Lets face it humans are the most hypocritical and blameful beings on earth. We like to judge others. Whenever a celebrity or a local town fool does something incredible stupid we jump into social media mode and attack, attack, attack! We enjoy throwing stones at  houses made out of glass.  Worst of all is how we cannot blame ourselves.  Yes, you do make mistakes just like everyone else you’re blaming you sinful beast!  For some reason, man  finds a thrill from judgment. We look at judgement like an end to all of our problems which is really a lame excuse. Man really likes to blame God for all the faults and problems within the world we call home aka planet earth. Ironic isn’t it?

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It can be difficult to explain to somehow how God is not at fault. He is the creator of our universe, so why is he left out of blame? Why can God not wave his hand around removing all of our problems at once? If God did that I would be so better off right? If you look at it that way you’re failing to see the truth behind sin. Is God at fault if we make the mistake?

 Right now I’m taking a US history course. At the moment we’re studying the exploration and colonization period.  Recently I watched a video on YouTube. From a short scene in the program mentioned how important tobacco and cotton trade was in the late 18 hundreds. The work was completed by slavery. Today slavery as well as smoking tobacco is seen as wrong. Who is at fault for slavery and smoking tobacco? Man or God? Did God create tobacco to be inhaled which can do some heavy damage on our lungs? God tells us to treat our bodies like a temple. Tobacco was taken by man to be used for selfish pleasure. Likewise is slavery.  Slavery is like making a man into his own god, bullying a group of people. It’s relatable to how a child does something wrong, yet denies it and blames the parent.

I understand why this topic confuses people, yet I  firmly believe that the faults of our world cannot be blamed on God, because God has nothing to do with them. God is of love, not hatred. He does not seek wrath upon His people. Terrible things do happen and most of them could easily be blamed on man not God. Instead of blaming others we should share the grace of God with all people. Lets build each other up.

We know that all things work together for good for those who love God. -Romans 8:28


One thought on “Judgement”

  1. Whether God has something to do with the free choices of human beings has been debated throughout the ages. I have pondered the third chapter of Genesis from so many different angles, I can certainly see how someone could believe that God is to blame. After all, he put the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil there in the first place. But on the other hand, He did not personally choose, as our original progenitors did, to make the wrong choice in disobedience to His perfect will. I think the important thing is that, whether or not He is to blame, He assumed responsibility for His creation in the Person of Jesus Christ. He took the blame upon Himself in the form of Christ – and I for one am glad He did. Thank you, brother, for your words.

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