Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

First off, allow me to say that I firmly believe Netflix should be paying me by now to write reviews. We could have a great partnership going here.  It could lead me to my own great fortune. Anyways forget about my unfortunate events and take a moment of your time to read my review on this peachy, new series. Please do not look away!

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A Series of Unfortunate Events is  based on the children book series by author Lemony Snicket. There was also a film based on the books from 2004 starring Jim Carey as Count Olaf which in my opinion, wasn’t   a  terrible film, yet the newest TV version on Netflix stars Neil Patrick Harris as the sinister villain and boy did Netflix hit this one out of the park. Another notable actor is Patrick Warburton who portrays the author himself, narrating most of the dreadful scenes.

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Unlike in most children stories there are really no happy endings for the three Baudelaire siblings named Violet, Klaus, and Sunny in that order. Suddenly while relaxing at a beach during a terrible storm the children are given grave news  on behave of their parents recent death. Under the watchful eye of their family banker named Mr. Poe, he transfers the children to their new home. As if things weren’t already unfortunate,  the Baudelaire children are placed under the care of a distant relative who goes by the sir name of Count Olaf. Count Olaf is actually not a relative. He’s a wicked actor planning to take all of the Baudelaire children’s  family fortune. Fortunately   these siblings are intelligent and resourceful youths. Sadly they cannot use any of their fortune until the proper adult age.

The show is very entertaining. It’s the type of show and book that is so quirky it actually makes most sense. I can’t say it enough how amazing Neil Patrick Harris was in this role.  Count Olaf seem like a talented actor to me with all of his useful disguises. His theatre trope are also so deviously charming they make me hope they have a better future ahead rather than working for such a forbidden, vile person. The young stars who portray  the Baudelaire siblings are also bright and shining in their roles. I’m eager to see what happens next, during seasons two and three.


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