Writing a Book Requires Patience.

Congratulations. You have a killer idea for a novel. Incredible scene’s  appear in your mind like flashbacks from a sweet dream. Maybe you also hear or speak to characters within your head. It’s normal, yet I’d recommend not telling people that especially none writers, because they won’t understand.  Basically you have an idea. You have some purpose, yet you’re still missing important details which will get your book on the shelf’s and hopefully on a best sellers list.


I think about writing a book like going on American Idol. You get excited to show the judges your God given talent. You probably think you’re the best. Your friends and family probably tell you you’re an amazing writer which might be true. You might have a billion notes written down on a note pad or on a lap top. All of this doesn’t matter when the judge tells you it stinks. At first you think what the heck are they talking about, yet when you finally get off your pedestal and read what you’ve written you realize they may have a point. They also could be horrible people trying to ruin your dreams, but we should have more faith in others I guess.

 Sorry not sorry, but writing is not easy.  In fact it is pretty tough. People may tell you your ideas are brilliant and just write, yet it doesn’t always work out so well. There are going to be days when you’re absolutely sick of writing, yet the passion returns in a flash. For some reason we assume things we’re somewhat good at will be easy. Why do we do this to ourselves? Normally you’re going to fail before you find success. At first Superman was a villain. Eventually he became the hero we love and strive to be like. Superman would not be who he is without hard work. His creators put their time and effort into making him DC’s poster boy. Someday your characters might find similar success, but it won’t come easy. Ok, maybe for some, yet not for all.

Don’t worry buttercup. Writing is difficult, yet with confidence and  a can do attitude you’ll do great things. The number one focus to writing and publishing a story isn’t the money. What matters is how the story affects the reader. What is the message? What are the characters trying to say. Believe it or not a good book can be life changing. That is worth so much more than dollar signs.  Writing takes time, yet if we stay committed things will turn out well. Don’t be so serious. Patience is the key to success.


2 thoughts on “Writing a Book Requires Patience.”

  1. Another wonderful piece. My own experience has been a lot of ups and downs. You learn as you go along. Getting that first draft down is a wonderful feeling. Then, you start looking at your book, incorporating all the new writing tips, ideas, dos, and don’ts and realize you have a great deal of edits to make.

    And as you get nearer to the end of the next draft, you can realize you’ve learned so much more and the characters need more fleshing out, they need to be more believable, som events need to be moved around, and many others things . . .

    Many writers end up doing l20 drafts, some less or more, and that’s okay. Beta readers help a great deal and I think having an good editor is a great idea as well as posting on writers groups to get others inputs on troublesome sections and to help you learn to edit and write better by commenting and evaluating the writings of others.

    Just my thoughts for others. Again, awesome piece. Happy to have discovered your blog 🙂

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