23andMe Results!


My ancestry results came in a flash. I was super excited to finally read my results. At the moment, I’m mind blown. All along I knew most of my ancestry came from Europe, yet I didn’t know how far the branches of the family tree could reach. About 99.8 percent of my ancestry is from Europe. A majority of the results show many of my ancestors originated  from locations in Northwestern Europe( Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia, and Finland) The second largest percentage was French and German.

About 6.9 percent of my ancestry is southern European. My ancestry traces to the Balkan and Iberian peninsula’s( Portugal, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Serbia are a few of the possibilities).  I’m thrilled to know I’m French, Finnish, Scandinavian and so much more.  Many curious strangers had asked if I were Mediterranean, so it will be nice to say perhaps instead of no. It does make a whole lot of sense.

Next I found out that I actually have ancestors from eastern Asia/Native American although there isn’t enough data to know  exactly where it actually dates back too. I also have a small percentage of  Sub-Saharan Africa. I was born with a Mongolian birth mark, so this news was interesting to find out. A cool nugget is that the people who share my ancestry are possibly related to the outlaw Jessie James. I’m going to check out who else I maybe related to when I get the chance.


This was a wonderful bit of information to discover. I’m always searching for clues behind my family history. Now I can learn more about the culture of Finland, France, Scandinavia  and these other amazing nations i share a connection too. I’m hopeful friends and family decide to check out their ancestry as well.

I’d recommend 23andme to anyone whose eager to learn more about their ancestry. We’re a lot closer than we may think.


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