13 Reason’s Why Review

First off. Holy snowballs Batman! What an amazing show! I was binge watching each episode daily. Sure I’m a little held back from writing my novel, but I was entertained beyond words. 13 Reason’s Why was a heavy, but an enlighten show, so lets get into this blog review 🙂



(Warning: this show has some major explicit content, so I’d advice not to view this show with children.)


Seventeen year old Hanna Baker created mix tapes going over her 13 reason’s why she committed suicide. These tapes are sort of loaned between the people who caused her the most drama which lead her to ending her life. Eventually the tapes are given to Clay an introverted boy who loved Hannah very much, yet was afraid to ask her out. Big mistake Clay! Unlike the other students who lied and do everything they can to shrug their sins under a rug, Clay tries to help defend Hannah and end the horror which goes on at their school.


13 Reason’s Why is basically a show dealing with suicide, rape, drugs, peer pressure and all of that jazz, yet this series was beautiful. This show brought realistic topics into view. It depicts scene’s which are  difficult to view. It gets us thinking.  The actors and actress’s were  striking in their roles.  Hannah’s struggles are easily seen, yet no one really took the time to care. We always hope for the best instead of taking the time to make things better. The students who basically ended her life hope life would go on, yet how does it after something so damaging occurs?

Stuff like this is happening all around us, yet no one really takes the time to try to end it. We may hear a local news report about some teen who committed suicide, because some awful things happen to them. We appear sadden by the news, yet what does anyone actually do to stop it? Will a bokeh  of roses set on a table with cards to a dead girl matter?  Some actually pretend it’s no big deal which is truly idiotic in my opinion.

Show’s like this make me thankful I was home-schooled, yet I’m always intrigued by them. The things that go on within those halls. If only the walls could talk. We shouldn’t hide our scars. No one is perfect. Instead we should reveal our flaws. Open up to someone who is eager to help. We also shouldn’t ignore people. The problem they’re having could have something to do with a comment we made or something even worse.


I encourage those who read this review to check out the series on Netflix. Also pick up a  copy of the book if you come across it( I bought my copy yesterday off Amazon.) Thank you for reading this post. Remember that someone does care about you. Rest in piece Hannah Baker.


2 thoughts on “13 Reason’s Why Review”

  1. It was such a well done show. It was so emotionally gripping and poignant. It dealt with so many heavy issues in a very raw but respectful way. Definitely one that will stay with me for a long time. I regret not having read the book first though!

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