Bokeh Film Review

Jenai( Maika Monroe) and Riley( Matt O Leary) are a young, American couple who go on a little romantic vacation in Iceland. Their romantic getaway turns bizarre when a rare flash of light shoots across the sky, leaving them as the only humans left on the island and possibly the entire world.

 Stories where people go missing, get stuck in a parallel universe,  or are the only humans remaining on planet earth always capture my attention. It would be an awfully entertaining adventure, yet would grow tiresome and terrifying after awhile which is exactly what happened in this film. Cue some spoilers!

Iceland is a beautiful country. This film got me thinking about what it must had been like when Adam and Eve lived in the garden of Eden. The couple could literally do whatever they desired, but without anyone else around they got frustrated with each other. I enjoyed the conflict between the characters. Jenai believed in God, yet as days passed by, she struggled to remain strong in her faith. She went each day worrisome about how they would survive while Riley enjoyed himself although even he questioned what the freak was going on. Jenai’s fashion was fleek tho.

The story hit a fork in the road, when they met an elderly man who was all alone. His time in the film was short and sort of confusing as to why he was still alive.  I don’t want to spoil too much, but Bokeh was an interesting film. The ending was somewhat weak, yet I found the story compelling to say the least.



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