liam more joy than, scaring his big sister, Kelly. He played cruel pranks on her, like sliding a whoopie cushion underneath her seat or pranking her phone with spooky texts. He also had a passion for monsters. Liam told her about creatures who drank blood or ripped bits of hair away from pretty girls heads. The monster stories startled her so much Liam’s parents banned him from reading such books at home. No matter how many times his parents scolded him, Liam’s pleasure from his tall tales never let up.

One morning Liam and Kelly took their dog, Max, for a walk. The siblings wandered through the local park down a narrow trial in the woods. As they ventured across a wooden bridge a chill ran up Liam’s left leg.

“ Are you getting scared?” Kelly grinned. Suddenly a  smelly goblin appeared. He wore a dusty jacket full of holes and leather jeans slick as money. His jagged teeth were yellow as banana’s. He looked similar to a goblin from one of Liam’s monster books.

“ What brings you children to my bridge?” The goblin asked.

“ We’ve gone for a walk and are going home,” Kelly answered, crossing her arms.

“ You won’t be crossing my bridge unless you give me something,” he said. As the children grabbed money from their pockets the smelly goblin refused” no, I don’t want silly money. You must give me tacos. I love tacos and today is Taco Tuesday,” he requested.

“ But we don’t have any tacos,” Liam answered.

The goblin grumbled and yanked Max away from them” you must get me tacos or else I’ll devour the dog.” Then the goblin left in a cloud of smoke. The siblings decided to get Taco’s from Taco Bell and returned with a large bag to the goblin’s realm.

“ Here is your tacos,” Liam said, tossing him the bag. The goblin quickly  tore into the bag and gobbled down the gassy food. As Kelly reached for Max the goblin snatched her away from Liam.

“ Let my sister go you ugly beast,” Liam shouted. He was perplexed by how calm Kelly acted.

“ No, I could use a beautiful bride,” the goblin boasted” Come with me my love.” then the goblin twirled his finger and with she they vanished. Liam feared the worst. He hadn’t a clue what to do. With Max at his side, the boy sprinted back home. He found his parents, watching TV.

“ A goblin kidnapped Kelly,” the boy spat” we must hurry and save her,” but his parents remained glued to their seat.

“ Are you feeling alright son?” They asked” your sister is upstairs with her boyfriend,”

Liam rushed upstairs. He found Kelly, sitting on her bed, scrolling through the web while Derick sat next to her.

” What is up little dude?” Derick asked while munching on a soft shelled taco. Liam noticed the goblin’s dusty jacket set on a chair. The boy couldn’t speak a word. Kelly stood and approached Liam” Happy Halloween bro.” she smirked. Liam never pranked her ever again.



The 3 Lies Our Media Tells About Evil

Really great piece by Brandon. Share this with friends/family.

Brandon J. Adams

rainI’m almost sick to my stomach right now.

Not from an illness, unless you count human depravity an illness.

No, I’m sick from seeing evil.

For some reason, the evil in this world has really decided to wave itself in my face the last couple days. I just got done telling our students in youth group how their generation was having a harder time escaping anxiety and finding peace than any in human history, and that part of the reason was how easily their Facebook news feeds bring evil right to their eyes. It seems that evil was all too eager to prove my own words to me.

Every evil from apathy to foolishness to desperation to sadism. Everywhere on the spectrum.

The cyclist who runs a red light on his bike, across a corner he can’t see around, and then stops to pick a fight with the motorist who…

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The Boy Who Lived Has Grown Up–abc-news-movies.html

A few years ago I read from an article on Yahoo about Deathly Hollows part two. The  fantastic finale of the Harry Potter film franchise had arrived. As usual there were  a few negative comments on the article. Some boldly claimed that Daniel Radcliffe’s career in acting would be over when his days as Harry Potter ended. The case is simply not true. I admire the journey in acting Daniel Radcliffe has been on.  From Harry Potter to The Woman in Black and so forth his career has improved greatly.  He’s gone from a well known child star into a shining actor. His latest role has me excited. Jungle appears to be a high action film, featuring dynamic twists and turns.  Daniel Radclifffe isn’t defined by Harry Potter. It was a brilliant role and has brought him much success. If you pursue a dream with passion it can take you far.


 Hello friends,

Since Halloween is only a couple weeks away I thought it would be fun to review a few horror films, so last night I downloaded Vacancy from the PlayStation store and watched it for the first time. Vacancy was a low budget horror/thriller similar to the premise of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.  I had been interested to watch this movie and finally did last night. Let me first summarize the plot and then I’ll share my two cents below.



A depressed couple set for divorce are driving home after attending a party at  Amy’s( played by  Kate Beckinsale) parents house. They could had spent the night at Amy’s parents home, but David( Luke, not Owen, Wilson) desired to return home as soon as possible to get their divorce finalized.  Poor David didn’t realize his horror had only begun when the car suddenly breaks down in a rural town.

Amy and David find a gas station beside a spooky motel. The mechanic pops up and helps them with their car trouble, but about a mile down the road their car completely breaks down. The couple decide to return and spend the night at the motel next door. Now this motel is no motel six. Bugs are crawling in the sheets and the motel doesn’t even have cable, nonetheless  the couple try their best to stay positive until freaky things begin to happen. Someone from room 3 frantically knocks at their door,  but when David goes to check no one is there. He seeks help from the weird motel manager Mason( Frank Whaley). Let me just say he’s not a good dude.


A few minutes later David finds VCR tapes on top of the TV.( Talk about a throwback). The tapes reveal frightening scenes of people getting murdered. At first Amy and David assume it’s silly horror films, but David soon realizes the room on the tapes is room 4 of the motel they’re staying in. Pretty soon they get attacked, chased and nearly hacked to death by the villain’s of the film.

Overall I enjoyed Vacancy. Being a short, low budget film there were a few twists that didn’t make much sense to me. Some quirky moments made me LOL and not scream in terror. I didn’t understand the whole point behind killing the guests, but if you’re really into Norman Bates I’m sure you’ll enjoy this film. One cool trick in this film is how there were underground tunnels between the motel and gas station. The chase scene was dynamic.  Frank Whaley did an excellent job as the freaky motel nut case. Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale were also a quality combo. With a little more money and creativity this film could had been  a bit scarier, but that is show biz. If you had seen Vacancy let me know what your thoughts are on this film. Take care!




The Tell-Tale Heart Review

Greetings friends. I recently read from Edgar Allan Poe’s Tell Tale Heart. It’s one of my favorites, so I decided to create a little discussion of this spooky tale from my YouTube channel. You may join the discussion on here or over at YouTube. This video was fun to create. I’d love to do more book reviews if my viewers enjoyed this. Let me know guys and Happy Friday the 13th !

Do Spirits Walk Among Us?

Are ghosts actually real? I’m not  entirely sure. I have mixed feelings about this topic. Since we’re in the month of October I think this was a really good time to post a blog about ghosts, goblins, vampires, politicians, and all those spooky creatures.

Hollywood has spooked us for years with thrillers and horrors about demonic spirits returning from the grave to haunt the living. Hundreds of regular folk claim to have seen a ghost, but is what they see really there? The word ghost is mentioned 108 times within the Bible although it’s not always referring to someone who died and returned as a spirit. A majority of Christians believe a ghost is actually a soldier of the devil sent to  do wicked things to those who had lost a loved one hence forth on the verse below.

There are evil spirits in this world that are the fallen angels who followed Satan in rebellion against God.  Revelation 12:9, NKJV

Ok now I’ll get to my little conspiracy theory that will either blow Twitter or Facebook up….. Maybe!

Some out there( and one person I’m talking about is my mom 🙂 firmly believes that when we die we’re resting in our graves until the sound of the trumpet roars across mankind as Jesus returns. If this is true I’m  thinking that perhaps  there are lost spirits wandering around us. Just think about it for a moment. There are many ways to die. Some are very tragic and depressing. Could perhaps the guy who killed himself, because his wife was cheating on him is now trapped on earth as a ghost? Or what about someone who maybe did a wicked thing and feels rather gloomy about it? Could those type of spirits be in need of assistance to move on?


Ok guys that is all I have to share. This blog might come across a little awkward, but these thoughts occur within my mind when I’m alone and got time to think.  Plus I enjoy watching ghost hunting shows for some weird reason. Why can’t the ghost ever appear when the light is on or during the day? Ok I’ll stop rambling and see what you guys think in the comment section below. Time to return to writing short stories. My plans at the moment is to publish a short story on next weekend! It feels so surreal. Anyways take care friends!

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