Players “Retiring” is Bad for Tennis

We’ve seen some funny business going on at the grassy grounds of Wimbledon. Over the first few days of the tournament we’ve seen players, retiring from matches, after going down a few games to quality players such as Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer etc.


Let me start off with, saying that if a player is truly injured then they by all means should be allowed to conclude a match over health concerns, nonetheless that doesn’t seem to be the case. Lower seeded players are basically jumping ship, because they can’t seem to handle being defeated. This is a sad event at hand. It’s bad for the players who go to these tournaments to play and compete, yet must stop a match early on, because his opponent doesn’t have the discipline to compete. It’s also sad and probably worst on the fans who spend a bunch of money to go see these guys play.


Basically the players are taken advantage of the system, so if the heads of tennis truly care about their fans and players they’ll change the rules to fit our needs. I can’t really blame someone for only playing a couple sets then claiming they’re hurt when they’ll still end up, making over 435,000 bucks just by surrendering. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.


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