A Tribute to Hermione Granger

A Tribute to Miss. Hermione Jean Granger

September 19, 2017
Matt Wells


Today marks the fictional birth date of Harry Potter’s brainy best friend. Hermione Granger is a huge patron to Harry Potter’s journey throughout the series. She’s an intelligent bookworm, but there is  far more than cleverness to her utter brilliance.


We’re first introduced to Hermione on the Hogwarts Express. She comes across as friendly, yet also a huge know it all whom enjoys boasting about her intelligence to all. At first Harry and Ron aren’t very fond of her, but after the Golden Trio went toe to toe with a grumpy. disgusting troll in the girls lavatory they become total bff’s. Frankly Harry and Ron would most likely had died without the guidance of their female counterpart.
Hermione solved many of their situations by reading through short and lengthy books from the Hogwarts library. She isn’t one to break the rules unless someone’s life is on the line, although she will  break Draco Malfoy’s nose of course. Besides reading, Hermione was an activist for house elf rights. Her loyalty to her causes and friendship are easily seen.



In my humble opinion, Hermione is one of the greatest  characters of all time. I absolutely enjoy how her strengths are shown so strongly throughout the novels. Hermione is shown as a kind hearted person who puts her education and morals above popularity and good looks. Being someone with extremely curly hair I understand the problem sister. Hermione is also a muggle born, so her bravery to overcome difference is colorful.


I cherish the friendship between Harry and Hermione. Both Harry and Hermione grew up in the muggle world and have this sibling like connection. Why did Harry never go live with Hermione’s family instead of with his rotten relatives? Maybe he didn’t like dentist? I still cringe at the idea of Hermione being with Ron, but it is what it is. Emma Watson was the perfect actress for the role of Hermione Granger. She  truly is the brightest witch of her age.


Hermione reminds me a lot of one of my cousins. She’s well educated,  speaks strongly for her beliefs and is loyal to her friends and family. It’s pretty cool to have Hermione Granger for a cousin. Likewise to Scout, Nancy Drew, Lois Lane, Katniss and Wonderwoman Hermione Granger will be a true role model for girls and also boys for years to come. I cross my fingers, hoping my MC will have the same success 🙂





I Survived Hurricane Irma

Hello friends! The power had finally returned yesterday afternoon after being down  for nearly an entire week. No Twitter, YouTube, Facebook nor WordPress. I’m even surprised   I survived a little bit.



I’m grateful that the power has returned. It’s crazy how much electricity affects our lives and we treat it so elementary. We truly do not know how much God blesses us. I missed blogging, posting, tweeting and all the amazing things the internet brings us, but being without power had  a few sliver linings. All of our food wasted away, so we went out to eat. The power around town wasn’t out for long, so I did get to go online at certain hot spots. We will have to refill the fridge now, but eating out frequently was very nice!

We had pretty nice weather throughout the week, so I spent much of my time reading on the porch. The local family of turkey paid us a visit. There is so much nature around us. It was pretty fun to pay attention to it.


I’m excited to get back into the swing of things. I missed my web friends. Since I was gone for a week I’ll scroll through my page and check out what everyone else had posted while I was away. Let me know how you guys are and if hurricane Irma affected your area. Cheers!


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