WonderWoman Outshines Her Doubters

Wonderwoman was wondrous! The lovely Gal Gadot was perfect in her role as Dianna  Prince. This movie was a fantastic beauty, revealing the origin of this powerful heroine.


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As the film came to its conclusion,  with a theatre clapping and cheering like their team just won a super bowl, I felt like a proud father at his child’s graduation. DC Comics had always been my favorite comics. They have a twisted, dark theme with a strong message behind its character’s motives. Unlike Marvel Studios, DC Comics hasn’t had the best quality of superhero films. Let’s forget the Green Lantern ever happened. For some reason, Wonderwoman hasn’t had the attention of heroes such as the Dark Knight or Man of Steel, yet this Princess of  Themyscira is finally in the spotlight.

As a man, maybe it’s wrong for me to speak  up for women’s rights,  yet let me give you my two cents on what this character represents. Wonderwoman began in a time when American women were not seen as equals to men.  During WW2, women took over the jobs their husband’s had worked while they served to defend the nation and the world from  the AXIS powers. Likewise to Wonderwoman, when the men returned home, the women were forced back into their danty, elegant  roles. Even Wonderwoman’s comic was censored, because men did not approve of this woman’s view. This movie defined where women are today. In modern day, a woman is equal to a man or at least able to defend her rights much better than in the past. A woman can make her own choices whether her husband or even her mom agrees. Wonderwoman defines her own life, by the choices she made. She grows into this strong, wise, and determined demi-god who defends the world for good.  Percy Jackson got nothing on this lady. Man might have evil within his heart, yet she sees the best in them, fighting for justice. I firmly believe Wonderwoman is a positive sign for DC Comic films. I cannot wait to see what happens in Justice League this fall. Lets go!



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