The Bowden Dynasty

Fathom Events hosted a documentary on the life  of legendary  college football head coach Bobby Bowden. Being such a fanatic of Florida State athletics I had to see this film, so I went with my cousin Dan( also a Seminoles fan) to a local showing Sunday night. It’s a powerful film that I think even Gator and Hurricane fans would enjoy. The Bowden Dynasty is a story of faith, family and football.

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I was happy to see the theatre packed with  Seminole fans from around the area. It kind of felt like being at a game when viewers clapped and cheered  during certain clips shown in the film. It would be pretty cool to watch football games on the big screen at the movies.

The Bowden Dynasty began with Bobby Bowden and his wife Anne Bowden driving home to Alabama after a Florida St victory at the All American Bowl  against Indiana. While listening to the local radio station news had broke on the head coaching vacancy at the University of Alabama. Bobby Bowden was becoming a household name in college football. He was crafting the Seminoles into the team we Nole fans adore.  Bobby Bowden had made claims that he desired to coach at Alabama. He grew up cheering for the Tide, yet something gave him the impression to remain at Florida State long term. Seminole fans were probably all shouting Praise God!

Throughout the film we get one on one commentary from the legendary coach himself. Bowden’s passion for football and faith was beautifully illustrated within this film. He’s a southern gentlemen. The only salty word he speaks is his famous ” dad gum it,”  Other notable Florida State alum such as Peter Warrick, Warrick Dunn, Chris Weinke, Charlie Ward, Derrick Brooks, Lee Corso, Burt Reynolds   and many more spoke about their opinion of Bobby Bowden. Bobby Bowden is truly the godfather of Florida State. He basically took a good for nothing football program and magnified it into what it has become today. He instilled his vision into his players. Not only did he teach his players how to win ball games, yet he also instructed them on to become men.


Bobby Bowden means so much to the Seminole fanbase. As a fan I’ve always idolized him. He comes across like a wise, witty, and kind hearted grandfather. His love is shown on his sleeves. He’s made a difference in so many young boys and girls lives.  His last few seasons weren’t so great, yet I’ll always cherish those moments when  he stood on the sideline at Doak Campbell Stadium in a total of thirty four years.  Florida State University is very blessed to have him as a representative of their school. They would not be where they’re without Bobby Bowden. Go Noles!


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