Writing Update: Short Story

Lately I’ve been researching as well as creating short stories. Short stories take up less amount of time to write and can be published at a quicker pace then novels if you have the right idea in mind.  Short stories  are of course shorter in length, yet  are completely developed stories which have captivated cultures for years such as The Tell Tale Heart or Arabian Nights. Many authors like Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allen Poe or Hans Christian Anderson made a living off of short stories. One of my short stories is nearly complete. The ending is still unfinished, yet I wanted to share a few notes with those of you who had been with me since my journey as a writer began on WordPress over two years ago.


So my short story takes place in a fictional kingdom called Paradox. Paradox is home to a strong king and a wise queen who had a son named prince Frederick. Prince Frederick was a courageous young man who befriended a young stable boy named Atticus.  Prince Frederick wished to break the barrier between highest and lowest class in his father’s kingdom, yet his wish would never come to be, because a dragon took his life. Atticus, the stable boy, grew strong and seeks vengeance for his friend’s death, so he joined a legion of dragon hunters to track down and kill this dragon. None of the dragon hunters believe Atticus will survive, yet his might overcome’s his height. Now this dragon is far superior to arrows and swords, yet Atticus is determined to slay the beast. As Atticus comes close to death, the dragon shows him mercy and reveals to him the dark hidden secrets of his kingdom he once found inspiring and pure.

I’ve always enjoyed medieval stories. Those times seem exciting to us in modern day, although it was probably more frightening to live in those days then to read about them. Being a writer of fantasy, I like to write stories similar to Lord of the Rings or Narnia. I guess you could describe it as Game of Throne’s Young Adult edition? Who doesn’t love a quest involving a few dragons? I don’t want to spoil anyone, yet I’m pretty close to the finish line. I can’t wait to show my editor and get this short story published. This will most likely be the first  short story I ever publish. I can’t wait for this adventure to begin!


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