Character Development: Writing

Creating a character is probably the most energy draining,  yet  entertaining part of writing. In a sense it’s sort of like raising a child. Today I will share with all  of you my tips on creating a character as well as the main character for my novel.

When I first  start to create a character I start with my protagonist.  I figure out if they will be a male or female character based off the story. Sometimes I think of what this person will look like first and get into the meat of the character. Usually I surf the web and find data on personality traits. These traits must match the character I’m creating or else all I have is a stick figure. Is this character a good person? Are they likable?  What are his or her strength’s and weakness’s? Is this character original or comparable to someone else? The more realistic the character is the better option.


The main character of my novel is a teenager named Beth Embers. I’d say she’s a mix of Hermione Granger, Katniss, and Scout. Beth has bushy,  dark brown hair, pointy ears,  a narrow nose, and thin lips. She wears thick squared black glasses . She’s normally seen wearing casual clothing. Beth stands about 5ft 4. She’s an intelligent character revealed from her creative thinking. She’s a curious and loyal soul. Her courage is shown through her bravery and  ability to persevere. After the death of her parents she grew  to be independent. She’s a quick thinker which helps her get out of  tricky situations.  Beth’s flaws are her anxiousness. She can be very blunt and bold as well as envious of others. At times she can be sarcastic, yet reckless. There is a bit of anger trapped within her heart.


The best way to think up a character is by putting on their shoes. Best of luck to you and your writing.


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