Another Writing Update :)

After months of researching, creating drafts, and deleting many drafts I’ve finally brewed the plot of my story. Yesterday I wrote out 528 words to begin my first draft. I finally feel satisfied with my idea and will continue to develop the story as more ideas pop into my head. I’m thrilled to get over this hump.  I fell down the rabbit hole and have found my way to escape the Red Queen’s clutches. As I critic my CP’s work and get tips from them I’ve developed so much as a writer. Things are much easier to handle when you understand what you’ve been doing wrong. One of my CP’s said she thinks I have a series on my hands. I can’t wait to share this story with the world. From each idea that pops into my mind I’m getting ideas for future novels as well. My dream has always been to create novels and publish them. This dream is becoming a reality.  I’m anxious to know what God has in store for me next.


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