Trip to the Magic Kingdom

 Greetings and happy Saturday,

Yesterday I went on a trip to Disneyworld’s Magic Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom is my favorite park. It’s just the best park and there is no reason to argue against it. Anyways I took some pics and wanted to share with y’all how the day went. Sounds fun right?



The travel to our destination went pretty well. Clearly the snowbirds are leaving which is good news. When entering the park you have two separate means of transportation to the Magic Kingdom. Either by a ferryboat or monorail. First we took the ferryboat and then the monorail later on when we left the park. I got a pretty sweet shot of Cinderella’s Castle on the ride over to the park.





When inside the Magic Kingdom, I went on a few rides in each of the park’s attractions. First we went over to Tomorrowland. It brought back horrid memories of the George Clooney Film. I liked the ride which zooms you across the attraction. The Carousal of Progress is a classic ride. I felt pity for the man who was getting roasted at the Monster Inc Laugh Studio.  Next I went to Adventureland!


 The walk through of the Smith Family Robertson treehouse was pretty neat. Being a writer, living in a tree house on some island or in a African  jungle would be mostly peaceful.


I also went over to Tom Sawyer’s Island. The water looked a little murky, yet beautiful at the same time.#FloridaProblems


I had never been to the TIKI Room before. I thought there would be more TIKI’S instead of birds, yet the show was pretty cool. The birds looked so realistic.


Toward the end of the journey,  a magical train brought us over to Fantasyland. This train was nice, yet the Hogwarts Express is way better. In Fantasyland, I went on It’s a Small World. It’s a pretty  cool ride, but they need more of a soundtrack, because that song was putting  me to sleep near the end. It may be a small world, yet there was a very long line. Sadly I missed out on Peter Pan’s flight, but I’ll see if anyone has recorded a video of it on YouTube.


My favorite rides are the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean. When I first arrived to Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow was out front entertaining a crowd. Sadly the ride was closed for repairs of some sort. Worst of all, the Tortuga food venue was all out of hotdogs. How could they run out of hotdogs at noon on Friday? I have no clue. Luckily they got more hot dogs and  the ride working smoothly again.



I also got an epic shot near Cinderella’s Castle. I was glad to not interfere with this man who was proposing to his girlfriend. FYI, she said yes! I find it amusing how European’s  travel to the Magic Kingdom to see Cinderella’s Castle when they have so many brilliant castles in their back yard.

Like Walt Disney once said” I only hope we never lose sight of one thing. It was all started by a mouse.” In addition, I also hope we never lose sight of the Creator who created this wonderful, magical world. If you can dream it, you can do it.




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