The Who I Am Tag

The Who I Am Tag was originally created by  Life and Other Disasters. I came across this post from Michelle’s page over here> post This tag look very cool, so here is my Who I Am Tag.

First off let me say Happy Valentine’s Day and give a special shoutout  to Michelle who has just reached over 1,000 follows! Truly amazing and she definitely deserves it. I also went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom yesterday and had a lovely time. Ok lets get into this tag!

IMG_1085 (2).JPG

What is the Meaning of My Name?

My  full name is Matthew, but I go by nickname Matt. The name Matthew is English, yet it  comes from the Hebrew name Mattityahu which means” Gift of Yahweh” As most realize Matthew, aka Levi, was one of the twelve disciples from the Bible. I think Matthew had become pretty common name, but I like it.

What is My Myer Briggs Personality Type?

I had never heard of this personality  quiz before, so here goes nothing. After taking the quiz I got Advocate. Basically I’m a creative, insightful and inspiring person. My weakness’s are being a private person with a lust for perfection.






What is your Zodiac Sign?

My sign is a Virgo.( Info comes from}

Virgo sign is open-hearted, sincere, and likes punctuality, thrift and inventiveness. Virgo sign is practical. Virgo sign shares love quietly and equally. Virgo sign cares of the body and right nutrition. For Virgo woman beauty is truth. Virgo man unites sharp intelligence and earthly predilections.

What is My Hogwarts House?

Obviously I’m a Ravenclaw, yet when I take these tests it’s either Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, or Ravenclaw. Ravenclaws is the best house of course. Whoever created this quiz did a magical job.

What Are My Learning Styles?

My learning style is Multmodal

Visual 7

Aural 12

Read/Write 11

Kinesthetic 9

Right or Left Brained?

I’m  left brained.66 percent and right brained by 34 percent.

What is My Blood Type{ I have no idea}

I should probably find this one out.

What Career Are you Meant For? Story

I got writer, so this quiz is accurate. It has been my dream career{ besides playing in the NBA) and I’m looking to make my dream a reality.

You have a skill for language, your imagination is vast and you are artistic and creative. Your brain is just overflowing with ideas, and all you have to do is get a piece of paper and share it with the world. You were born to turn words into magical stories.


What Does My Birth Order Say About Me?

I’m the youngest which is also known as the baby. I get away with stuff and do as I like. I’ve never had a problem with being the youngest personally.

So there you have it. This was a long tag, yet I enjoyed it. I do not have anyone to challenge to take part in this tag, so if you follow me go ahead and show us your own Who I Am Tag{ or not’s up to you}


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