Pretty Little Liars: End Game Series Finale


So the series finale of Pretty Little Liars aired this week and pretty much blew up my Twitter feed. As it usually goes with this series, some fans were left greatly disappointed, ¬†while others like yours truly thought the end was presented well. Lets get into the review{ Yes, there are spoilers. No reason to keep it a secret now ūüôā



The final twist our lairs figured out was A.D turned out to be Spencer’s ¬†evil twin. I found this final twist appealing, yet ¬†do agree there were far better directions for the end game. ¬†I’ve always been a fan of Ezra being A or AD and seeing Aria shoot him in the gut, watching his dead corpse fall out of a two story building, while she weeps in the night, but that would be way too dark for a Freeform series, so I’m cool with them being happily married. Go team Ezria! Mona continues to be the brilliantly crazy person we’ve all known and secretly loved. Will Spencer ever visit her real mum and evil twin whenever she visits Paris, France? Man her dad sure couldn’t keep his pants on when around beautiful women. ¬†Hannah and Caleb are starting a family, yet they don’t seem as close in their relationship as they were at Rosewood high. ¬†Emily and Allison have many mouths to feed. I’m still not sure if Spencer and Toby will ever be a legit thing.

Pretty Little Liars was always a fun, quirky series and I think this series finale fit that perfectly. It was a thrilling series which always kept me guessing. IMO it was a modern detective series that featured iconic theme’s from books like Psycho, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and other well known literature. This show had many interesting characters each with their own secrets too hide. ¬†It was nice to see a series with female leading characters which centered around their unbreakable friendship. Friendship was always the main focus of the series. No matter what obstacle they faced, our lairs stuck together through it all. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pretty Little Liars TV series creator Marlene King figures out a way to bring Rosewood back into the spotlight with a new series someday. Who knows of what lies we haven’t heard about from this not so innocent Pennsylvania town. For now, we must say¬†Au Revior, ¬†Pretty Little Lairs. Tuesday night will never be the same.


Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you’ll save
Better lock it, in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave
If I show you then I know you
Won’t tell what I said
Cause two can keep a secret
If one of them is dead … 




Other Notable Harry Potter Character’s Who Deserve a Film


Hello guys! Recently Roya Eve Reads, a super cool Youtuber, did this video on her channel. Harry Potter Marathon was also going on, so it got me into the mood to talk about Harry Potter. Here i mention five or at least six characters from the Harry Potter universe I think deserve their own films. Enjoy and also let me know which Hogwarts house do you belong in plus other characters you think deserve their own film.

WonderWoman Outshines Her Doubters

Wonderwoman was wondrous! The lovely Gal Gadot was perfect in her role as Dianna  Prince. This movie was a fantastic beauty, revealing the origin of this powerful heroine.


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As the film came to its conclusion,¬† with a theatre clapping and cheering like their team just won a super bowl, I felt like a proud father at his child’s graduation. DC Comics had always been my favorite comics. They have a twisted, dark theme with a strong message behind its character’s motives. Unlike Marvel Studios, DC Comics hasn’t had the best quality of superhero films. Let’s forget the Green Lantern ever happened. For some reason, Wonderwoman hasn’t had the attention of heroes such as the Dark Knight or Man of Steel, yet this Princess of¬† Themyscira is finally in the spotlight.

As a man, maybe it’s wrong for me to speak¬† up for women’s rights,¬† yet let me give you my two cents on what this character represents. Wonderwoman began in a time when American women were not seen as equals to men.¬† During WW2, women took over the jobs their husband’s had worked while they served to defend the nation and the world from¬† the AXIS powers. Likewise to Wonderwoman, when the men returned home, the women were forced back into their danty, elegant¬† roles. Even Wonderwoman’s comic was censored, because men did not approve of this woman’s view. This movie defined where women are today. In modern day, a woman is equal to a man or at least able to defend her rights much better than in the past. A woman can make her own choices whether her husband or even her mom agrees. Wonderwoman defines her own life, by the choices she made. She grows into this strong, wise, and determined demi-god who defends the world for good.¬† Percy Jackson got nothing on this lady. Man might have evil within his heart, yet she sees the best in them, fighting for justice. I firmly believe Wonderwoman is a positive sign for DC Comic films. I cannot wait to see what happens in Justice League this fall. Lets go!


Reign Season Four: Rest in Peace Thy Queen

Last night, Mary Queen of Scots reign on local television came to its close. After four amazing seasons we say au revior to the historical retelling of one of Europe’s most controversial ¬†queens. This story gets me every time.


Reign was a powerful show of passionate love and dedication to the historical events of her time. Young Scottish Mary (brilliantly portrayed ¬†by Australian actress ¬† Adelaide ¬†Kane) was tossed into the ruthless, political monarchy of her day, becoming a queen at the very beginning of her life. She became a ¬†consort to the French Queen and had claim to the English crown, yet her royal life went tragically down the well as she ¬†grew up. ¬†She faced many hardships like the death of her beloved husband King Francis, ¬†her English cousin Elizabeth being named queen of England as well as facing division between her devotion to Catholicism while Scotland transformed itself into a Protestant nation. Her 2nd marriage to a cousin named Henry ¬†Stewart earl of ¬†Danrley was nothing more than sour. ¬†These scandalous events spiraled out of control, leading to Mary’s demise. Eventually Mary was captured and confined to imprisonment for the next eighteen years of her cruel life, ending with her being beheaded for treason by her English cousin. WHY ELIZABETH, WHY?


The story of Mary’s life had always fascinated me. I’ve always looked at her life as depressing. She never truly got to live her own life. ¬†She spent many ¬†years ¬†being taught how to become a queen and dealing with certain issues which would drive any person so young mad. The sudden death of Francis was the beginning of her end. Being raised by Catholics made her loyal to their cause, yet time had changed within her own countries approval of such religious belief.

She was sort of like an outsider really. A black sheep who ¬†was certainly ¬†on the defense more so than offense. Elizabeth was a skillful queen, yet her betrayal of Mary was brutal and unjust. Mary may have plotted against Elizabeth, yet I see it as her only way to stay alive. Some would argue she was the rightful queen of England, so what she did was only in her best interest. The cousins never actually met. They only spoke by letter, so their opinion of each other was biased by those around them. Perhaps if Elizabeth had paid her cousin a visit, things could of turned out better. I love how the show expressed Mary’s final moment, seeing Francis again in heaven. When my final day comes I’d love to meet her in heaven. I’ll give her a big hug and say” I’m sorry how cruel life was to you.” ¬†Reign was an excellent series. As they say in the motherland” long live the queen!”




Great post Wally. Complaining is a large issue in today’s culture.



The rich young ruler in the books of Matthew 19 and Mark 10 told Jesus that he kept all of the commandments from his youth up, but the Lord quickly reminded him that he was lacking something.

That’s true for all of us. No matter how much we may try to live upright, we will always remain lacking in some area.

You may not be a fornicator, an adulterer, a drunk, a murderer…you may go to church every time the doors open. You may be very generous in your giving …


God HATES complaining. He doesn’t hate complainers, but He does hate it when we complain. One of Israel’s greatest, most consistent sins while in the wilderness was that of complaining and murmuring. In fact, it was their complaining that made an 11-day trip last 40 years.

God hates complaining so much he allowed His own children…

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Writing a Book Requires Patience.

Congratulations. You have a killer idea for a novel. Incredible scene’s ¬†appear in your mind like flashbacks from a sweet dream. Maybe you also hear or speak to characters within your head. It’s normal, yet I’d recommend not telling people that especially none writers, because they won’t understand. ¬†Basically you have an idea. You have some purpose, yet you’re still missing important details which will get your book on the shelf’s and hopefully on a best sellers list.


I think about writing a book like going on American Idol. You get excited to show the judges your God given talent. You probably think you’re the best. Your friends and family probably tell you you’re an amazing writer which might be true. You might have a billion notes written down on a note pad or on a lap top. All of this doesn’t matter when the judge tells you it stinks. At first you think what the heck are they talking about, yet when you finally get off your pedestal and read what you’ve written you realize they may have a point. They also could be horrible people trying to ruin your dreams, but we should have more faith in others I guess.

¬†Sorry not sorry, but writing is not easy. ¬†In fact it is pretty tough. People may tell you your ideas are brilliant and just write, yet it doesn’t always work out so well. There are going to be days when you’re absolutely sick of writing, yet the passion returns in a flash. For some reason we assume things we’re somewhat good at will be easy. Why do we do this to ourselves? Normally you’re going to fail before you find success. At first Superman was a villain. Eventually he became the hero we love and strive to be like. Superman would not be who he is without hard work. His creators put their time and effort into making him DC’s poster boy. Someday your characters might find similar success, but it won’t come easy. Ok, maybe for some, yet not for all.

Don’t worry buttercup. Writing is difficult, yet with confidence and ¬†a can do attitude you’ll do great things. The number one focus to writing and publishing a story isn’t the money. What matters is how the story affects the reader. What is the message? What are the characters trying to say. Believe it or not a good book can be life changing. That is worth so much more than dollar signs. ¬†Writing takes time, yet if we stay committed things will turn out well. Don’t be so serious. Patience is the key to success.

23andMe Results!


My ancestry results came in a flash. I was super excited to finally read my results. At the moment, I’m mind blown. All along I knew most of my ancestry came from Europe, yet I didn’t know how far the branches of the family tree could reach. About 99.8 percent of my ancestry is from Europe. A majority of the results show many of my ancestors originated ¬†from locations in Northwestern Europe( Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia, and Finland) The second largest percentage was French and German.

About 6.9 percent of my ancestry is southern European. My ancestry traces to the Balkan and Iberian peninsula’s( Portugal, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Serbia are a few of the possibilities). ¬†I’m thrilled to know I’m French, Finnish, Scandinavian and so much more. ¬†Many curious strangers had asked if I were Mediterranean, so it will be nice to say perhaps instead of no. It does make a whole lot of sense.

Next I found out that I actually have ancestors from eastern Asia/Native American although there isn’t enough data to know ¬†exactly where it actually dates back too. I also have a small percentage of ¬†Sub-Saharan Africa. I was born with a Mongolian birth mark, so this news was interesting to find out. A cool nugget is that the people who share my ancestry are possibly related to the outlaw Jessie James. I’m going to check out who else I maybe related to when I get the chance.


This was a wonderful bit of information to discover. I’m always searching for clues behind my family history. Now I can learn more about the culture of Finland, France, Scandinavia ¬†and these other amazing nations i share a connection too. I’m hopeful friends and family decide to check out their ancestry as well.

I’d recommend 23andme to anyone whose eager to learn more about their ancestry. We’re a lot closer than we may think.

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