Life Update :)

Hello. Sorry I haven’t been blogging as much, but I’ve been away. Life has been a little hectic. You don’t want to know. Anyways I wanted to update all my followers.

I haven’t exactly found out if I passed my History class, yet after reviewing I feel like I aced it. In the beginning of the semester, I felt like I was going to fail this class. I couldn’t understand how to study for this course. It was difficult, yet I found a way.

Lately  with all of this free time on my hands, I’ve been writing. Recently I finished the plot and have already written out the first chapter. Writing a story is time consuming. It can also be stressful, so I’ve been figuring out how to keep myself from going overboard. There is so much to remember.

My twitter account has almost reached 600 followers. I’m a little surprised that many random people follow me, but it makes me happy. Maybe I know a thing or two? I’d like to buy a bundle of Funko Pop toys. They’re so adorable and make a bookcase look extra special.


Since I was busy with school I haven’t been  reading as much, but I have been reading from two novels in April( Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reason’s Why and Susan Denard’s Truthwitch). I hope to get back into my regular reading schedule. On Friday, I will be visiting the Magic Kingdom. This is my favorite Disney park, so I’m sure I’ll have a good time. The Haunted Mansion is my favorite park. Anyways, enough about me. What have you guys been up to recently? Got any traveling plans? What books are you reading? It was nice to come back on WordPress and chat with you all, but I’ve got to go. Take care.



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