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I was recently nominated by Dronstadblog for this reward.  Thank you for choosing me. I haven’t earned many awards on this site in a while, so it’s nice to be back in the winners circle. You’ve been  sincere and honest with me about writing and I’m grateful for the suggestions and guidance.  The rules for  the Real Neat Blog Award are posted below.



Here are the rules for the “Real Neat Blog Award
1. Put the award logo on your blog.
2. Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blogs.
3. Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
4. Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs.
5. Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog, etc).
6. Ask your nominees 7 questions.


Here are my questions 🙂


1: How did you become a writer?

2. What are some difficulties you’ve had to overcome to improve your writing?

3. Which authors or individuals in your life have encourage you to pursue writing?

4. Are you a published author or write as a hobby?

5. Are you a plotter, pantster or plantser?

  1. What got you to writing? The ending of Harry Potter. I couldn’t live in a world where it was over. There had to be more, so I did my best to create a future for the characters within their magical world.
  2. Who is your favorite author and genre? My favorite author is JK Rowling. She’s the best. She inspired an entire generation to read and write.  My favorite genre is fantasy. Fantasy novels can go in so many directions. It’s wide open to creativity.
  3. What is the main reason as to why you started the blog? I was at a low point in my life. My friends were soon, leaving for college and I had no idea what sort of career I wanted. I created this blog to sort of let loose my frustration, have something to do beside watch TV, and join a community of bloggers who would share their world and thoughts with me. WordPress brought many amazing people into my life and helped me to figure out what joy writing brings me. Merci, my friends.
  4. What motivates you to write? It’s a sad answer, yet I don’t really know. I think about a lot of different things each day. Some days I grow courage to share my thoughts online and see what other people think. I also get ideas for stories, whether I’ll publish them or not, and spend countless number of hours crafting these ideas like growing a small seed in a garden into a large, majestic tree. You can write about whatever you like which is magical really.
  5. What’s the meaning of writing to you? This seems like a dramatic question, but I’ll answer it the best I can. To me, writing is inspiring. There are so many stories to be read and each of them has a message worth reading. I hope my blogs and stories  someday  inspire  the reader in a positive way. Our words do matter if only to benefit society. Stories like Uncle Tom’s Cabin or To Kill a Mockingbird still dazzle its readers today.
  6. List your goals of writing 1. Plan out of my thoughts. 2 Get them on paper 3. create. 4. edit. 5 complete. 6 publish, make a boat load of cash and inspire millions. Sounds simple enough.

  7. What would you say to beginners in writing? Writing isn’t easy. Some may suggest to you that it is, but it really isn’t. Writing is difficult. What you want to write might not be what you’re actually trying to write. Some may hate what you write when you were truly trying to inspire. Forget the hate and doubt. It happens to all of us. What’s most important is to stay driven, ask  billions of questions,  get your thoughts down on paper or on google docs and continue to write until you can’t write no more.

I nominate any writer who reads this to take part in this award. Thank you for reading!



Authortube Newbie Tag!

Sup guys! I decided to join Authortube, so here is my newbie tag! Since I’m crafting a few novels and short stories at the moment, I’m unsure when I’ll be able to upload, yet I’m eager to share my writing tips and other witty, interesting writing ideas or topics through my channel. Lets go!



If you’re on Authortube, plan to join or are a writer leave a comment below, so we can stay in touch!

Thoughts on Stranger Things Season One

I absolutely love Stranger Things! This modern day thriller brings us back into the 1980’s with a brilliant cast and a chilling story line. It reminds me so much of movies or shows such as The Goonies, Super 8 or ET.  I recently re-watched season one and plan on doing so again  before season 2 begins which seems really far away, yet time doesn’t go by as slow as we all think. As I geek out for season two, I’ve got so many questions left unanswered.

The more I watch Stranger Things the more I  dislike Nancy and Steve. I get it. They’re a teenage, love struck  couple, yet they’re somewhat clueless at times. The monster may had taken Barb, yet it was truly Nancy’s  decision which lead to her best friend’s demise. And then there is Steve the boy whom Nancy can’t seem to break up with although she had many reasons to do so. He literally boasts about getting all the pretty girls to go out with him while hanging out with the most troublesome couple at Hawkins High. Steve did redeem himself in the end, yet it left me feeling sorrow for Johnathan who truly cares about Nancy. He’s like the professor Snape of Stranger Things. Judging from the trailer for season two Nancy and Steve’s relationship is still off to a rocky start. At least Nancy can shoot a gun and kick butt.

Johnathan and his mom are now reunited with Will, yet Will is definitely still out of sorts, vomiting up slugs. I’m curious to know why the monster didn’t kill Will like it did to poor Barb. Some fans theories believe that the monster is the other people or clones sent into the other world. Perhaps Will is transforming into a monster right under our noses? In season 2 we’re expected to learn more about Lucas, Dustin and other characters backstories. Maybe Nancy and Mike’s little sister will get herself into the picture? Eleven took out the monster and vanished, yet she’s suppose to return later on in season 2. Is Sheriff Hopper, the  rough, no none sense city cop living within a rural town, helping the bad guys or is Eleven’s papa and those a part of her creepy abduction  actually the good guys? I know it might sound crazy, yet perhaps the group who was holding Eleven hostage isn’t actually evil, yet perhaps was corrupted over whatever they’re trying to do. I mean another world where creepy monsters live seemed like something the government should be, trying to stop. By the way did Sheriff Hopper and  Joyce actually leave Barb’s body within the other world?  If so, that is messed up.

There is a lot of questions which remain unanswered.  Season 2 looks to be exciting and suspenseful, yet won’t premiere until October 27th this fall, so stay tuned Stranger Things fans. If you love Stranger Things let me know your conspiracy theories on what might really be going down on this epic Netflix series.

Writing Update: Short Story

Lately I’ve been researching as well as creating short stories. Short stories take up less amount of time to write and can be published at a quicker pace then novels if you have the right idea in mind.  Short stories  are of course shorter in length, yet  are completely developed stories which have captivated cultures for years such as The Tell Tale Heart or Arabian Nights. Many authors like Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allen Poe or Hans Christian Anderson made a living off of short stories. One of my short stories is nearly complete. The ending is still unfinished, yet I wanted to share a few notes with those of you who had been with me since my journey as a writer began on WordPress over two years ago.


So my short story takes place in a fictional kingdom called Paradox. Paradox is home to a strong king and a wise queen who had a son named prince Frederick. Prince Frederick was a courageous young man who befriended a young stable boy named Atticus.  Prince Frederick wished to break the barrier between highest and lowest class in his father’s kingdom, yet his wish would never come to be, because a dragon took his life. Atticus, the stable boy, grew strong and seeks vengeance for his friend’s death, so he joined a legion of dragon hunters to track down and kill this dragon. None of the dragon hunters believe Atticus will survive, yet his might overcome’s his height. Now this dragon is far superior to arrows and swords, yet Atticus is determined to slay the beast. As Atticus comes close to death, the dragon shows him mercy and reveals to him the dark hidden secrets of his kingdom he once found inspiring and pure.

I’ve always enjoyed medieval stories. Those times seem exciting to us in modern day, although it was probably more frightening to live in those days then to read about them. Being a writer of fantasy, I like to write stories similar to Lord of the Rings or Narnia. I guess you could describe it as Game of Throne’s Young Adult edition? Who doesn’t love a quest involving a few dragons? I don’t want to spoil anyone, yet I’m pretty close to the finish line. I can’t wait to show my editor and get this short story published. This will most likely be the first  short story I ever publish. I can’t wait for this adventure to begin!

My Very Short July TBR

Hey guys. Enjoy my July TBR, although it is very short. I haven’t got to purchase many books lately, but the latest books I picked up are sure to bring me joy. Take care and have a wonderful day!

Bokeh Film Review

Jenai( Maika Monroe) and Riley( Matt O Leary) are a young, American couple who go on a little romantic vacation in Iceland. Their romantic getaway turns bizarre when a rare flash of light shoots across the sky, leaving them as the only humans left on the island and possibly the entire world.

 Stories where people go missing, get stuck in a parallel universe,  or are the only humans remaining on planet earth always capture my attention. It would be an awfully entertaining adventure, yet would grow tiresome and terrifying after awhile which is exactly what happened in this film. Cue some spoilers!

Iceland is a beautiful country. This film got me thinking about what it must had been like when Adam and Eve lived in the garden of Eden. The couple could literally do whatever they desired, but without anyone else around they got frustrated with each other. I enjoyed the conflict between the characters. Jenai believed in God, yet as days passed by, she struggled to remain strong in her faith. She went each day worrisome about how they would survive while Riley enjoyed himself although even he questioned what the freak was going on. Jenai’s fashion was fleek tho.

The story hit a fork in the road, when they met an elderly man who was all alone. His time in the film was short and sort of confusing as to why he was still alive.  I don’t want to spoil too much, but Bokeh was an interesting film. The ending was somewhat weak, yet I found the story compelling to say the least.


Players “Retiring” is Bad for Tennis

We’ve seen some funny business going on at the grassy grounds of Wimbledon. Over the first few days of the tournament we’ve seen players, retiring from matches, after going down a few games to quality players such as Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer etc.


Let me start off with, saying that if a player is truly injured then they by all means should be allowed to conclude a match over health concerns, nonetheless that doesn’t seem to be the case. Lower seeded players are basically jumping ship, because they can’t seem to handle being defeated. This is a sad event at hand. It’s bad for the players who go to these tournaments to play and compete, yet must stop a match early on, because his opponent doesn’t have the discipline to compete. It’s also sad and probably worst on the fans who spend a bunch of money to go see these guys play.


Basically the players are taken advantage of the system, so if the heads of tennis truly care about their fans and players they’ll change the rules to fit our needs. I can’t really blame someone for only playing a couple sets then claiming they’re hurt when they’ll still end up, making over 435,000 bucks just by surrendering. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

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