My Reading Habits

I think I’m a pretty random person when it comes to reading. I notice some readers sort of have a plan or say a routine to reading while I’m more the type to read at any given time.  I probably read at least 4-5 days in a week.


When I’m reading I like to do it a few times a day. Normally I’ll read for maybe thirty minutes in the morning and return to the same novel hours later.  Normally I try to finish each book I start within a week or two. I have so many novels to read or soon to be read that I kind of force myself into finishing them faster which usually is not such a problem. I like to read at least two books at once. It really helps me to keep my focus and interest alive.

When I’m reading I’m normally sipping at a glass of water, juice, sometimes a hot chocolate or even a milkshake. It’s bizarre I know, yet I just cannot read without drinking something.  I’m a big fan of H20. I usually drink at least six glasses of water a day or every other day. Somehow I do not go to the bathroom as much as you’d think after drinking so much water in one setting. The most glasses of water I’ve drank in one day was seventeen. I think that is the closest a man will ever get at feeling pregnant.

 Some months I read more often. Other months I get behind which makes me sad, but that is silly. My attention sort of switches on and off based on the novel I’m reading or whatever is going on in my life at the moment. The average number of pages I read is about twenty or less. On my best reading days I can scroll over 100 pages in one day. My favorite genre’s are young adult and fantasy.

 Lately I’ve been reading more often in the evening. I switch into my PJ’s and grab a book. Reading is such a great escape from social media or the television. Plus it helps me to fall asleep faster.

What are your reading habits normally like?  Are some similar to mine? What did you think of this post?  I would like to start doing more chatty posts like this. People seem interested with my life and thoughts,  so I’ll give the people what they desire. Let me know your thoughts below 🙂



7 thoughts on “My Reading Habits”

  1. I think I have opposite reading habit – I really like to finish a book in one sitting which is also why I usually read friday, saturday and sunday.. Kind of a shame because I would probably read more if I read a little bit every day!

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  2. I used to read right before bed each night, but now if I’m into a book, I’ll end up reading it throughout each day, as often as I have a spare moment, until I’ve finished it. It’s kind of obsessive 😂

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