Pretty Little Liars: End Game Series Finale


So the series finale of Pretty Little Liars aired this week and pretty much blew up my Twitter feed. As it usually goes with this series, some fans were left greatly disappointed,  while others like yours truly thought the end was presented well. Lets get into the review{ Yes, there are spoilers. No reason to keep it a secret now 🙂



The final twist our lairs figured out was A.D turned out to be Spencer’s  evil twin. I found this final twist appealing, yet  do agree there were far better directions for the end game.  I’ve always been a fan of Ezra being A or AD and seeing Aria shoot him in the gut, watching his dead corpse fall out of a two story building, while she weeps in the night, but that would be way too dark for a Freeform series, so I’m cool with them being happily married. Go team Ezria! Mona continues to be the brilliantly crazy person we’ve all known and secretly loved. Will Spencer ever visit her real mum and evil twin whenever she visits Paris, France? Man her dad sure couldn’t keep his pants on when around beautiful women.  Hannah and Caleb are starting a family, yet they don’t seem as close in their relationship as they were at Rosewood high.  Emily and Allison have many mouths to feed. I’m still not sure if Spencer and Toby will ever be a legit thing.

Pretty Little Liars was always a fun, quirky series and I think this series finale fit that perfectly. It was a thrilling series which always kept me guessing. IMO it was a modern detective series that featured iconic theme’s from books like Psycho, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and other well known literature. This show had many interesting characters each with their own secrets too hide.  It was nice to see a series with female leading characters which centered around their unbreakable friendship. Friendship was always the main focus of the series. No matter what obstacle they faced, our lairs stuck together through it all. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pretty Little Liars TV series creator Marlene King figures out a way to bring Rosewood back into the spotlight with a new series someday. Who knows of what lies we haven’t heard about from this not so innocent Pennsylvania town. For now, we must say Au Revior,  Pretty Little Lairs. Tuesday night will never be the same.


Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you’ll save
Better lock it, in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave
If I show you then I know you
Won’t tell what I said
Cause two can keep a secret
If one of them is dead … 




4 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars: End Game Series Finale

  1. Hey there! I absolutely love this review. I started watching PLL very recently and am hopelessly addicted to it. I’m on season 2 but I just can’t stop watching OMG! This was so well written and fun to read 🙂 I’ll be back here soon

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    1. Hello. Sorry for responding late. Sometimes my notification doesn’t work, but thank you very much. It is a fun series I will watch over and over again. I also hope to read more of the books soon although the show is better in my opinion.

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