Pats Stun the Falcons

During the game I sent out this tweet. Today I look back at it and laugh.

Leading up to this match up, I kept going back and forth on who I thought would win. At first I thought New England. Everything seem to go their way this season after the ridicules deflate-gate scandal. On the other hand, the Atlanta Falcons are a team not to be reckoned with. Atlanta is loaded, so I finally decided that Atlanta would win this game. This was far from New England’s greatest Super Bowl team.

The 1st half was atrocious as the Patriots literally gave Atlanta two touchdown’s off a forced fumble by Legarrette  Blount as well as  a pick six returned by Robert Alford. Devonta Freeman was running all over the Patriots defense. Julio Jones was grabbing all the dimes he could muster. Even Austin Hooper was shredding the Pats secondary. During the 2nd half, Atlanta would hold a mighty lead of 28 to 3. It’s like we were watching  Kevin O’Shea’s Cowboys dismantling Danny’s Little Giants, yet there was no Icebox in sight for New England.  If there was one miracle worker who could get them back into the game it would be Tom Brady, yet even he looked more like Clark Kent rather than Superman for most of the game. It seem as if Tom Brady’s goose was finally cooked. After Lady Gaga’s amazing performance many assumed this Super Bowl was over.  To quote the great Lee Corso” Not so fast my friends,”

Everything began to sway New England’s way in the 2nd half from multiple mistakes by the Atlanta Falcons. The Pats began to cripple the Falcons lead, breaking it down to 16. Likewise to Atlanta’s defense during the first half, New England’s defense was able to get pressure on Matt Ryan forcing a fumble on Atlanta’s side of the field. Soon enough  Tommy Terrific found Danny Amendola in the end zone for six. Still being down ten James White broke the goal line to simmer the Falcons lead now down to 8 from a two point conversion.

Under 4 minutes Atlanta tried their best to hold on. Julio Jones made an incredible catch near the side line which gave them some hope. Instead of running the football Atlanta kept trying to pass, yet the Pats D was not falling for that. Soon enough with two minutes and 24 seconds on the clock, Julian Edelman of New England made one of the most astonishing catches ever made. The Falcons crossed their fingers challenging the play, but the proof was in the pudding. Atlanta just lost their final time out of the game and it would come back to haunt them. With barely a minute of play left once again from the goal line James White popped it in for six. Tom Brady was able to overcome Atlanta’s blitz and find Danny Amendola who squeaked by his defender to cross the goal line. Atlanta’s lead had fallen. The game was now tied at 28. With zero time outs left Atlanta was forced to punt the ball away. New England played it safe and sent the game into overtime. Moments later Tom Brady would march his offense down the field. James White took the hand off and drove it straight into the end zone.  Patriots win 34 to 28 in the first ever over time in Super Bowl history!

Image result for new england patriots super  bowl 51

You can hate the New England Patriots, Tom Brady, and Bill Belichick all you want. yet you must respect this team’s greatest. When the chips are down they somehow survive. Tom Brady could possible be the greatest QB of all time. I know there are heated discussions on that, so I’ll leave that topic for another day. Overall  what an amazing Super Bowl  51 we just witnessed. The final question I have is this. Will the Patriots do it again? Crazier things have happened.



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