Finding Dory Film Review

Last summer Pixar returned us to the Big Blue in Finding Dory. Can you believe it’s been fourteen years since Finding Nemo splashed at the big screen? Thanks to Netflix adding Finding Dory I was able to watch it last night.  Here is my  recap.

A year later after Finding Nemo, Dory begins to get flashbacks remembering her parents. She gets captivated by her short memories, hoping to find her parents. With help from Marlin and Nemo they head off toward the coast of California in search of Dory’s parents. They make some new friends along the way as well as learn the point of a real family.

First off, I thought Finding Dory was pretty great. Of course it was not at Finding Nemo’s level, yet the film was still entertaining. In my opinion, Finding Nemo is the most beautiful film Pixar ever created. It’s such a colorful film of aquatic wonder.  The new characters were also a  fun addition to the story. My one negative thought is the plot. It felt too similar to Toy Story 3. Basically it’s fish escaping confinement instead of action figures and other toys. A majority of this film was set around the same area unlike in Finding Nemo. Sorry not sorry, yet a  depressed octopus driving a semi truck is pretty far  fetch. At least that awful little girl from the dentist was not in this film.  The story was alright, yet it could have gone a better direction. Sadly Bruce and his other fish friendly shark mates  were not given any cameo appearances. Such a tragedy.

I’d say Finding Dory deserves four stars out of five.  What did you think?


2 thoughts on “Finding Dory Film Review”

  1. I actually thought Finding Dory was just okay but at the same time, I’m not the biggest Finding Nemo fan anyway. I still thought the movie was cute though I just didn’t feel like I was emotionally attached to it like I was with Inside Out, The Incredibles or the Toy Story movies. I love everything Pixar produces, even if this particular movie didn’t blow me away. I still liked Finding Dory but like you said, it could have been better.

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