Merci to Grimm

Two weeks from today NBC’s supernatural fantasy  will come to an end after six amazing seasons. As this show is set to go off air I’m just overwhelmed with nostalgia.

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Grimm began in the fall of 2011. The series follows Portland detective  Nick Burkhart’s journey as he became a grim. As a grimm, he can see what regular people cannot see. Wessen which are basically half human half monster. Grimm has had some hilariously quirky, yet spooky episodes. Each episode was filmed in the beautiful  city of Portland, Oregon. The series finale will be jaw dropping as Nick and his friends uncover their final case  against a  skull faced devil.

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Today I have so much appreciation for what this show brought to its viewers. As a novice writer I’ve fallen in deep love with the supernatural more so, because of this show. This series brought many worlds together from the folklore which branch’s out across the globe. Instead of  just being a show about monsters fighting man it also revealed similarities between man and beast. So many times we may question the strange events that occur around us. Who knows maybe Wessen are real and there are grim’s defending us from them? Grimm has been entertaining from the start. As the show is set to go off air I must say merci to the wonderful writers, producer’s actors and actress’s of Grimm. Thank you for this outstanding adventure into the realm of fantasy and horror.


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