I Found My Plot!

After months of plotting, I finally found my plot! Does anyone else hear the angels singing? I wanted to share my journey as a writer with those of you who read and follow me(thanks sooooo much xo), so to give back to you guys I’ll share little details of my novel as it continues to grow( please stop applauding you’re too kind). This plot relates to what I originally intended for this book being young adult, supernatural, fantasy instead of swaying into the realm of dystopian( which is a really great genre, yet my heart wasn’t in it for this book) It draws mystery without given too much information away earlier on( I think most today realize what a fantasy novel equals anyways). There are so many doom and gloom novels out there, so why not add a sparkle of joy into a grim world? IT IS FINISHED!


Beth is an inspiring youth who recently moved into a new town. She’s determined to fit in and gather the attention of her crush before prom. The people within the town are friendly, yet act sort of strange. They do unconventional  things like pee on the fence, howl at the moon, sleep in coffins,  and other unordinary things.  Beth’s curiosity gets the best of her as she unlocks the mystery surrounding her new town’s unique lifestyle. If only they were homicidal maniacs.

So, what do you think? Does it sound like something you’d enjoy reading? I’m not publishing until it  blows your mind( figuratively of course).


4 thoughts on “I Found My Plot!”

  1. Congrats on finding a plot! That’s one of the best things ever as a writer; knowing where you want your story to go, haha. I would totally read your book! (Unless it got too spooky; I’m not a big fan of books like that lol) It already sounds so interesting 😄 I’d love to see what happens in Beth’s life!

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